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  1. Hello again user. 1,2 and 4 work perfectly. It seems ok adding a MIDI track but not quite so happy splitting an existing track. But I've now got the menu options, drawn in some automation and it works exactly as I'd hoped. Many thanks for all your help. Any ideas why this would be? Could it be that TTS-1 is a multi-track synth where the others are single track? It's weird because I'd searched the web like mad but couldn't find any info or any other people having problems with it. If not don't worry, we've got it working now and that's what matters. Thanks again.
  2. Hey user thanks for the quick reply. I just don't get those choices in the menu's like you have above. I mapped all the CCs in TTS-1 and can even see the numbers assigned when I right-click on each dial but they just don't show on menus on the lanes. It think it must be the way it's reading MIDI data because if I record a few notes while twiddling one of the dials I can hear it change while I'm playing but when I play it back all I get is the notes. Just weird it's only on TTS-1 because the parameters for a couple of other synths I've got show up just fine.
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    TTS-1 Automation

    Hi All bit of a newbie here so bear with me. I don't seem to have any options for automating parameters (eg cutoff, resonance) on TTS-1. With any other synth, I open a automation lane, click on the dropdown and the synth name is there with all the parameters available. On a track with TTS-1 this isn't there. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance
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