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  1. I already informed in support about these theme and I have been promised that it will send to developers, however, I think you are right and it would be good to put this theme for forum!
  2. Thank you so much for your useful advice, I do it, too! However, sometimes I need to see name of notes on scale of piano roll keyboard in whole! Because of I edit some of midi of notes and click to select on some of note with my mouse I need to see exact place anyway where I'll be drag and drop at to editing! I think this add feature will be very comfortable in interface of Cakewalk for some users. Also I would be to offer to enabled the good feature as to colorful name of notes if user would like to see that? Of course these options should not be enabled by default. For example, there is variant of pianoroll in some DAW!
  3. Thank you so much for your decision! While I meant on point of view like that (screenshot). However your variant it's good solution!
  4. I'd like to include name of notes on all keys of piano roll. Who knows how can I do it? If I using Theme Editor? so what can I do there?
  5. Andy DA

    About Icons.

    Dear sirs, let me find out about where are disappeared my folders with examples of icons in Cakewalk Core /Track Icons? How could I be repair this folders? Yours faithfully. Andy
  6. Dear Friends, who was know with Sonar tools so would be to give tip is there this tool (Stroke Map) for create rhythm for guitar and loops in Cakewalk bandlab and where is it? Or something same thing? Andy
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