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  1. Well - if it changed that much since September - that is good news! This is exciting, but I can be patient. I want this to be a super success!
  2. First, welcome to the forum, Nicholas. Second, check this out: https://www.google.com/search?q=how+to+use+best+service+engine+load+instrumnet&rlz=1C1ONGR_enUS987US987&oq=how+to+use+best+service+engine+load+instrumnet&gs_lcrp=EgZjaHJvbWUyBggAEEUYOTIJCAEQIRgKGKAB0gEJMTAyMzRqMGo0qAIAsAIA&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8#kpvalbx=_P7VsZc6QFr_TkPIP2oa7EA_35 You can also read about it in the attached pdf with step by step instructions: I hope this helps you. bestservice_engine2_freischaltung_eng.pdf
  3. Glad Sonar beta is ready now for testing. And I am glad that the Bakers did not simply push it to Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but rather release it when it is truly ready. In the meantime, Cakewalk by Bandlab is great.
  4. If I edit the gain of a clip by using the edit function and changing the gain, or if do it by changing the volume envelope, is the result the same or different in terms of audio quality? Thank you.
  5. Is Cakewalk the Rodney Dangerfield of DAW's? 😀 Seriously, as long as Cakewalk has enough people and revenue to be sustainable, I am happy.
  6. How do you do your Manual Offset?
  7. See my post below with the quote. Thank you.
  8. I remember that Mike Oldfield, sometimes called the master of overdub or something like that, did so many overdubs on one reel of tape that he had to toss the whole thing out. Would not have with Cakewalk!
  9. I understand that the text in markers cannot be made larger. I am wondering if this is something that can be look at in the Sonar version coming out? Does anyone else really care? Should I just get a better magnifying glass? 😄 To be clear, I LOVE CAKEWALK, and this is a minor issue and in no ways impacts my desire for the product. But it still would be nice to be able to enlarge the text.
  10. Can one make the writing in markers bigger? It is often difficult for me to see.
  11. I do not know how anything can last forever in its currect state when operating systems will obviously be changed from time to time. Eventually, the Cwb version will be problematic as it will no longer be updated. Therefore, it makes sense to have a version of Cakewalk that will be updated as needed. For me, that is Cakewalk Sonar. I suspect this will all be for the good.
  12. Can anyone indicate whether Cakewalk Sonar will have an easier way of developing themes (color assignments), perhaps even more preset choices of themes? And hopefully a preset theme on the "lighter" side like one I found in 8.5.3. Thank you!
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