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  1. This new version is more stable for me. I am not sure why. But I do not care. I like the results.
  2. Hi Everyone: Sometimes I will open up Cakewalk and within some seconds it just shuts down. I will open it again and it is fine. And periodically, if I do anything while the audio is running, the audio engine will stop and have to be restarted. All of this was very rare under Sonar Platinum. Is this common to everyone? Any thoughts?
  3. Hi everyone. I hope you are all well!!! If I have a track with a bunch of clips on it (from many takes) - if I bounce to clip - so it no longer has separate clips - and then I save as a bundle for instance, the size of the file is reduced. So, is it worth reducing the size of the file for any effective purpose (other than saving space)? Does it make it run smoother - less impact on cpu, etc? And is there any audio quality loss by making one whole track line - one clip??? Thank you, AB
  4. Would going to the Samsung evo pro 860 over regular 860 - be worth the difference? A C drive needs to be very stable. Or is it throwing money away?
  5. Good to know. Any downside to threadschedulingmodel=1 ???
  6. Will there actually be any noticeable difference in the running of Cakewalk by have a drive better than the Samsung 860?
  7. I track at 96K or 88.1 because of the latency benefits and frankly, the hard drive space, taxing the system, etc. is no longer an issue. I mix to various sample rates - because as long as I have the mix where I want it, I may as well make extra copies at various sample rates.
  8. I always mix down to 96K in case a format becomes popular later that can use it.
  9. I understand. Are you using an external USB SSD? That is what I am zooming in on. Thank you.
  10. Well - I guess my title says most of it. Anyone using these latest USB SSDS to record to? Any particular recommendations for brands, etc.?
  11. So far - all good with Lynx Aurora (n) thunderbolt! Had to remove a Cubase driver. (I actually removed the whole darn program - Cubase is just not for me!) Thanks Noel!!!!
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