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  1. I thought so too. And I have been using Cakewalk for 15 years or more. But somehow when I updated it, it made it click on!
  2. Scook - you solved it. Now that it is solved I am wondering my the DC offset with would checked as a default in the program. It sucks! I suppose it must benefit someone!
  3. Thank you Starship Krupa. Here is another interesting finding: If I record both mics to one track as a stereo track - no problem. But when I record the left mic on track 1 and the right mic on track 2 - the problem is there when I play back both Tracks 1 and 2!
  4. Hi everyone. I have had a weird thing happen. I was checking out two AEA r44ce mics. I recorded flute and then drum. When I pan the left and right mic - there is a strange distortion that appears. When I center both tracks - it goes away! Any thoughts? I am trying to reboot my system. Using a lynx aurora 16n (the newer one) with thunderbolt. This one has got me stumped! Why would the distortion go away when both tracks are centers and not panned even if I raise the volume?
  5. Thank you again, Craig. I will keep a lookout for that DVD set! That was a good price on reverb!
  6. Thank you, Craig. Where did you find these Discrete Drum loops? I found this site below, but I am uncertain if it is the correct website: https://www.sonomawireworks.com/discretedrums/ Thank you!
  7. So, what is the consensus? Should I download this update? My program keeps on asking me to do so! Thank you!!!
  8. While this is being asked - I am not sure what the best plugin is for this. Not all phase corrections, as I understand it, are based on a simple inversion.
  9. I am seeing a theme here at times. Stability and bug fixes are more important than adding new features. Thank you, great Cakewalk people!
  10. Fortunately, I have kept my CD Architect application file and serial number. If I could not find it, I would buy it off of Amazon, though I wonder why it cannot be purchased from Sony directly?
  11. You are very welcome. We all have to help each other! I just ordered an update for the Motu Ethno. Unfortunately, I could not find their instrument list on line. As soon as I get the update, which they actual mail to me, I will let you know if it is on the list. Cheers!
  12. I believe Motu Ethno Instrument and I believe it has it in their sample library. I have found some really good sounds in it.
  13. It is more than free. They are spending money so we can use it!
  14. This type of customer service is amazing. Noel was always great whether with Bandlab or before. I am very grateful that Cakewalk has continued!
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