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  1. Which Z790 motherboard is recommended. Is the Asus Extreme (about $1000) overkill? Thank you in advance! I am curious what components people are choosing for their i9-13900k builds.
  2. Hi Everyone: I downloaded the Black Rooster Tape ECHO - 201 - At any low type of latency in sounds like a machine gun. When I increase the latency, way beyond anything I use for any other plug, it is fine. Any thoughts why this particular plug is having issues? Is there a setting in Cakewalk I need for this to work correctly? Thank you!
  3. Hi everyone. I have done a search and cannot seem to find the answer. Assume that a keyboard controller is played perfectly but there is midi latency. Where is the offset in Cakewalk for this latency? Thank you!
  4. Thanks John. It would be nice if the DAW folks could get together and agree on a particular saving format that is better than OMF, includes midi-audio,etc. - and works on all DAWS.
  5. Yes. But I would like to keep this permanently. I did finally figure out how to use the plugin in designer and now I am fairly happy about it. It was more painful that I would have liked. Still a big cakewalk fan!
  6. I figured it out. In Asio panel, I had it limited to 16 tracks. There was not an option for 24, so I changed it to 32.
  7. Hi: I upgraded my lynx aurora thunderbolt from 16 channels to 24 channels. However, Cakewalk only shows 16 channels. How do I get this to 24 in Cakewalk? Thank you!
  8. Off topic Andres - but are you using Ravenscroft? I just recently went back to using it. It just works so well!
  9. I do not think you can change the background color in preferences. If you can - where is that located? And in the inspector view - when there are a ton of tracks and clips - that is a pain. I would like to be able to change the default for all projects.
  10. Yes - please allow changed background colors like the ability to change foreground in colors - in preferences - colors.
  11. bdickens - you nailed it! Even though cakewalk does not all cc1 "volume" - it is indeed volume for the Emotional Cello library. Sailor55 - I have not tried your solution yet, but I appreciate it.
  12. Thanks scook. Unfotunately, changing the zero controllers setting did not solve this issue.
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