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  1. Yes. But I would like to keep this permanently. I did finally figure out how to use the plugin in designer and now I am fairly happy about it. It was more painful that I would have liked. Still a big cakewalk fan!
  2. I figured it out. In Asio panel, I had it limited to 16 tracks. There was not an option for 24, so I changed it to 32.
  3. Hi: I upgraded my lynx aurora thunderbolt from 16 channels to 24 channels. However, Cakewalk only shows 16 channels. How do I get this to 24 in Cakewalk? Thank you!
  4. Off topic Andres - but are you using Ravenscroft? I just recently went back to using it. It just works so well!
  5. I do not think you can change the background color in preferences. If you can - where is that located? And in the inspector view - when there are a ton of tracks and clips - that is a pain. I would like to be able to change the default for all projects.
  6. Yes - please allow changed background colors like the ability to change foreground in colors - in preferences - colors.
  7. bdickens - you nailed it! Even though cakewalk does not all cc1 "volume" - it is indeed volume for the Emotional Cello library. Sailor55 - I have not tried your solution yet, but I appreciate it.
  8. Thanks scook. Unfotunately, changing the zero controllers setting did not solve this issue.
  9. Thank you. I need to find that setting in Cakewalk!
  10. This is driving me crazy. I have emotional cello. It uses Kontakt player 6. Everytime I start it reduces the volume. This is on a particular multi-track piece. If I start a new project, no problem. I have deleted the volume controller on the track. What am I missing?
  11. I just hope this cakewalk model is sustainable. I really want it to last for years.
  12. I thought so too. And I have been using Cakewalk for 15 years or more. But somehow when I updated it, it made it click on!
  13. Scook - you solved it. Now that it is solved I am wondering my the DC offset with would checked as a default in the program. It sucks! I suppose it must benefit someone!
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