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  1. I received Emotional Cello through them and everything seems good.
  2. rayray - Wishing you great success! As to the bass part that has a problem but not in another section. Is the tempo identical in both parts? Are both parts identical except for the bass flaw? Sometimes the great part can be copied and pasted into the bad part. There are other variables though that can affect this, including what is before and after the part so it does not stick out as some abrupt action, and there are ways around that too! Of course if the bass is on a totally separate track, cutting and pasting a good bass note in the song over the bad bass note, works as well.
  3. I usually put in a date with the song name. For instance, I may have a version from years ago, then maybe some work later, and then some work later than that. But even if it is not years apart, and just days or weeks, I have found it beneficial for way I do to have a date on the file name. So for the folder, e.g.: _______(Song name) 3-11-23. I know sometimes you can tell the date from the properties information but I find it a lot easier to have the date in the name.
  4. Here is an example that just happened to me: I had a song recorded. Then I realized I would like a slow introduction to it and then have it "kick in." Well I had to insert measures at the begining for that slow introduction. Cheers!
  5. The nice think about Sound Forge Pro, which I recently bought for $99, is that it also includes other plugins that are useful in Cakewalk. So, even if one does not use the editing in Sound Forge, the plugins I find are worth it.
  6. I would not want a metronome to sound too beautiful so that it stands out from the beautiful music!
  7. If you try the TDR Molot GE, please let me know what you think. For $10, it is an amazing bargain. I have the Slick as well, and I agree with you!
  8. I really did not think plugins could really sound like hardware, but the TDR Molot Ge changed that for me. Nice color. And easy to use. It is on sale now for about $10 here: https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/audio-plugins/tokyo-dawn-labs-tdr-molot-ge I did not list this under deals because this also relates to some threads about limiters and comps. By the way, the TDR Kotelnikov is also amazing. Enjoy!
  9. Some friendly advice from an old guy - seriously - don't have levels to loud in headphones or room - or there will likely be hearing loss, let alone tinnitus which is no fun at all. It is more common than many might think. Good luck to you and may you enjoy your tracking and final product!
  10. I hear you. I need to do that with my external midi instruments too!
  11. Oh my. Hopefully, someone has an answer. This reminds me to type in the instrument name in the proper track and with enough specificity so I know what sample library and perhaps what preset.
  12. Yes to above. I have the Sony Noise Reduction 2.0 which is very good. I believe it is in the latest Magix Sound Forge Professional version which is $149 along with iZ's RX Elements, etc. https://www.magix.com/us/sem/sound-forge-pro/
  13. I have found for removing hiss is that it helps to have a sample of this hiss itself that is the the same hiss that is in the song. For instance, maybe the same hiss is just before the song starts or at the end. (Ha - after writing this, I see that Craig basically said this above.) Then I have found some luck with sound forge or Magix noise reduction. Though I have also found out that sometimes trying to remove all the hiss still affects too much of the other audio. So, sometimes a lot can be removed, but not all of it. But I have to say that my experience is fairly limited to sound forge and Magix noise reduction. As to the hum, you may be lucky to be able to remove it with eq. I also like the comment above about getting into the original tracks and mixing again. (And as Craig pointed out below, if you can get access to the tracks.) If it is a particular track or even couple of tracks, it is a lot easier to fix them than to work on the entire mix. Though obviously this requires mixing again. That is where I would start if at all possible. Of course, this assume that the hiss or hum was not introduced by some equipment in the mixdown (if it was mixed out of the box, for instance), in which case mixing again and finding the culprit equipment used in mixing out of the box, would be important. You also asked how to add new plugins. Perhaps someone can direct you to part of the cakewalk manual for that. You can do a search of this forum, or even a google search, and there are quite a few tutorials/posts on this.
  14. So glad to hear this. I have been following Noel for a long time. And Noel is the best that I have seen on quite a few forums. Always helpful and always a class act. I hope, Michael, that you really enjoy Cakewalk now!
  15. You are welcome! To be clear, for me, the use of the time stretch in the video editor had nothing to do with video. It just so happened to be a great audio tool bundled in the Video Vegas program, presumably from the connection of the company with Video Vegas and Sound Forge.
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