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  1. On 10/4/2022 at 10:59 PM, Starship Krupa said:

    I assume that "Directlink" is the mapping software that used to come with the Axiom.

    It's probably not needed in order to the Axiom to be able to control parameters in Cakewalk as long as each control is sending standard MIDI CC. There are multiple methods for setting up control surfaces in Cakewalk depending on what you want to do with the controls (transport and faders, or plug-in parameters, etc.).

    I have a similiar control panel too and I am confused as to how to set it up with the faders and everything... please help!

  2. Hi all,

    Just for the sake of "why not?" I thought I'd share this Cakewalk Breverb preset I created some time ago for drums, mostly for rock mixes (at least that's what I've used it for). It has a tight sound with a short decay, it just adds a bit of depth and punch. I've used it on several rock mixes and it really helps out. Thought maybe some of you might find it useful as well.

    Metal Drums.fxp

  3. On 7/29/2020 at 12:35 AM, Magic Russ said:

    Yeah there's even a DXi Version.  It's not all that remarkable by today's standards, but when it came out it was easily one of the best free synths out there.

    Oh yeah, definitely. Seems like a lot of people are using Serum and such now. May not totally measure up to today's synths, but for something free it's definitely pretty good and adds some spice to electronic tracks! 

  4. On 7/15/2020 at 10:30 PM, MarianoGF said:

    People. I didn't realise there is so many interested in Deep In Lab theme. That makes me very happy and fill me with responsability of doing it the best I can. And that is what I'm doing.

    Stay tuned to this thread for an upcoming release.
    Thanks a lot::.

    Awesome. Looking forward to using it, the preview looks incredible! 👍🏻 

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  5. Hey guys. 

    I'm sure many of you remember that several years ago, BandLab (in the Gibson days) made a free vst plugin called Triangle. Ever since BandLab bought it over, however, it isn't available on their site anymore. (the page still exists, not the download) 

    I wanted to try and help some of you out and say, I found an archived version of the Triangle page on the Cakewalk site on Archive.org, complete with the original exe download. Here is the link: https://web.archive.org/web/20130120035546/http://www.cakewalk.com/products/triangle/

    Just click the link and then click "download it today". 

    I was very surprised at how powerful this instrument is, and I'd totally recommend it! Hope this helps anyone. 

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  6. 24 minutes ago, bjornpdx said:

    Good concept but you should put in more effort, such as developing some kind of a story or theme.  I'm just hearing audio loops and seeing really basic video effects.

    Hmm OK... Thanks :)

    I mean, honestly I did put a lot into it... A lot 😅

    The video was kind of just a fun thing to do. I'm new to all the video stuff. And there aren't any loops in the song I composed it myself 👍🏻 

    But I'll keep that in mind for future projects, thanks! 

  7. On 3/28/2020 at 4:54 PM, freddy j said:

    Very cool song indeed!!!  I liked the pulsating sounds (panned hard left and right) complementing each other in the beginning. Aaah, but when the guitars and hard bass came in --- COOL!  I am also a sucker for that keyboard theme that ran throughout the song  (even through the instrumental pause and right after the bass run) --- most COOL.

    Thank you very much, Freddy! That keyboard theme is from the Addictive Keys Mark One Plugin :D

    I appreciate you all listening to it! If any of ya'll are interested - the stems are up on BandCamp, for remixes.

  8. Dang man, love that heavy bass! I feel like bass is something that's neglected sometimes but not in this song. Great production all around. Those vocal samples in the chorus were a great addition. Good one, I'm going to have to listen to this a few more times!


    Oh and you were right. Definitely is a fun song!

  9. Hey Robert,


    Yes turning off all effects made CPU load go from 30 percent to 0 on a song with a lot of tracks.

    Last night when i posted about my problem, I was using  WASAPI Shared mode, then switched to ASIO to see if that would help, didn't really though.

    I'm not sure on how to find the sample rate. But i'll look it up and get back with you on that.

    I'm using the Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 as my interface.

    Oh, and while the crackling problem seems to be a bit better this morning - just starting a new project and loading in an instrument track makes my Cpu jump to around 30 percent - never usually does that. 

    Thanks for your time!


  10. Hey guys.


    So I've been using Cakewalk for a while no - no problems. 

    But starting today, I've had a little problem with something - crackling.

    Before now this wasn't a problem. Cakewalk could run projects with lots of tracks and fxs and my cpu could handle it. But starting today, whenever I load in any midi track, even just one, Cakewalk says my CPU is at anywhere from 5-30% and starts crackling and even shutting down some times. Don't know how to fix, yall have any ideas?

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