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  1. I tried all of the above but alas. I eventually upgraded my systeem because cakewalk kept crashing. Got an i7 8GB RAM and SSD drive, it's an old i7 but faster than my old configuration. I also bought a focusrite 2i2 3rd gen so I can be sure the problem isn't firewire related. I haven't had the problem with the z3ta but now my VIP player is acting up. If I freeze the VIP and unfreeze it, often the synths in the banks of the VIP won't produce any sound anymore. The midi still gets through but no sound. If I unload a synth from a bank and then reload it, it works again. This is the case for cakewalk and sonar producer X1. So I'm pretty certain it's me *****ing something up but I can't seem to find what I'm doing wrong.
  2. I was testing some sounds of z3ta+ in cakewalk and noticed that some presets wouldn't play. After a while all of the sudden it seemed as if the entire audio engine stopped. Nothing played anymore. Other projects I've been working on wouldn't play either.All I heard was an occasional click. When I tested the sound in the windows settings , it worked fine. After some reboots of my pc and mixer (Mackie firewire 1620) and switching between WDM and ASIO and cakewalk and producer X1 everything worked again. Why, don't know. I have some problems with the firewire interface which doesn't work well with windows 10 I think. If I try changing the buffer size in the ASIO panel it's the blue screen of death with mostly an IRQ error. Has anyone found a way to solve this or am I better off buying a recent soundcard (my eye is on the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 3rd Gen. Or is this a software problem? My computer is rather old, still dual core with 4GB Ram but after replacing the old HDD with a SSD it still works like a charm. I held on to my old pc because of the firewire port it has and newer models lack.
  3. OK, strange. I'll doublecheck my folders then.
  4. I still have Sonar X1 but I'm slowly switching to the new cakewalk. However, there are some effects that I miss in cakewalk that were in sonar X1. Is there any way to import them in cakewalk? I have both versions installed on the same computer.
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