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  1. I'm confused (and a bit frustrated) as to why some 32 bit VST synths are accepted by CbB and others are excluded. First, has anyone reading this downloaded and used JBridge? Does it work with CbB and does it make additional plugins available? I found a post by one user, and from what he had to say about the product, it sounds like a bit of a nightmare. Any positive testimonies about its use? 1. Does anyone know why some VST plugins are accepted and others not? 2. Why, of all plugs that SHOULD work, are the ones that came with older versions of SONAR excluded. Is that specific? They are no longer available for purchase, so you can't buy 64 bit upgrades. It just seems silly. 3. Maybe this one is for those doing the programming. Could it not be setup so that ALL 32 bit synths are accepted (as all 32 bit effects are)? I know that some won't work, but if they don't then the user can exclude them instead of this choice being made by CbB in some -- seemingly -- mysterious and arbitrary manner. 4. Finally, is there a way to override what the program excludes? When I look at the list of available plugins, some -- like Philharmonik -- are not even listed as possibilities. Others are listed but can't be included when selected. Any help or enlightenment on this issue would be appreciated. Kind regards, Cam
  2. Hello CbB users: To cut to the chase: I can't get my fully registered Vsampler (by Speedsoft) to run properly in Cakewalk by Bandlab. In the past it has always run well, and I think (but I'm not sure) that the problem has nothing to do with Cakewalk but with the Vsampler's site having disappeared from the Web. My questions are these: 1. Does anyone else own a copy of Vsampler who has found a fix for this? 2. If not, can anyone recommend a fully functioning soundfont player. The free ones I've tried don't come close to doing what Vsampler did. Vsampler has a full suite of tools that allows one to create, tune, and shape soundfonts and to play them without additional synth additives. I need this because many, many of my old projects used Soundfonts and I am unable to edit those projects or remix them without either Vsamp or a viable substitute. Kind regards, Cam My music -- www.soundclick.com/camsevensong
  3. Oh, I see. So I happened to have purchased the one Sonar that doesn't have 64 bit? Very bad luck, that. I don't remember having to select between 64 and 32 so I guess that must be correct. So, thanks for your help. The techs at Cakewalk are helping me get the legacy DAWS registered. I suppose I can transfer projects between platforms if necessary.
  4. So, I uninstalled Cakewalk by Bandlab and then reinstalled. It didn't change the available DXi plugs. I thought perhaps that all my previous versions of Sonar were 32 bit, but I read that SONAR X1 is 64 bit. I hate to be a pest, but is there something I'm overlooking? As I install each of the various old versions of Cakewalk they are all absorbing the DXi plugins, but none of the ones that were not bundled in Cakewalk by Bandlab are showing up in that DAW.
  5. Thanks for that valuable input. I wondered if the sequence of having Bandlab on before installing the old versions would have an effect. Thanks for that. If you were me would you simply uninstall Bandlab and then reinstall it? Would that be sufficient to pickup all usable 64 bit plugs and not lose current projects? That's what made me hesitate: fear of losing projects. Should I archive them before uninstalling.
  6. Dear Cakewalk Experts and Users, For years, every time I've gotten a new version of SONAR or Music Creator, I've been delighted to discover that previous DXi instruments and effects have magically appeared in the new versions of the program as I upgraded. Cakewalk by Bandlab did not do this. Now, I confess, that on my new laptop I had downloaded and installed Bandlab before I installed my old versions of Cakewalk. There are two problems. First, I can't register my previous versions because the Cakewalk site won't send me a password. I always forget passwords so with each new computer I've relied on that feature. Secondly, I have over 300 recording projects representing 1000's of hours of work, and if can't register my old versions, or (failing that) import the old DXi engines that I used on 100's of projects, I won't be able to edit my old songs when the mood strikes me. If this topic has already been addressed, I apologise. I know how to install and add VST plugs and so on, but the DXi I'm bewildered by. Any help will be appreciated. Kind regards, W. Cameron Bastedo
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