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  1. Hey to the Cakewalk people! APD just produced a video of our sounds in action. You can see for yourself here: Lots of love! -A
  2. Hey there! Since all of these packs are fully playable virtual instrument patches, they do not infringe copyright. (We've received detailed legal advice on all this, of course) If we were offering exact loops, beats, or musical phrases from the songs, that would be a different story. What's cool about these packs is that you get the timbre and production quality of the sounds, and you can run with that in any direction you want! Thanks for the feedback!! -A
  3. Awesome suggestions. We're taking note... You're the third person to mention that Billy Idol!
  4. Happy Friday!! Here are some random demos: A Cinematic sound using some instruments from the pop song "Sunflower" https://soundcloud.com/mimicinstruments/our-fathers A laid back keyboard/bass/drum groove using instruments from the pop song "Dance Monkey" https://soundcloud.com/mimicinstruments/1158-pm Some dorkiness using instruments from the pop song "I Don't Care" https://soundcloud.com/mimicinstruments/nerds-rule-4ever Have a great weekend -A
  5. Aw, thanks. I've always liked it here. Used to be all in for Sonar!
  6. Hey Cakewalk Community, We just released our new company, Mimic Audio. The whole project is based on one fun idea: making playable instruments out of popular songs. In other words, we reverse-engineer top hits from today (and retro hits soon to come) and make them into complete instrument packs. All for Spectrasonics Omnisphere. From the radio... straight to your fingers . So far we have 8 products, all songs currently making their way through the charts: We have big plans! We want to make at least 10,000,000 more of these! And we'd love any and all suggestions for sounds/songs that you'd like mimicked. Some random ideas to start things off: Toto's 'Africa' (those drums... that synth!) Ace of Base's 'The Sign' - Early 90's nostalgia A-ha's 'Take on Me' ADD YOUR MOST WANTED SONG/SYNTH BELOW! With love, The Mimic Audio Team www.mimicaudio.com
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