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  1. I have a Nektar Panorama P6 which has a control surface that supports cubase. will this work with the mackie emulation in the new cakewalk version?
  2. I am assigning the controllers to Kontakt 6 in the Rack Synth, to get easier access to the knobs regardless of the kontakt instrument I load. Everything is working, I'm assigning the remote controller to my external hardware and it works even if change the kontakt instrument. I have made a blank cakewalk template so that, each time I load the template, I expect kontakt and its assignement are automatically loaded. BUT.... this not happens! the controllers are not saved!!!!!!!! next time I load the template the synth assignment is blank!!! this is really annoying and I feel it is a bug... could you please check!?? thanks!!!
  3. I would REALLY like to be able to rearrange the order of the loaded instruments in the rack synth! :)
  4. I would like Sonar to load a specific project (a template) at startup. now it load a blank project! how can i do it? which is the name of the startup project and its folder location?
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