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  1. Thank you DaveT! You put me on the path to knowledge and success. After your thoughtful comments, I found some information that appears to show that Dell's should be ok since they comment on upgrading drivers and an example is from the Dell Support site. I updated my bios and firmware for the Thunderbolt. Turned off any SpeedStep settings in the laptop's BIOS. I then made sure power/battery was set for peak performance. As of now, I am getting the performance I expect! So far, no crackling, and midi is solid on both applications. THANK YOU! I'll be back later today and reply if the performance is holding, but so far so good! Again, my sincere thanks for your kind and learned response, and stay safe out there!
  2. Greetings, Having problems with my setup. New Dell XPS 13 laptop, i7 10710u, 16gb, UAudio Apollo Twin X Thunderbolt3. Crackling audio almost all the time. Every once is awhile it will play cleanly; I can drop mp3 & flac into track and songs play, but when I try to play the midi drums I setup in a midi track I get drop out and stalls, and audio tracks I recorded with keyboard and bass crackle incessantly. I am using TTI for drums sounds. I have turned off Defender, other CPU robbers and Realtek drivers. Happens in Reaper as well. 44.1, 24bit, ASIO, 256. Tried various ASIO settings with no luck. Plenty of CPU and memory in both laptop and UA. Tried Session Drummer, when looping a simple 4 bar groove, it eventually runs into something and playback crashes. Tried raising priorities in Task Manager for Cakewalk and UA Control but no change. Any thoughts or ideas are welcome. Thanks, Tom
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