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  1. i add the fade by slightly dragging in the corners on each side but when i loop it the fade on the right hand side follows the loop so that the end of the audio track and the start of it is faded but not the looped clips themselves. Sorry if my explanation is bad:( In other words the only way for me to get rid of the pop sound is to copy paste the clip over and over again since the fade wont loop properly.
  2. I just started using cakewalk today. Im not that new to daws since i have been using cubase. I have this one issue though, when i try to get rid of the pop that occurs when i loop an audio file the fade does not loop. It gets dragged with the loop instead. Maybe i am just being dumb but i would appreciate some help!
  3. I plugged my guitar into a line input on my computer. I dont even have the usb mic conncted to my computer. I get the same in bandlab and cakewalk. I know that i have a gtx 1060 but other then that im clueless.
  4. i unfortunately dont know the specs but its powerful enough by far. my interface is the steinberg ur22c but that doesnt matter since the same thing happens when i plug my guitar straight into my pc. I have been using bandlab for a while without any problems.
  5. I have latency with my usb mic and my audio interface. When i do the latency test it shows me 260ms and then nothing changes. I cant even do the test with my interface since im using a guitar with it. I would appreciate any help!
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