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  1. Hello, and thanks for paying attention to this: If I time stretch an audio clip and then work with it normally, everything sounds fine. But when I bounce it, its former edit points will "click" as if I cutted them badly, out of zero crossings or without safety fades. Here I attach a .cwp example file with audio. This issue occurs even if I choose Elastique Pro as the stretch method for both online and offline renders, and it happens with any kind of bouncing: bounce to clips, to tracks, freeze and even export (fast bounce or not). If I'm not the only one experiencing this, hope you consider it for fixing. Thanks! PS: The workaround I can do in the meantime is to bounce those clips INMEDIATELLY AFTER stretch, and BEFORE any subsequent editing of those stretched clips.
  2. With "multiple mixers" he means that the inspector and the consolé expanded at the same time seem to be a confusing one. I agree on that. I think it shouldn't be able to see the inspector while the console is expanded, at least when docked. I think the 5th point regarding to "the quality of time stretching" being low, is old. It WAS low, but it has been improved a lot with the addition of elastique technology. Check that again.
  3. Thanks forge622, but I'm talking about the Select, Loop and Punch Modules. In fact, I asked to the bakers if it's possible for them to change according to the display's selected time format (what you are talking about). Hope they do it someday.
  4. Is there a way to change to H:M:S:F the time formats of Select, Loop and Punch Modules, as well as the "Go" menu? Thanks::.
  5. Something to consider for the next update: Automation envelopes can't be seen well in a track or bus with waveform preview on. They seem to be "at back". Thanks!
  6. Delta value error Not sure if this happens just after the last hotfix, but... In a project with tempo changes, the time (H:M:S:F) calculation of the difference between the selection start and end markers is wrong after the first tempo change on. In the example below you can see the start marker at 7:30:14, and the end marker at 8:30:14, which should result in a delta value of 1:00:00. But nevertheless, Cakewalk is calculating a difference of 1:50:12 (H:M:S:F). (click twice on the image to enlarge) - Also, it seems that the calculation gets worst after every new tempo change. - The same error seems to happen for the other time formats of the ruler (Millisecond and Samples) but M:B:T, on which it seems to calculate the delta value right.
  7. Personally, if you complain about SOS, what's left to other magazines that write one article about Cakewalk every 10 years (like Mix or even MusicTech). Sound On Sound has almost every month a place for Cakewalk, covered by Craig Anderton. I've saved the link to my cellphone's main screen, and I share it with the community: https://www.soundonsound.com/techniques/software/daw/sonar-cakewalk
  8. Ok, I'm not sure whether the Early Access Program is only to submit bugs, or to propose enhancements also. Just in case, after trying the EA2, I leave some proposals relative to "Selection". We can see an example GIF bellow: I MEAN: - The selection shadow varies IN REAL TIME as we drag the selection markers (not just when I release the mouse button). - We get a highlight at the extreme of the selection, every time it is snapped by some element in the timeline, for example audio/midi clips, markers, etc. This way, we can be sure we are snapping no other than the desired element. - We have, in the control bar's Select Module, the "Select Lenght" display (as well as the actually present "Select From" and "Select Thru" ones). - The "Select From", "Select Thru" and "Select Lenght" times change IN REAL TIME as we drag the selection markers. - The "Select From", "Select Thru" and "Select Lenght" time formats are locked to the Transport Module's display format (M:B:T / H:M:S:F / Samples / Milliseconds), and change when we change it (Header Time Display remains free of any locking). Thanks very much for the great job you are doing since April 2018 improving Cakewalk. MarianoGF
  9. Technically, you don't have to close/open Cakewalk. You just have to change the theme to a different one in Cakewalk, until you save the changes in Theme Editor. But it's still very annoying.
  10. Dear Noel, in the animation the clip gain is moved too (after the fades). That's the feature I've tried to show. But anyway, I'm glad you are in this thread paying attention the clip gain request. Thanks!👍
  11. Dear, I can accept I didn't choose the right forum area to post this thread, that's why I asked you to move it to the right place. But your way to tell me that my thread "is not how this forum works" feels a bit authoritarian if you are a forum admin. If we go to the case of being strict, the Feedback Loop forum says "Provide feedback on features, ideas and requests for future releases of Cakewalk by BandLab.", and clearly Cakewalk Theme Editor is a different app from Cakewalk by BandLab.
  12. I left the track colors intentionally gray, so as each user chooses a color from the palette for every track. Because I honestly don't understand why the program comes with default track colors which are so different from those available in the palette, and at the same time the default ones don't colorize the strips. Being gray, they are "coherent" with the unmodified strip color. But you can customize this into the "Colors" submenu in "Edit - Preferences"::.
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