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  1. I am using Universal audio into computer with Thunderbolt 3 no issues...have used it for a couple of years.
  2. I just updated to Kontakt 7 and assigned Komplete Kontrol everything worked fine until I saved the project and then came back a day later and Cakewalk just locks up. Is anyone else having similar issue. or is there a fix?
  3. Stavv

    synth V Kevin voice

    yes it was with headphones on. see my other reply below, it was to do with the "BOLD" automation going positive on those notes.
  4. Stavv

    synth V Kevin voice

    I went back into the program and looked at the 'those notes" this is where I was using the "BOLD" automation on his voice. So removed the bold automation and changed the Soft voice automation to negative in the same spots and it seems to have gotten rid of the over tones. any other thoughts , I guess you just need to be careful with the Bold automation on certain notes (E3, E4). perhaps they are at the top of the original singers range.
  5. I am using Kevin version 108 and I notice I get a really bad resonance frequency at approx 4975 Hz, when he sings E4 or F4 does anyone else notice this OR is there a way to fix? or maybe its the voice settings I will have to experiment for that. any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. I tried doing the drag into, but it didn't work, maybe because I was using the plug in. perhaps if I dropped the midi file in when im using Synth V as a stand alone program. I will do some more experimenting and get back... thanks also to locrian : I will try the record suggestion. Thanks
  7. Does anyone know how to: 1) move the midi file of the voice track over to Synth V without saving as a midi file and then importing into synth V. 2) when importing the midi (voice) file I have to put a dummy note at Beat 1 bar 1 so that I can align the track once in to the synth V 3) is there a way to save the synth V voice track and ASP directly into cakewalk, I currently have to save the file as a *.wav file and then import back into Cakewalk. Yes, I am using Synth V as a plug in ( in cakewalk DAW ) but still have to go through the process as described above. When I viewed the video's on YouTube it appears that in studio one the above 1,2, and 3 seem to work inside the DAW. Any advice on short cuts appreciated thanks.
  8. I have seen a demo on YouTube that shows ( in Studio one) that the video seems to drag the synth V wav files into a track. I have been saving the file into a folder and then importing the WAV file into Cakewalk... is there a quick way that I can just drag the file in from Synth V. when Im using it as a plug in ?
  9. @ZincT thanks for the help and advice... worked out ok. Just FYI I used as a plug in, just to experiment I bounced to audio file no issue, then I mono'd that track Cakewalk crashed... re-started and did the same thing again and no issues it worked.
  10. @Brian Lawler Thanks for the help, once I rebooted computer I found the SYnth in my synth instrumnets..... Just FYI I used as a plug in, just to experiment I bounced to audio file no issue, then I mono'd that track Cakewalk crashed... re-started and did the same thing again and no issues it worked.
  11. No I cannot see it.... I will try and contact the support team again. I sent email last week but have not had a reply yet.
  12. @jinkT Thanks so much for the help. I am not to Savey with the computer I will check out and also do search for the VST file and let you know how it turns out.
  13. Grem, no I can not see it in my list of plugins, I pointed the plug in manager at the dreamtronics folder assuming that is where the VST would be. but nothing found as far as I can tell. I sent email into dreamtronics support but have not heard back yet. ( may because its the weekend). Perhaps I am pointing at the wrong folder.
  14. I did a system search for . VST file but nothing was found. I did check the load VST box when I did the original download of Synth V. I will try again and do another search. Thanks for the ideas.
  15. I purchased a copy of Synth V pro and a couple of voices, I use cakewalk but im having trouble using it in the software as a plugin (VSTi) I know your not using cakewalk but would you know the path that I need to 'point' the vst plug in manager to find the plugin file. I pointed it at the dreamtronics folder but it does not seem to find it. I looked in the the folder for a *.dll file or vst file and there does not appear to be one there. any help would be appreciated.
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