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  1. 5 minutes ago, User 905133 said:

    On my current PC, I opened both of your files from the desktop with Sonar 3.1.1 and Sonar 8.5.3. Neither of those had the problem you described. I have earlier versions on my XP PC (and ones in between those), but not the version you have (Cakewalk Pro Audio). The closest I have that looks like that is Cakewalk Express.

    Maybe someone else has some suggestions for this problem.


    Thank you for all the help. Take care.  :) Regards

  2. 31 minutes ago, User 905133 said:

    I will take a look.  I played both while watching the staff scroll by and didn't notice anything unusual.  I took a very quick look at the event list, specifically for unusual durations. I will look more closely esp. at measure 117.3.

    My clock settings in Cakewalk are as follows, but I am not sure that would cause the issue you have.

    In both cases, I downloaded the files in my browser and clicked the files to open.  I will try a different method to open them to try to replicate the issue.

    Quick addendum: I opened both from recently open files and didn't find any unusual durations.  I will now try (1) downloading the files again and (2) opening the files by dragging them into the track area.

    image.png.553a51814ca9dbe6b97add2b54277517.png    image.png.1928abacbd35eca5bd702d2529dce831.png

    Second update: I downloaded the files again, this time saving them to my desktop. Then I tried two other methods of opening each: (1) Opening up a New > Empty project and dragging the files in to the track area and (2) just dragging the files onto the Cakewalk desktop itself (that is, without opening a project first).

    I did not see any unusual durations.  Under all four conditions, the events looked as above.

    I also looked to see if there was any unusual sysex (as a bank or inline), but didn't see anything.

    If I can think of another way to replicate the problem, I will give it a try.


    Second update from me.... I noticed that the problem is explicit with a diferent version of cakewalk.. I tried in both versions and the problem is only visible in version 9.0.3... I tried in the 2019.07 and the problem is not ocurring.. I atached 2 more screenshots so you can view what´s happening. The fact is that if I send my midiflies to someone that plays them in at some midi player machine or also some keyboards, it doesn´t play right.. I have to reExport it in Reaper.. just that

    new cake.jpg

    Old Cake.jpg

  3. 3 minutes ago, User 905133 said:

    I would defer to Variorum's binary analysis; I just did a very preliminary look: opened each file; looked for the presence of midi data; looked at the data in Staff View. In both there are notes in measures 16 through 67 and then measures 83 to 119.

    Yes, but in the midi with problem, something happens at the 117.3 measure.. the note is continued somehow.. and I didn´t do that when I created the midi file... and then it goes until 8624 measure... and the midi with no problem only have 119 measures...

  4. Thanks Variorum for checking my files and my problem.. I don´t know much about Ticks per quarter note,  but I´ve searched about that and I found that protools really exports the midi with 9600 and that is not standard because no other systems use so high tpqn... Someone says it may be related to sample rate but I don´t know... I will try diferent settings with sample rate because I dont have the option to export midi files with the resolution to a more logical ppq value... 

    This is what I´ve found... 



  5. Hello everyone.

    I need some help here... I will start by refering that I use protools to create my midi files but use cakewalk to chek this problem that I have, that I wolud like to solve. 

    Sometimes, and it´s not with every midi file that I create, I notice that my midi file is somehow broken in the midle, or, I mean it plays well at the begining, but at the middle of the song, it creates an empty space with 4 or 5 HOURS and then, at the end there´s the rest of my midi file...

    This happens in cakewalk, but not in my protools.. or other daws..

    - When this happens, what I do, to solve this problem is open the midi file in REAPER, and just export it again.. If I put this new midi file in cakewalk, the midi is good and it´s all consolidated.. but I´d like to create my midi file correctly at the first export (in protools,).

    Can anyone help me to find this issue? maybe chek the part where the empty space is created, but I dont know what to check...

    I send 2 midi files of the same source that I created..  It´s just one track with some voice guide..  the first is the one with the problem, and the other is the one exported in Reaper... 

    Maybe someone can chek what am I creating wrong in my protools... (I know this is a cakewalk forum, I just need help on what to check in my midi file to solve it)

    Thank you everyone

    1- Midi WITH PROBLEM.mid 2-Midi with no problem.mid

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