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  1. Thank you for the reply. I will give that a try. I recall having an issue when I upgraded my DAW hardware and did a rebuild for Win10x64. I had a heck of a time getting my second controller (Tranzport - USB) to work properly with my Mackie Controllers (via RME midi ports) - I think I understand what you are saying: Delete RME midi ports add new midi interface (MOTU Fastlane) reinstall RME ports for controllers I'm not familiar with the azlow driver but I have seen that mentioned in other threads when I have been researching my issue. I will look into that also. I'm sure there is a way to have them all working, I just need to get the right method of installation sequence (?). I am surprised that it's that finicky .... Thank you again!
  2. I've recently decided to get back into recording MIDI tracks and incorporating some drum machines and vintage synths. Over the years, I have mostly used SONAR (and CW ProAudio) as a tape machine as I tend to record full bands ensemble in the live room - that's more my thing as I came from the pre-digital/MIDI world. My last significant MIDI experiences were back when everything was trying to sound like Miami Vice and very machine-like.... but I digress. I am currently still running Platinum on a Win10x64 PC (but I continue to install the latest version of CW by BL, but I'm just more comfortable in Platinum) . This is a commercial studio so change is slow or avoided when things just work as is. I use RME HDSP 9652 as my interface and am utilizing the 2 MIDI ports to control my 2 (original) Mackie Control surfaces along with a Frontier Tranzport (USB). It's been bullet proof :) So now I try to add an external MIDI interface (MOTU USB Fastlane or an Arturia USB interface via DrumBrute) and when I attempt to use them, they work but disable my control surfaces. I really need to use the control surfaces... any thoughts or suggestions on where to start trouble shooting? I'm sure they can both co-exist but darned if I know ;) Thanks! jeff
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