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Having over 40 (has it really been that long) years of experience I count it a great honor to be able to do what I love; playing and helping others with their music. Cakewalk products have been a driving force in my day to day production work and I am so grateful to be among so many other talented and gifted musicians here.

I am the president and owner of Sound Creations, Inc. and PraiseTracks.com which specializes in the area of Christian music production especially in the context of local church ministry and those called to serve in the music ministry. I have compiled a MIDI file library with almost 900 titles churches can utilize when there is a need for musicians.

I am always ready to help those who are looking for solutions or run into problems. If I do not know the answers I love the satisfaction in the process of research and discovery.

You can also find some of my video reviews on my YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/praisetracks

Looking forward to the future and grateful to be here.

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