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  1. Sharing an update. I just left a chat session with a Spitfire rep and she confirms that the price will be $249. This should be coming in for me soon, so I will of course post my experience with it as well.
  2. It must be a typo at the top of the page. Here is the pricing looking at the FAQ at the bottom of the page. I am going to send a message over to my contact to get a definite answer. Sorry for the confusion, but we’ll sort it out.
  3. Oh! I just went to that link and noticed there is a FREE DEMO available, that is another first. 😳
  4. The pricing I had came from the press release I posted on my site. I will follow up with them to see what might be going on. Thanks Larry for spotting that on the Spitfire site. Stay tuned 📺
  5. So, this is a first for Spitfire’s Aperture offerings. With the introduction of Aperture 3 “The Stack”, while it will be free for those hitting the purchase threshold, it will be available to everyone on December 1st and onwards for $249. More info here: https://praisetracks.com/?p=2799
  6. Just posted a “Flashback” from Tuesday’s livestream. Lost Piano is another huge win for Westwood, and is now NKS compatible working with the Free Kontakt Player.
  7. So, The "Memories" aspect is like the Particles Engine in NOIRE but a little different approach. It is not baked in to the sounds but an additional component you can add if you want. The majority of the sounds are based on playable (non-sequenced) tones and textures ran through different tape and hardware machines. You also have some very interesting impulse responses and can layer two different piano sources together. There is a lot to unpack with it. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for watching.
  8. Going to be playing through a few Kontakt titles today around 3:30. I will be featuring Lost Piano from Westwood instruments, ELEMENTS from Zero-G, and RO*KI from Sonuscore. Also make sure to enter to win a copy of LOST PIANO compliments of Westwood Instruments. Entry instructions in the video description. See you there:
  9. Flavio, is a very talented musician and developer. Here is a playlist of some of the past videos I have done featuring a few of his instruments.
  10. I am excited to be having Alejandro Cabrera back with me on today's livestream. Audio Brewers is celebrating their 1 Year Anniversary and to commemorate the occasion Alejandro will be sharing a very special announcement about their Art Of Brewing Audio Event. We will also be giving away a copy of AXE'. You can find instructions on how to enter in the video description.
  11. I just finished a livestream featuring Vol. 1 and Vol.3 of the Vienna Symphonic Library's Synchronized Special Editions. They are on sale through November for up to 50% off. Most have had some recent updates and additions which are very exciting. https://www.vsl.co.at/en/News/2021-11_SY-Special_Editions They are also gearing up for an incredible "Black Friday" event that you might also want to check out. Check out a little "Stardust" and more in the replay.
  12. Lots of sounds here! https://www.humblebundle.com/software/boom-royalty-free-sounds-music-audio?utm_campaign=Q Up Arts aligns with charity-su&utm_term=https://www.humblebundle.com/sof&utm_medium=email&utm_source=directmailmac SAN CLEMENTE, CA, USA: world-class sound collections developer/licensor Q Up Arts is proud to team up with charity- supporting digital content seller Humble Bundle to offer BOOM! ROYALTY-FREE SOUNDS, MUSIC, and AUDIO — an amazing software bundle of music and sounds cherry-picked from its catalogue of award-winning titles, bolstered by Global Delight’s Boom 3DTM, as a three-week offering permitting purchase on a three-tiered buying structure starting at only $1 USD — as of November 18… As an amazing — and amazingly-priced! — software bundle, BOOM! ROYALTY-FREE SOUNDS, MUSIC, and AUDIO brings about a selection of music clips, grooves, beats, and stems cherry-picked from 22 award-winning Q Up Arts titles and also its new series of royalty-fee music clips called Q Space Music, with over 900 tracks and files weighing in at a whopping 7.4GB of pro-level audio. As such, it includes Benny Bass - Bass + Percussion Loops Fusion V1, Benny Bass - Bass + Percussion Loops More Fusion V2, Increased Velocity - Whooshes Hits Loops Music Pack, Pop Strings UK - Beats Song Pack, Pop Strings UK - Bittersweet Song Pack, Pop Strings UK - Call The Detective Song Pack, Pop Strings UK - Coming Home Song Pack, Pop Strings UK - Complete Song Pack, Pop Strings UK - Gotham Saved Song Pack, Pop Strings UK - Greater Good Song Pack, Pop Strings UK - Liberty Hall Song Pack, Pop Strings UK - Rolling Hills Song Pack, Q Space V1 - Action Music Pack, Q Space V2 - EDM Music Pack, Q Space V3 - Rock Music Pack, Q Space V4 - Adventure Music Pack, Q Space V5 - Groovy Music Pack, Q Space V6 - Funky Music Pack, Steve Gadd Drumscores - Drum Loops V1, Steve Gadd Drumscores - Drum Loops V2, Voices Of India - Sitar Loops Music Pack, and Voices Of Native America - Drums Flute Vox Music Pack. “We've chosen a great cross section of material from our award-winning catalogue,” declares Douglas Morton, Q Up Arts’ President. Bolstered by Udupi, India-based leading edge, award-winning cross-platform audio, video, and photography applications creator Global Delight’s Boom 3DTM, itself an award-winning pro audio enhancement app for Mac and Windows — designed to play media content with incredible 3D effects on any headphones, from any player and any media or streaming services, there has never been a better time than now to purchase BOOM! ROYALTY-FREE SOUNDS, MUSIC, and AUDIO on a three- tiered buying structure starting at only $1 USD. Ultimately, purchasers can take pride in doing so, safe in the knowledge that they are assisting the Humble Bundle community that has contributed over $200 million USD to charity since 2010, making an amazing difference to causes all over the world.
  13. Not at this time. I just saw the announcement on the Soundpaint Discord server. I am hoping to be able to get to try it out.
  14. Wow! That is an amazing deal.
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