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  1. Westwood Instruments have created some amazing solo string libraries that take them to never before creative places. Now you can purchase all four as a collection with a generous discount. Also if you already own any of the previous Untamed libraries, you will also receive a discount consideration to complete your collection. More info here: Westwood Instruments
  2. I thought I would share some fun news. Tonight on ABC at 7:00 PM EST, I will be on America’s Funniest Home Videos. I am not sure where in the program, but keep a look out for someone talking about the hazards of lawnmowers and bees 🐝
  3. UPDATE: So there seems to have been an issue with some popping in Tubed Keys. Visit this link and you will see the download link for the fix on the top left of the page. https://www.sampletekk.com/electric-pianos&product_id=201
  4. This is not the Simeon you are looking for, move along 😎 #theforceisstrongwiththisone
  5. At first I thought, what a mono piano but then as you could hear in the video, it was an interesting surprise to hear the depth that was there. It also really came alive when it was passed through the "Room" which allowed it to have somewhat of a stereo field.
  6. I agree, the sound of the L-100 is just so full of character. I did have an issue when trying to use my D9- X drawbar controller as they were flipped. I am wondering if I can convince Per to flip them again ;^)
  7. Fluffy Audio offers some very wonderful libraries. https://www.fluffyaudio.com/ Here is a video I did last year for their Scoring Piano and My Piano:
  8. The guys from Sonic Atoms are at it again, this time with an amazing vocal texture library for HALion, HALionSonic, and the free HALionSonicSE player. Nebulace Vocal Textures Our first take on a human voice with creative and experimental twist. A beautiful female vocal textures, packed and prepared to be performed accompanied by organic pad sounds, which extend natural range of human voice. Zaria’s intimate voices will take you on an adventure to another galaxy. The most significant value of Zaria is it can add interest and motion to cinematic, ambient music or it can just sit on backseat and create harmonic ambience. $59 intro price. Look for a livestream soon 🤓 https://sonicatoms.com/zaria/
  9. @VSTBuzz is having a special that includes ALL of the expansions for $112.29 (norm. $373.15) (don't you love the exchange rates 🙄) http://bit.ly/VSTBuzz_PureSynth_Platinum_Bundle. I purchased Pure Synth Platinum a while ago as it is a really great instrument to take on the road as it is fairly kind regarding using resources. Thanks to Gospel Musicians and VSTBuzz for unlocking the other expansions so that I can share the experience with you. I hope to see you this afternoon: My link is a VSTBuzz affiliate , providing a small commission to help support the channel. I did however purchase and use Pure Synth myself, Gospel Musicians have unlocked the expansions so that I can share the full package with all of you.
  10. So check out what John did today with Mrs. Mills during his livestream today, it is really something. Check it out starting around the 29:15 mark. He released a free Unified Mrs. Mills Library.
  11. You would have been proud of me as I was hashing out some stride piano today, man my left hand was really protesting 🤣 It is interesting in diving into some of these, that they are complex in their simplicity and shows the brilliance that was inherent in the arrangements and production. Also I was thinking of Billy Preston and if he might have used that piano back in the day as it did remind me of Nothin from Nothin.
  12. Yes, my wife and I were discussing this yesterday imagining the Paul who sang it for the first time imagining hold so far out 64 was and now a 78 year old Paul thinking, man time sure does have a way of flying by.
  13. Yes, that sounds reasonable. I think my excitement at times causes my brain to have a logjam at times where you have so many things flooding through that it is sometimes hard to just breathe. One thing that I need to start doing is just put a bunch of these on a notepad to reference so that I can look at the list and not have to think too much about it. I never thought of When I'm 64, that would have been fun. So keep your eyes and ears open. Thanks so much for the suggestion. All the best, Simeon
  14. Hey guys, Well I just finished the Mrs. Mills Piano livestream and around 3:00 PM EST I am going live with QUADRA, should be fun. Join me here:
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