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  1. Can we also have this for Create/Remove Selection Group? 🙏 It is missing in the Keyboard Shortcuts menu...
  2. Lasso-selecting problem / suggestion I dont know if this behaviour is new in this EA but when I lasso-select clips in multiple tracks, when there is a track folder's composite clip in the way and the clips in the track folder overlap, the result is that more clips are selected than I wanted. I suggest when track folder is unfolded, its composite clip should be ignored during lasso selection. Cakewalk - [Untitled Project1_] 2021-12-14 20-35-32.mp4
  3. This is not connected to nested folders but to folders generally: I would appreciate to be able to create "AUX FOLDER": a track folder which is an Aux track/Patch point at the same time (= submix track for all the tracks contained). In other words - a folder with volume/pan/send controls. I know I can do this by creating an Aux track inside (or outside) the folder and set outputs of all the tracks in the folder to this Aux track manually. But an option to create "Aux Folder" would be much more elegant. This folder would look like an Aux track with all the audio controls, on top of that there would be the folder's "+" button to unfold the tracks contained. Moving a track into this Aux folder would automatically set its output to that Aux folder...
  4. Thanks for the Arranger section inclusion of outlying MIDI notes function! Could we have something similar for audio too? I often have audioclips slightly overlaping song sections (e.g. a guitar strum starts a bit before the bar beginning). The logic may be simple: those overlaping audioclips, which have more than half of its length inside the section, would be included...
  5. I have encountered a bug in PRV when drawing notes (I guess it is connected with the new behaviour change in EA2) . I press button, drag right, drag left and drag right again, then release button. A note is created, but the starting point jumps a bit backwards. It does not occur everytime (cca once in 5 cases). I was not able to figure out why. The video is with Snapping ON, but it happens with Snapping OFF too. PRV bug.mp4
  6. What is the benefit of having articulations independent from clips? It seems just confusing for me. For my workflow it would be defintitely more useful and intuitive to have articulations inside clips, so they copy/move/delete etc. with clips. (Especially when there is no indication of artictulations in the Track view. Right now it means e.g. that when I delete a clip from a track, that place seems empty, but when I record a new material, the old "forgotten" articulations will affect it...)
  7. (Sorry if somebody posted about this problem before, the topic is already too long to read ) I encountered some theme issue with this release. I am using Blue Aston. In Clips Inspector, instead of the checkbox icon there is just a black rectangle. However in Theme editor, everything seems fine. I finally was able to fix this in Theme editor by doing Copy and Paste over the same item. I see this issue does not occur in standart Tungsten. So it seems the alternative themes are somehow corrupted by the update?
  8. Ah, thanks, you helped me! You are right, the lock symbol works in Tungsten and Mercury. It does not work under Blue Aston, which I use. So now I used Theme Editor to fix that manually for Blue Aston. Thanks for the tip! (Yes, I posted it before. It was then fixed for Tungsten in 2020.04 (it is noted in Release Notes) and (I am not 100% sure but I think) it worked also in Blue Aston until last update.)
  9. Bug report: In Markers view, the "lock" symbols do not appear in the "Lk" column when the marker is locked.
  10. Hi! These are commands which are not listed in Key Bindings menu, so a hotkey can't be assigned to them. I miss that a lot in my workflow! Set Track Edit Filter - Clips Set Track Edit Filter - Notes Set Track Edit Filter - Pan Create/Remove Selection Group from Selected Clips Do you miss some others? Could that be fixed?
  11. Aha, it works, but I have to use the left-click selection. It does not work with right-click lasso selection (when lasso-selecting clips from several tracks, only nodes are selected in tracks with Filter=envelope). I can live with that Thanks!
  12. This bothers me too. To reproduce: 1. Lets have an audio clip in Track 1. 2. Set track's filter to Volume 3. Create a section above that clip. 4. CTRL+Drag&Drop the section (or Duplicate the section). The envelope is copied but not the audio clip. Note: I think this is not Arranger specific problem. The same behaviour happens when you select and CTRL+Drag&Drop a few audio clips from several tracks. Clips from those tracks with Filter set to any envelope are not copied (only the envelope nodes are).
  13. Hi R Henn, thanks for your tip. I tried to experiment with Ripple Edit but I could not get a better result. Whatever I do it always moves also the tempo changes at the very beginnig of the selection. I checked the manual on Ripple Edit but could not figure out anything useful... I am on 2020.01. Maybe the new Arranger track in 2020.04 will bring a solution?
  14. Thanks, yes, that is another possible workaround. However it may create a mess: if you have any MIDI notes/CC at the start of this measure, they won't be moved, clips would be splitted... Having an option for this in the Insert Time dialog box would be a safe way (something like "Exclude marker/tempo/meter changes at cursor"). Anybody knows how this works in other DAWs? I guess Ableton's Insert Silence command does not move tempo changes at cursor...
  15. When inserting extra measures into the song with several meter and tempo changes using Insert Time/Measures command with Slide options ON, it also slides tempo and meter changes at the cursor. It may look logical but the result is confusing and unpractical. Example: 1. Lets have a song at 120 BPM. At measure 50 the refrain starts and the tempo changes to 140 BPM. At measure 66 the tempo returns to 120 BPM 2. I want to add 8 measures at the beginning of refrain. So I put cursor at measure 50 and use Insert Time/Measures. 3. Now my refrain starts at mesure 50 with 8 empty measures as I wanted - but at 120BPM! Because the tempo change was pushed 8 measures ahead together with everything else. Turning Slide to OFF does not help because I need to move the following tempo changes (e.g. at measure 66). But not the first one! The workaround in this example is simple, just need to set a new tempo change after using Insert Time/Measures, but it starts to be more complicated with Meter changes, Markers etc. and very confusing when recording audio, especially when you forget to do this workaround imediatelly. (The current behaviour may be useful and logical when inserting measures at the end of a sequence before the tempo change.) Suggestion: there should be an option to exclude the tempo/meter changes (and also markers!) at the cursor position from sliding. Anyone having same experiences?
  16. I use Staff View rarely, but when it comes to recording with classical musicians, it is a great feature. Here are a few comments from my experiences: Bugs: Staff View is also displaying notes from muted clips, very confusing! Should be turned off or optional. Mouse Wheel Zoom is not working in Staff View changes in Layout are not undoable when in Print Preview while the playback is on, the Print Preview display is blinking in Print Preview, using SPACE to start playback does not work, because focus is on menu buttons (Print, Configure, Zoom in...) Ideas: in Print Preview, (option to) show Now Time cursor during playback. Why: when I record with a note reading musician, I use Print Preview to show him what I want him to play whithout the need to print a paper score. Animated Now Time cursor in the score would be helpful for this. I can't use simple Staff Vief for this because it only shows a few bars in advance.
  17. BUG: In Markers View, the "lock" symbol is not showing up next to locked markers. I think this used to work fine until this release.
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