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  1. Hi Promidi i7 4.00 GHz 16GB 64-bit op sys, x64 based processor 5500 GB SSHD 2TB disc drive Focusrite Scarlett 1820 Behringer Universal Control Surface Yes Thanks! It took me a while to figure out about skype I use it for a dual broadcaster thing once in a while, but once I learned it was stealing my input, it's no problem to shut it off. I'll take your advice on updating drivers. It was frustrating to make the decision to download the program from Bandlab only to circle around and find myself staring at my old Sonar Pro. No worries, I'm stubborn enough to start over and try it again. I'll see where I went wrong. Just good to know there are people here who will answer. Thanks again!
  2. I have resisted dealing with Bandlab but my Sonar seems to have issues that won't go away. Losing settings perhaps having to do with conflicts with Skype? and who knows what else. Loading a project often requires restarts and shutting down skype, audials and browsers as well as sometimes usb connected keyboards. A headache. Today I tried upgrading to Cakewalk by Bandlab because support. More headaches. Ended up with my old Sonar Pro on the screen. What happened to the download? lol
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