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  1. Audentity Records has just released: ''2000 One Shots Bundle'', it includes Samples taken from their sample packs. During Black Friday only EURO 9,95. They have checked their samples from all the packs of the past 10 years, did some extra minor edits and normalized to update the sounds and voila: ''Make Some Noise - 2000 One Shots Samplepack''. Included are Drum one shots, 808 basslines and drums, synths, basses, fx, vocal chops, vocal one shots, misc and much more. Extra: they processed all tonal sounds in the C key, so its more easier to use in your production. Extra note: melody and drum loops in the demo are not included, we made them by using the one shots in this pack. Pack content: 1140 Drum One Shots (claps, kicks, snare, hiats, perc, rimshots, shakers etc.) 203 Bass One Shots 200 Synths & instruments One Shots 182 Vocal One Shots, Vocal Chops and Spoken Words 49 808 Bass One Shots 225 FX 33 Chords 35 Misc More info: https://www.audentity-rec.com/products/make-some-noise-2000-one-shots-samplepack
  2. It's Early Black Friday at the Audentity Records store. All packs are now 60% OFF until Dec1 with coupon: BF60. Included are all newest releases, the already discounted bundles, their classics, everything really! Grab your discount now here: https://www.audentity-rec.com/
  3. Check the demo video: https://youtu.be/Bz5lZ375S48 For the 13th installment of Vocal Megapack, our team dived into the studios again with amazing new talented vocalists. The quality of the vocals gave us so much inspiration that we are proud to deliver one of the best in this series. Vocal Megapack 13 explores new interesting genres such as Synth-Pop, Indie, Synthwave and others. The pack contains 5 Acapellas, split up into 200 vocal hooks, harmonies, adlibs, pitched, vocoders, vocal phrases, vocal chop loops, 55 melodic loops, 5 song starters, 5 bass loops, 30 drum loops, 40 drums, 15 FX, 35 bass, synth & vocal one shots. Last but not least we added 15 serum presets and 40 midis. All loops are key and BPM labeled for better usage - All Royalty Free. Product Details: 5 Songs in total 5 Acapellas 42 Vocal Hooks 12 Vocoders 36 Vocal Harmonies 14 Vocal Adlibs 6 Vocal Pitch Loops 80 Vocal Phrases 10 Vocal Chop Loops (wet & dry) 5 Songstarter Loops 35 Synth Loops 5 Bass Loops 10 Guitar Loops 10 Piano Loops 30 Drumloops 15 FX 40 Drum One Shots 20 Synth Hits 10 Vocal One Shots 5 Bass One Shots 40 Midis - Melody & Bass 15 Serum Presets (incl demos) Total 440 files All Royalty Free Download the full pack here: https://www.audentity-rec.com/products/vocal-megapack-13
  4. Audentity Records is giving away a $10 Giftcard during the Halloween period. Just add as many packs you want in your basket and use coupon: H22 and receive 10$ off for every pack More info: https://www.audentity-rec.com/
  5. Check here our promo video: https://youtu.be/8Ai2TTPRbHc Pop Masterpieces is back with another new edition with feel-good, melodic pop inspired samples, infused with elements of house, brazilian bass, tropical and progressive melodie house. The pack contains wam melodies, interesting synth guitars lines, vocal chops, feel good harmonies and so much more. Filled with a dazzling amount of 196 files and divided into folders like: Songstarters, Vocal Loops, One Shots, Melodic Loops, FX, Drum Loops and Bass Loops. Just drop some elements like our Music loops in your DAW and mix them with the drumloops, basslines and fx and your are already halfway to finish your next music bomb in the studio. Everything is royalty free (if downloaded via regular stores) and you are free to release your new baby on all platforms. Pop Masterpieces contains: 20 Drum Loops 16 Piano Loops 6 Bass Loops 4 Guitar Loops 23 Synth Loops 16 Vocal Chop Loops (wet & dry) 5 Percussion Loops 40 Drum Sounds 6 Bass Shots 7 Songstarter Loops 15 FX One Shots 15 Vocal One Shots 10 Synth One Shots 29 Midis 11 Serum Presets Royalty free (if downloaded via regular stores) Total 224 Files Dowload the full pack here: https://www.audentity-rec.com/products/pop-masterpieces-2
  6. 88% OFF! -1000 samples. We inspected our most popular packs and selected & took their best kits, samples, loops and one shots and added these in this collection, in total 1000 samples, loops nad one shots. Included are samples selected from 21 best selling sample packs. Normal value would be more than 125$, and you can get it now for only EUR 15 (16$), which is 88% OFF. This offer will be taken down in exactly 7 days, so be quick. The bundle contains several genres like: Pop, vocal Pop, Future House, Deep House, Guitars, Melodic House, Reggaeton, Hip Hop, Techno and so much more, so everybody can have his / her / it's treat. This bundle contains: 1000 samples 187 Drum Loops 300 Melodic Loops 54 Vocal Loops & Vocal Chops 270 One Shots (drums, instruments, synths) 20 Guitar Loops 11 Construction Kits 88 FX 82 Bass Loops 20 Atmospheres 28 Vocal Phrases. Download Here: https://www.audentity-rec.com/products/megabundle-2022
  7. Audentity Records has just launched a bundle containing 25 full samplepacks for the price of €25,00. More info: https://www.audentity-rec.com/products/christmas-bundle This Christmas Bundle contains 25 popular packs. 25 FULL samplepacks filled with loops, kits, vocals, presets, midis, one shots and much more. It's a great collection and mix of vocals, future house, pop, reggaeton, hip hop, trance, low tempo, live instruments, bass house, techno and other styles. Grab this only chance to get a bundle of 25 Best-Selling Sameplacks that normally would cost €471,50, now for only €25! You will not find a better Christmas Deal than this. 1 EURO for a pack!! No brainer we would say Offer ends Dec 27th! Packs included: Future Rave 2k21 Neo Soul & Live Instruments Universal Pop & Vocals Lexicon Future House Cosmix Pop & Vocal RnB 2 Big Room 2K20 Maflok Future House Vocal Pop & FX Raw Realms Brazilian Bass Music 4 Downtempo Samplepack Vocal House 2 Tropical Deep Festival Psytrance 2 Strings Adventures 4 Vocal Megapack 10 Future RnB & Trap Energy Bass House Vocal Megapack 9 Groove House 2K20 Future Tropical Pop Sax House Samplepack Future Pop Music 2 House Music Vocals 2 Tech House Samplepack 3 More info: https://www.audentity-rec.com/products/christmas-bundle
  8. Audentity Records - Black Friday / Cyber Monday specialoffer with discounts up to 90% Off. Firstly they have 60% off on their regular packs, only add coupon:black21 at check out and grab 60% off. Secondly they have their bundle sales offer, which are 3 different bundles. The titles of the bundles are: Pop Bundle 2022, Presets Bundle 2022 and Guitar Bundle 2022. The prices are now €9,95 for each bundle, normally priced at €110,00 when bought separate. https://www.audentity-rec.com/
  9. Audentity Records - All Packs 40% OFF + 3rd Pack For FREE Audentity Records is offering 40% discount on all their samplepacks and if you buy 2 packs, you will get the 3rd pack for free! Head over to their website and grab the latest vocal, pop, techno, hip hop packs and more! https://www.audentity-rec.com/
  10. Audentity Records has released a new 3.3 GB sample pack that brings the modern folk pop sound everybody is looking for at the moment. Singer Songwriter Pop (Extended Edition) features a singer-songwriter who has written and sung his songs in this genre, accompanying himself on an acoustic guitar and piano. All songs are specially composed, written and produced for Audentity Records and now publicy available to you, ready to be used in your next pop anthem. ‘Singer Songwriter Pop’ by Audentity Records contains over 560 files, such as 5 acapellas / songs, 149 acapella loops (chorus, verse, backing vocals, 185 vocal phrases, 10 bass loops, 265 drumloops, 67 melodic loops (guitars, pianos, synths, woodwinds, keys, strings), 13 songstarters, 40 drums, 10 vocal one shots and 60 midis. The content in this pack is not only useful for Folk-Pop, but also for lots of other genres like Pop, Indie, House, Rnb, Trap, Deep House, but also Brazilian Bass, EDM, Electro, House, Deep house and many other genres. Priced 21.95 EUR, the royalty free pack features 5 acapellas/5 songs with a total of 560 files, including acapella loops, bass, drums, melodic loops, vocal phrases, songstarters, MIDI files and more. More info and demo: https://www.audentity-rec.com/products/singer-songwriter-pop-extended-edition
  11. Audentity Records is having a Summer Sale until July 23. Get a 50% discount on all packs by using coupon '50OFF' at the checkout at www.audentity-rec.com. Audentity Record sells samplepacks for dance genres like: Trap, Pop, Guitar pacsk, Vocal packs, House, Future House, Future Bass, EDM, Progressive House, Tropical House, Deep house and more. More info: www.audentity-rec.com
  12. Audentity Records has launched its latest sample pack Energetic Slap House, a collection of loops and one shots, MIDI files, and synth presets for Serum, Spire and Sylenth1. Slap House has been one of the newest popular sounds in meanstream this year and is a mixture between house and energetic bouncy bass rhythms. Slap House has a similar feel as Brazilian bass but the speed is slightly different. ‘Energetic Slap House’ by Audentity Records contains over 250 energetic bouncy basslines, vocal chops, groovy drums, interesting melodies, presets, midis and many more ingredients offering you one of the most interesting Slap House packs on the market. The pack and is not only useful for Slap House, but also Brazilian Bass, EDM, Electro, House, Deep houste and many other genres. Inspired by artists like Tiesto, R3hab, Alok, Ash Blake, Dynoro, Dimitri Vegas, Vize, Mike Candys and others. The royalty free pack is available for purchase at Audentity Records, priced 17.95 EUR. Download Here: https://www.audentity-rec.com/products/energetic-slap-house
  13. Audentity Recrds has just released ''Techno Superbundle'' The bundle contains 6 techno packs from labels like: Samplesound, Audentity Records, Datacode and Banger Samples and costs only EURO 14,95 Except to find packs like Dark Techno 4, Micro Tech, Duke Samplepack, Tech House Top Loops, Dataworx Subliminal Sounds and Underground Tech. A total of more then 1500 files, 3GB ''Techno Superbundle'' contains: Dark Techno 4 Micro Tech Duke Samplepack Tech House Top Loops Dataworx Subliminal Sounds Underground Tech. Content: 302 Synth & Bass Loops 613 Drumloops 275 Drum One Shots 11 Synth One Shots 103 FX 20 Vox Loops 40 Vocals / fx 75 Atmosphere Loops 64 Sequencer Loops 20 Presets 17 Construction Kits 28 Midis Total 1500 Files 3 GB Price EURO 14,95 for 6 FULL packs. Download the bundle here: https://www.audentity-rec.com/products/techno-superbundle
  14. Audentity Records has a flash sale on their website, which includes a discount of 50% on all their samplepacks. All their fans can now take advantage of this sale and grab 50% off with coupon: ''birthday50''. Also included lots of new samplepacks such as: Pop Masterpieces, Emo Pop Vibes, RNB Melodic Guitars, Vocal Electro Pop. This sale is valid until June 1st. More info: https://www.audentity-rec.com
  15. More info: https://www.audentity-rec.com/products/vocal-electro-pop Vocal Electro Pop is the latest samplepack by Audentity Records and continues their explorations in high quality vocal and pop samples. For this pack, Dutch Vocalist Robinz worked together with our producers team to create a vocal & music pack that fits exactly with the current pop sound. Vocal Electro Pop contains 601 samples to create genres like Indie Pop, Electro Pop, Future Pop, RNB, Trap and many other styles. All instrumental loops are accompanied by the unique vocal loops recorded by vocalist Robinz. With 5 complete acapellas and 5 kits filled with an amazing amount of detailed tones and melodies. The kits have been spread and split up in different categories including Music Loops, Bass Loops, Vocal Phrases, Drum loops and more. The pack contains 5 Acapellas, split up in 128 Vocal Leads, Harmonies and Backings, Full & Main Vocals, Vocal Phrases, Vocal SFX, 191 Music Loops, 13 Bass Loops, 130 Drum Loops, 26 MIDI files, 9 SFXs and 121 Drums, 24 Melodic One Shots and 15 songstarters. All loops are key and BPM labelled for better usage. Product Details: • 5 Songs • 5 Acapellas • Backing Vocals & Vocal Chops, Doubles • 141 Vocal Phrases, Harmonies, Adlibs, Chops • 191 Music Loops (wet & dry) • 13 Bass Loops • 130 Drumloops • 26 MIDI Files • 9 SFX • 121 Drums • 24 Melodic One Shots (in 4 keys) • 17 Songstarters • Royalty Free (if bought / downloaded in the official stores) More info: https://www.audentity-rec.com/products/vocal-electro-pop
  16. Audentity Records jast just launched its Easter Sales. Until April 5th, you can buy all their samplepacks with 50% discount with couponcode: EASTER 50. More info: https://www.audentity-rec.com/
  17. Audentity Records just launched their Spring Sales for 2021. Almost 100 packs are now on Sale with discounts up to 70% OFF. Valid until April 1th https://www.audentity-rec.com/collections/sales
  18. More info: https://www.audentity-rec.com/products/indie-electro-vocal-pop Audentity Records has announced the release of their new vocal samplepack: ''Indie & Electro Vocal Pop''. Idie & Electro Vocal Pop By Audentity Record brings you a samplepack with one of the most popular pop sounds currently played on radios and festivals: Indie & Electro Pop. The music, loops and samples vary from dreamy to straight up energetic! A contemporary sound with royalty free vocals. Warm, tender, soft vocals accompany the usable and inspiring melodies and bass loops, fusing into musical foundations and inspirations. Filled with an amount of 255 audio files and divided into folders like: Vocal Phrases, Vocal Loops, One Shots, Music Loops, Instrumental Loops, Fx, Drum Loops and Bass Loops. In detail, you can expect 536MB of content with all audio at 24-bit & 44kHz. Are you looking for Royalty Free Acapellas and inspirational loops and samples? Then this new samplepack is the right choice for you. Indie & Electro Vocal Pop contains: 46 Drum Loops. 8 Bass Loops. 35 Melody Loops. 10 Music Loops. 85 Vocal Loops (wet & dry). 77 Vocal Phrases. 24 Drum Sounds. 5 Bass Shots. 7 SFX. 11 Music One Shots. 23 Midis. Total 323 Files. Royalty Free (if bought in one of the offical stores). More info: https://www.audentity-rec.com/products/indie-electro-vocal-pop
  19. Audentity Records has announced the release of a new Vocal Pop Bundle, comprising Vocal Megapack 9, 10 and 11 in a value collection. The collection features 13 songs in total, including wet and dry vocal stems and vocoders, backing vocals, acapellas, vocal chops, and phrases, music loops, bass, drums, sfx, synth sounds, and MIDI loops. The Vocal Pop Bundle is available now for 24.99 EUR (regular 58.89 EUR). More information: https://www.audentity-rec.com/products/bundle-vocal-pop
  20. Buy 1 Techno pack and get 2 techno packs for free. Just add 3 techno packs in your basket and 2 packs will be for free! Only this week! https://www.audentity-rec.com/collections/techno
  21. Audentity Records presents: Out The Box – Lofi Hip Hop, a production tool featuring a cluster of hip hop samples ready to be chopped, pitched and dropped in your sampler or DAW. This new samplepack contains a large collection of melancholic, jazzy and chill sounds, spanning from jazzy tape saturated chords and pianos and warm keys to authentic hip hop beats and drums. This sample pack boasts impeccable sound design paired with a dazzling amount of included samples: 338 high quality samples and loops in total As Hip Hop is the #1 genre worldwide, it is important for every hip hop producer to obtain great useful samples: no fillers, just winners. In detail, you can expect 837mb of content with all audio at 16Bit & 44KHZ. The pack contains 41 Bassloops, 90 Drumloops, 25 Combo loops, 110 Melodic & Chord Loops & 17 Alternative Loops ,13 Instrumentals & 41 Drum One Shots As always, everything is 100% royalty free. Out The Box – Lofi Hip Hop Contains: * 30 Melodic Loops * 17 Alternative Loops * 25 Chords Loops * 25 Synth Top Lines * 41 Bass Loops * 25 Songstarters * 90 Drumloops * 30 Key Loops * 13 Instrumental One Shots (synth & bass) * 41 Drum One Shots (kicks, hats, snares) * Total Files:338 * 837mb * Royalty Free More info: https://www.audentity-rec.com/products/out-the-box-lofi-hip-hop
  22. https://www.audentity-rec.com/products/future-rave-2k21 Audentity Records has announced its latest sample pack Future Rave 2K21, a collection of loops and samples for all rave fans who love energetic dance music with interesting melodies and vocals. Future Rave is considered as the next generation of energetic EDM genre which was started by David Guetta and Morten, a new style, combination and mixture between progressive house and EDM with hard melodic arp’s, sharp basses, cool vocals and driving drumloops. The pack includes: 20 Songstarters. 10 Bass Loops. 44 Melody Loops (wet & dry). 33 Drum Loops. 20 Fx Loops. 1 Ful Acapella, divided in 6 different parts, (wet, dry, lead, backing vocals). 25 short Vocal Phrases. 15 Synth Shots. 35 Drum Shots. 10 Bass Shots. 32 Midi Files. Future Rave 2K21 is available for purchase for 18.95 EUR. https://www.audentity-rec.com/products/future-rave-2k21
  23. Audentity Records has launched the 11th installment of Vocal Megapack, bringing a fresh batch of samples from a new breed of talented vocalists coming from all over the world, recorded in the Audentity Records studios. Vocal Megapack 11 explores many interesting genres; from Pop or Nu- Disco till EDM and progressive genres. With 4 complete acapellas and 5 kits filled with an amazing amount of detailed tones and melodies. The kits have been spread and split up in different categories including Music Loops, Bass Loops, Vocal Phrases, Drum loops and more. Available at Audentity Records, Vocal Megapack 11 is priced 19.95 EUR. https://www.audentity-rec.com/products/vocal-megapack-11
  24. Audentity Records has just launched a new offer: Until February 1th all customers get a free samplepack, when they buy 2 packs. Just add 2 packs in your basket and everybody get their 3rd samplepack for free. Valid until February 1th https://www.audentity-rec.com/
  25. https://www.audentity-rec.com/ Happy New Year to all of you! Thank you so much for your support in 2020, we know it has been a tough year, so that's why we want to offer you a gift card of €10 Gift Card. ($12) Simply enter ''2021'' at checkeout and get €10 discount at: https://www.audentity-rec.com/
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