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  1. Same results using ozone 9 as standalone
  2. Yep I'm running windows 10 with all the latest updates. I emailed someone from izotope but they gave me troubleshooting steps that didnt do too much of nothing. When I told them ozone 8 works fine but ozone 9 was acting up they stop responding.
  3. They both respond the same. I noticed since they been updated it's been moving so slow
  4. I use Fl studio and it does the same thing. But when I open up Ozone 8 it runs perfect. Ozone 9 and nectar 3 just so slow
  5. The reinstall did not solve the latency issue
  6. Will do when I get home
  7. Both actually. When I try to click on master assistant it takes 5-10 seconds after I click it to work. And when I try to EQ things the waves doesnt move to the current sound I'm tryin to EQ. It's very slow. And it was working flawlessly when it 1st came out.
  8. I been using Ozone 9 and Nectar 3 since they released they worked fine in Bandlab. Now all of a sudden both vsts are very slow when trying to use them. Any suggestions on how to fix?
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