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  1. Hello 1.Dear developers, can you make sure that when you open the audio export window, the path to the file you want to export leads not to the Audio Export folder, but to the folder directly with the project to which you want to export? 2. When exporting to mp3 file, can you make 320 kbps by default?
  2. A little explanation. The video shows when I stop at the place where I want to leave the clip, but when I release the mouse button, the clip itself moves to the left. If you increase the Horizontal Zoom Control parameter, then everything is fine.
  3. Hello This is a long-standing problem that still existed in early versions of Sonar. With a certain Horizontal Zoom Control parameter (closer to the minimum values), with the grid on, if you advance (or copy) a clip by some measure (with sticking to the grid; audio or midi; forward or backward - no difference) it, a clip, bounces forward. Link to video (Cakewalk version 2021.09): https://drive.google.com/file/d/10NLu-s6r2Rge328Pve6VkUvnhn5vQfHH/view?usp=sharing This manifests itself only during work, not always, but it is impossible to deliberately cause this problem in a new project. Are you aware of this issue?
  4. Great news, Noel! Yes, this problem has manifested itself since the version in which the AUXs appeared.
  5. Before writing here, I carefully reviewed all the settings of all tracks for duplication. I myself started working in the 90s with Cakewalk 3, in which the Panic button was in the form of a face from the "Scream" painting 😱 - I understand what I am doing.🙂 The fact of the matter is that it is not easy to catch this problem, it rarely appears and, as a rule, at an unnecessary moment when you need to quickly fix something in an old project, and as a result, I am not sure now that when opening of the previous project, somewhere the AUX track setting was knocked down and you have to carefully review and listen for this. Fundamentally, this problem is that when you have everything in your project configured as you need, and when you open it, say, after a month or more (sometimes the next day), the program itself "decides", to change something - it’s not should be. Sometimes this is solved by reloading the project. There was such a case - I opened the CWB of an old project, and there was some kind of AUX track louder, without touching anything, saved it in CWP, closed the project, opened it - and all the rules. Sometimes it happens that way. The next time, when I have this problem again, I can send a file with the project, because this project, which is on the video, I have already "fixed". Maybe someone will try to open their old projects and see if everything is okay in these projects with AUX tracks?
  6. Hello again Well, no one has this problem, which I write about in the first post? To clarify, when I work with current projects, the problem of increasing the volume in the AUX Track for unknown reasons manifests itself, but not always, and not on the first or second day of the song creation. So today I opened a project that I opened for the last time in the spring of 2021 and again ... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ULqsb_aRT0okxSDCTleO3xDUfMWzzW95/view?usp=sharing This is a link to a video (albeit without sound), where you can see the difference in sound volume in the AUX Track using the indicators on the tracks. The AUX Track "Drums" is the AUX Track that was in the project, and the AUX Track "Drums NEW" is the one I created now. All of these AUX Tracks have the same parameters, all plugins are turned off, etc. This happens at both 44 and 192 kHz without a difference. This does not depend on the audio card or version of Cakewalk and Windows 10. Most often it happens with CWB projects, but also with CWP, as in this example in the video. Question to the developers: Have you identified such problems in yourself? I could not specifically identify this problem in a new project, but it unexpectedly arises at the stage of creating a song. It often happens like this: song creation (3-7 days), mixing - everything is ok. The next day (or a few days later), when something needs to be tweaked in the project (and there are already about 10 AUX tracks and in total there are about 50 tracks), then some, as a rule, one of the AUX Track will "shoot" + 6db! I understand that you can create a new AUX Track and send the tracks from the "broken" AUX Track to a new one or lower the volume by 6db (which I do), but something tells me that it shouldn't be that way.
  7. No, but I think this is a problem with all Harrison plugins and a problem with the interface of those plugins. If they find a solution to this problem, then their other plugins will solve this problem.
  8. I wrote an email to the developer of Harrison AVA Vocal Flow.
  9. Hello. At first I only installed the VST2 version of Harrison AVA Vocal Flow and successfully registered the plugin, but after that everything hung. Restarting the system did not solve the problem: the plugin is loaded, you can turn the knobs on its panel, but when you click any other window, Cakewalk stops working (for example, try to close the plugin window). Later I uninstalled the VST2 version and installed the VST3 version. When this version (VST3) of the plugin is called, Cakewalk is simply closed. Then I installed both versions (VST2 and VST3), as well as all versions of the plugin that the installer offers - crash. A colleague from another studio has the same situation on Cakewalk. This is observed on Win 7 and win 10x64 as well. Everything works on other DAWs (eg Cubase). Does anyone have the same problem?
  10. Hello! I faced this problem too. I have Win 10 with the latest updates, Cakewalk version 2020.09. This problem occurs in all projects using plugins protected by eLicenser. Installing eLicenser Control Center update and eLicenser Control Center update did not resolve the issue. For some reason, eLicenser starts the second process (this can be seen in the Task Manager), if you force it to close, then you can save the project without problems. But I solved this problem by installing an earlier version of eLicenser Control Center Looking forward to future eLicenser updates.
  11. Hello. In version 2020.05, when copying the entire project, including the volume envelope on the master bus, this volume envelope is transferred from the master bus to some tracks. All tracks in the project go to the master bus and it is not clear by what rules the envelopes appear on the tracks. If there are several buses in the project and there is a volume envelope on them, then it is copied from the lower bus bus to the tracks. If you copy by dragging and dropping the entire project using Ctrl + C, then the volume envelope is copied to the master bus, but it is also added to other tracks. And if the project has an aux track with automation of the volume envelope, then this envelope and the entire project are copied normally, but the volume envelope is not copied to the master bus, even though this envelope was selected during copying. Is this just happening to me? To make it clear what I'm talking about, here is a link to the video.
  12. Sometimes I need to split a single audio recording in order to change the gain on several fragments. I understand that this can be done using the volume envelope, but I want to do it with the help of Gain, because there is such an opportunity in Sonar, but it is broken and this is a program bug. Hopefully this will be fixed in the next update.
  13. Yes, for me this also happens with drums often, but also with vocal tracks. Perhaps some mono channel at the next opening becomes stereo in the channel properties?
  14. This does not happen on purpose, but in the process of long work necessarily happens. You can do so ... Insert the audio file. Move it relative to the grid for 1 second .. We make a split into several parts. Shift fragments (in other words, imitate the process of work)) Select some fragments (not all, for example, from fragments 1,2,3,4, select fragment 2 and 3) Making the "Gain".
  15. Hello. Another problem that was previously in all versions of Sonar Platinum and moved in version 2020.04. We make several fragments from one audio track split audio file. Apply the “Gain” operation to these fragments (which appeared as a result of the split) and get randomly arranged fragments. Creators Sonar Platinum: When will you fix this long-standing glitch? But, if you do the same operation separately (applying to each small fragment), then everything is fine. And if during the work I made 100 fragments from one audio, then I have to apply this operation 100 times - is this normal? P.S. I also want to ask: why does no one react to the sound level problem in Aux Track, which sometimes changes when you open a project in which Aux Track was installed earlier, which I wrote about here:
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