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  1. SO the problem was Komplete Kontrol. True to its name , its power to usurp and lock MIDI ports is complete. Simply having once used a midi interface in conjunction with this keyboard seems to have reserved it exclusively. When I got a second interface for the NI controller and tried to use the first one for my piano, it was no longer available. I couldn't even reinstall the drivers for this MIDI interface because of a devise descendant allocation. I had to uninstall Komplete Kontrol in order to reinstall the MIDI driver , and now the two MIDI inputs are working side by side in Cakewalk Thanks for your help!
  2. I'm adding this post script for others who encounter this problem . This is a Windows problem. I assumed the keyboard was not outputing MIDI because MIDI-OX was not registering a signal . The fact that the same keyboard shows up red in Ableton Live eliminated Cakewalk from the equation. I just thought to connect the same keyboard to my MACBook and saw the signal was being sent and recorded correctly into Garage band. Something in WIndows MIDI port configuration is blocking the device. The Cakewalk memory message is the same as the Ableton red highlight , I think it just means there is a driver or port problem with the device. If I ever figure out how to fix this I'll add another post script, but for now anyway , I wont be replacing the piano.
  3. Thanks for the link. Rebooting didn’t help there are no cakewalk ghost processes running and the MIDI ports seem to be clear. However, today I am not getting a signal from the digital piano (Kurtzweil RG100) its an old work horse, faithful as they come, but its 30 years old. Though I was getting a signal before today, its hard to see this as a coincidence. My suspicion now is the problem was always the keyboard. I will know when I replace it. Until then thanks for your help
  4. I am in MME mode. It could be the same windows glitch you experienced . I am not able to reboot right now to test your theory, but I will as soon as I get the chance.
  5. Hello David. thanks for responding. Its the third option : Have different tracks record and echo from different ports, exclusively (pick a different port for each track's Input - with or without restricting the channel ). When I select the interface connected to the digital piano in the midi device input preference here ( see image 1) I receive this message:
  6. HI I am trying to configure Cakewalk to accept two different midi inputs simultaneously. I have been using a digital piano and midi usb interface and recently added a NI Komplete controller, each has its own interface cable. I am assuming I should be able to assign separate midi input ports to each track and to control each midi input signal separately. There are two parts to my question the first is whether simultaneous multiple midi inputs to separate tracks is possible. The second is that there seems to be a deeper problem concerning midi port assignment that may have to do with windows, that is preventing me from changing midi ports at all. Once I setup Cakewalk for Komplete controller using the Komplete Kontrol EXT-1 and DAW-1, cakewalk no longer accepts to load the older interface, even after closing Cakewalk, turning off the NI controller , reopening CW, starting a new project and re configuring the midi devices as I have for years ( Input midi uno interface) . I am receiving a Windows reporting insufficient memory message. (computer has 64 G of RAM processor is i7 9700k, Windows 10 pro). Presently both midi interfaces indicate signals are being transmitted and MIDI OX confirms reception of the midi signal from both controllers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi, I have been able to input midi live with ( Focusite USB Scarlet 2) using Cakewalk TTS-1 in ASIO mode without issue. But do not seem to be able to function with Garatan Personal Orchestra in ASIO mode even at the maximum buffer size. Sound generated either from the Garatan controller or from midi keyboard input produces an echo-like crackling tick that at 1024 samples is about 1 /sec and at 512 is about 4 / sec. I can avoid this crackling by switching to MME mode but this produces a latency of about 20 ms which is intolerable. Would a better sound card allow me to use MME with less latency or fix the crackling in ASIO, or is my keyboard too old (Kurtzweil RG100) I'm using a USB midi cable directly to computer. Computer is i7 with 64 G of RAM. Any advise would be greatly appreciated Thanks
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