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  1. My antivirus says one of the files downloaded from the link contains virus. ... I didn't open it to check what's that about. I don't have SampleTank 3 already installed in my machine. My IKmultimedia account doesn't give me any v.3 download option, only v.4. Thanks though. I know this is hard. I tried everything I could think of. Awwwww... I want Orchestools One...
  2. Orchestools One is out! (https://musictop69.wixsite.com/orchestools/orchestools). The zip folder is "OTONE". To use the instruments, you gotta download SampleTank first. It's version 4 now: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/products/st4/. It's free! Simply click DOWNLOAD for "SampleTank 4 Custom Shop". Or the download link is here: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/demodownload/?a=sampletank-4-cs. Pick a Windows or Mac download. Remember to download the Sounds - please don't ask me why it's something technical I guess. Up to this point everything is streamline. The installer will carry you along with the installations. Just don't delete the authenticator it's there to authenticate your SampleTank 4, but you won't do that, normally. I can open SampleTank 4, and play with the sound library in Cakewalk. Then here comes the thing: to import Orchestools One sounds into SampleTank 4. It's more manual. You got to put the folders of OTONE ("Imported Samples", "Instruments" and "Multis") into the folder system of IK Multimedia which, is already created for you using the installer. There are suggestions on the manual, like this: https://musictop69.wixsite.com/orchestools/orchestools and this: https://www.ikmultimedia.com/faq/index.php?id=1239#st3 and this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oubj0h1l875y0s6/OTONE_Win_Installation_Guide.pdf?dl=0&fbclid=IwAR3Cm2K3NQCJjGFHPG5dJmza5dcogCdAtjiUaPWt6qH2CJ9KyWh45njNaBE Would you start with SampleTank 4, not SampleTank 3? The experienced people started with SampleTank 3 already downloaded into their machine. But v3 is no longer available for download. Apparently, the folder system built by downloading v3 is different from what I got from v4. And so I can't play Orchestools One in SampleTank 4, let alone in Cakewalk, even I have recreated the folder structure referenced by the above 3 links. The furthest I can reach so far, is to get SampleTank 4 to read the sound files. I can pick and click the Orchestools One sounds from a dropdown list inside SampleTank 4, but then an error box pops out saying: " Part 1 loading issues Failed to load instrument '.... (some path of an instrument)...' Part 2 loading issues Failed to load instrument '.... (some path of another instrument)...' ... Part 7 loading issues Failed to load instrument '.... (some path of yet another instrument)...' " Someone suggests to reference v3 folder system to v4... But I don't have v3. And how to do the referencing anyway? Maybe you know what's this all about. I'm stuck.
  3. There are dozens of sequences (e.g. HIPHOP > HIPHOP-01/2/3..., JAZZ & BLUES > 12-BAR1/2/3...) come with the Drum Kit. How do I open them in the piano roll or drum map?
  4. Can I have the names of website hosting a number of music score, free or paid preferably the former, written for BBC documentaries or movies? And the most reliable And free music transcription softwareS available to humankind? For polyphonic music please, well, preferrably.
  5. Is it possible to play music in Cakewalk, then play a video from any video player without exiting Cakewalk? My setup for Cakewalk is really simple: only my laptop, and my earphones. No extra machines. No interfaces. I found that after I play music in Cakewalk, the audio from my video player is muted. I have to close Cakewalk to have the audio of my video player back. I need to go back and forth between Catewalk and a video player in my workflow. How do I do that?
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