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  1. Can I have the names of website hosting a number of music score, free or paid preferably the former, written for BBC documentaries or movies? And the most reliable And free music transcription softwareS available to humankind? For polyphonic music please, well, preferrably.
  2. Problem solved thanks guys:)))
  3. Is it possible to play music in Cakewalk, then play a video from any video player without exiting Cakewalk? My setup for Cakewalk is really simple: only my laptop, and my earphones. No extra machines. No interfaces. I found that after I play music in Cakewalk, the audio from my video player is muted. I have to close Cakewalk to have the audio of my video player back. I need to go back and forth between Catewalk and a video player in my workflow. How do I do that?
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