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  1. I’ll worry about the Bass, while you attempt to play guitar. 😀
  2. I’ve got all of the Abbey Road Waves plug ins. I’m also a huge Beatles fan. For some reason, the puzzle is not on my wish list. Did have to pick up a few Abbey Road T Shirts while visiting a couple years ago. .. and of course do the zigzag cross walk in Beatle form.
  3. Yep, I’ve got hearing issues as well. I have a dip in the mids. I hear low frequencies well and fairly well on high frequencies. At least the audiologist said good for my age. The dip in the mids is enough that hearing aids truly help me. I don’t hear women’s voices well and people who speak softly. I always thought mine was caused be a lot of shooting in my teens and twenties. My brother recently said he noticed that when I was in my teens that I didn’t hear certain things he heard. Might have been infections then.
  4. I don’t know if I’m a big deal as a Bass Player, but I’m definitely a big dude as a Bass Player. At 6’-4” and 230 lbs.
  5. Looks like the cones on what used to be my favorite EV speakers. Stupidly, I tossed them when I should have had them re-coned.
  6. Your contributions always matter to 3 particular lads in the song’s forums. Plus you are the great I Am of Alembic BAzz.
  7. michaelhanson


    A new version of this song has been uploaded to Sound Cloud. I tamed the overdrive on the guitar on the left, per the suggestions above. I think it fits and sounds much better now. Let me know your thoughts before we call this one done.
  8. michaelhanson


    Thanks for the listen Bert! Really glad that you liked the song.
  9. michaelhanson


    A new version of this song has been updated in Sound Cloud, based on many of the suggestions you have all made. All additional comments are welcome, this process helps greatly to fine tune the recording and production process.
  10. michaelhanson


    Hi Tom - Thank you for listening and commenting. I believe you listened to the original post last night. I uploaded a new version shortly after your comments. Interesting comment on the piano and drums. I wish I had more control over the piano, but it was recorded live on a real piano. I was having trouble getting it to be more present on the recorded track as more of a Lead instrument. Adding more reverb would have only pushed it back in the mix more. I like the tone of the drums, so I didn't really want to mess with them. Is what it is, I guess, unless we retrack the piano. The song does really kick into a nice groove at the Solo section of the song and seems to carry on to the end. In my view, its all performance. Its like the band hit a nice pocket and stayed in it from there on out. I like the arrangement as is, however.
  11. michaelhanson


    Gary - I much appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this mix. The left guitar seems to have gotten much notice. I am not sure why exactly. It's my ES-335 through a familiar amp setting for me, on many of our tunes. I will try changing it up a bit and see if that helps. I didn't really mix this song for a long period of time, but the song has been in the works for several months, waiting on my band members to finish tracking their respective tracks. I will take the Beatlish as a compliment! 🙂
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