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  1. I use the headphone out and also use a set of studio monitors on the audio out. Same noise every time with a key pressed OR A MIDI CONTROL MOVED. It is almost like I get to hear the midi data getting turned into an audio stream of condensed data (fairly high pitched but like in the 8 kilohertz range) and a long as I move a midi control, such as volume, I get a "ribbon" of this computer data sound with every control move. For you old timers, remember the 300 Baud modems and the noise they used to make during a transmission? A lot the same except a tiny bit higher pitched.
  2. Well I have one for you. I use CAKEWALK with a "LIVE" keyboard to play Roland Rack Mounted JV1080's and also to play VSTs from a second keyboard. The Live keyboard hooks to a MOTU midi Express the runs the hardware rack mounts. When I have NO VSTs loaded BUT the computer audio turned up, EVERY KEY or SET OF KEYS I hit causes a high pitched squeal that lasts for about .50 seconds. You can hear it in the studio monitors when I play the rack mount synths. I loaded CUBASE and tried the same set up. NO MIDI HIGH PITCHED SQUEAL with every key OR every volume tweak on the midi controller. If someone can figure this out you can probably walk on water and not scare the fish. I will even try to record this sound and attach it to this post at a later date.
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