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  1. This one might work for you. Not too sure about all the factory patch names. But if you have a better list let me know. I tend not to use any of the factory patches with my Helix... Line6 Helix.ins
  2. When I attempt to increment through the patches the unit jumps from A-11 to B12, A44, A48 etc.… The 'Program Change' section in the manual reads simply β€˜Selects the step sequencer pattern.’ So it seems lot a lot is missing here. Does anyone know how the values in the brackets below are determined? I stole those from my instrument definition for the Roland D-05. Also tried '0' and '1'. Also tried the various bank select methods.... "0", "1", etc...... *** My instrument section looks like this right now...... [Roland JD-08] Patch[11145]=Roland JD-08 Bank 2 Patch[11144]=Roland JD-08 Bank 1 Patch[*]=1..128 Roland_JD-08.ins JD-08_reference_eng01_W.pdf
  3. Anybody have any luck creating an instrument definition for the new Roland JD-08?
  4. Ha, You're probably right. I guess I was just hoping for a different answer....
  5. Just wanted to get you guys thoughts, opinions or advice on this little bug I found in Cakewalk when using the Relab LX480 plugin. I really like the sound of this plugin but I hate the instability. So who's a fault here is it Cakewalk, Relab or me. I know probably me again!... Right? πŸ™‚
  6. Tried setting to 5 measures pretty much the same result. Still starts the TR8S before the count-in is complete. Also found found a midi scope here... https://hautetechnique.com/midi/midiview/ But I can't seem to get it working . The app starts fine but it isn't capturing any data. The quest continues.... πŸ˜‰ Update: Found a strange work-around... If I change the count it from measures to beats and the set it to 2 beats it counts in 2 beats and then works perfectly. Go figure... Also I've got the Roland D-05 which has a internal sequencer. With the count-it set to 1 measure it also starts early just like the TR8s. So at least that's consistently broken...
  7. No 'noise' at all. Thanks for the thoughtful post. I'll definitely try changing the count-in to 5 and see what we get there. I wonder why Cakewalk would send a "Start" message before the count-in? Shouldn't it just send nothing? The receiving device wouldn't care about the 'count in'. Right? It would just need to know when to start the sync. So CW should just do its count in and then send a 'Start' command. I guess... Of course I guess all of this is just guess work without some sort of scope of the midi messages being sent. Maybe there is some software out there that does that?.. Hmmm... I'll look for that also... Thanks a lot. You've got me thinking about this differently. πŸ™‚
  8. Thanks so much for your response. I really wanted to know if these was a scenario where this worked as expected. So I'm glad to hear that it works with the SR-16. I might even consider picking up an SR-16 just to play. πŸ˜‰ It does seem weird to me that the issue only seem to happen with the count in enabled. I would think that the midi messages would be the same with that on or off. So either it would always work or always fail. At any rate its not the kiss of death for me just a minor irritant. I was at a friend studio last weekend and he uses Studio One and he enabled the count in there with the TR8S and that worked perfectly for him and of course he loves to poke fun at me for CW's little idiosyncrasies. I still maintain its the best DAW though.
  9. Cakewalk is usually awesome but I've made a short video of a tiny bug I found in Cbb. I'm just wondering if anyone else has seen this issue or can reproduce. Thanks All....
  10. Whoops that worked until just now. Same issue. We'll its good to hear its consistent for somebody. πŸ™‚
  11. Thanks for the replies. The issues seem to be intermittent. But it's still good to hear that some are having success with it. I did find something very strange if I initially insert the plugin into the Prochannel and then drag it from the the prochannel to the channel fx it work fine.
  12. Just wondering if anyone else had experienced this issue. I recently bought this Relab LX480 plugin and while it sounds great is occasionally will cause Cakewalk to freeze completely and I have to kill Cakewalk from task manager. This seems to happen more often when its inserted into a tracks fx and less often when inserted into the Pro channel. I really like and I'd like to continue using it if I could figure this out. Thanks all...
  13. You are awesome. Thanks. Posting this pic in case there are any other befuddled old guys out there! πŸ˜‰
  14. I'm embarrassed to ask but I can't remember how to fix this... 😞 When I double-click on a midi track CBB used to immediately launch the track in piano view. I have somehow broken this behavior Can anyone help this befuddled old guy fix this?... πŸ™‚
  15. Thanks Mark, this one was a labor of love. Emphasis on the on the 'labor' there. <grin> Glad to hear I 'mostly' got it right this time... <grin again>
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