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  1. You are awesome. Thanks. Posting this pic in case there are any other befuddled old guys out there! 😉
  2. I'm embarrassed to ask but I can't remember how to fix this... 😞 When I double-click on a midi track CBB used to immediately launch the track in piano view. I have somehow broken this behavior Can anyone help this befuddled old guy fix this?... 🙂
  3. Thanks Mark, this one was a labor of love. Emphasis on the on the 'labor' there. <grin> Glad to hear I 'mostly' got it right this time... <grin again>
  4. Beautiful! Very evocative. Impeccable recording. You can almost see the accompanying video.
  5. Thanks... Worked my tail off on this one. Hope I got it right! <grin>
  6. Hello All! My new album "Soul Full" is available beginning today on all streaming platforms! I'm so excited! It's been a long time coming... Check it out and let me know what you think... www.stonesilk.com
  7. It would be great if we could enable and disable the metronome count in and if this feature were also accessible from ACT and or a Keyboard Shortcut. By the way there is also a very old bug where when the metronome count in is enabled. Cakewalk doesn't 'know' when to transmit the midi clock. For example I have Cakewalk starting my TR8S drum machine perfectly in sync to the midi clock. But when the metronome count-in is enabled Cakewalk will play the metronome count-in then get confused and start the drum machine late and out of sync. 😉
  8. Oops, after I wrote all that I see you got a work-around... 😉
  9. OK, I was thinking that maybe a particular file might be causing the issue. Like maybe files 1,2,3 worked but 4 failed. Or maybe skip to file 5 for example and see if that worked. Another thought if you owned an editor like Soundforge and could try loading the files there and then re-saving it as 16 or 24 bit. Then load the saved file into Bbb.... Or if you want you could send the file to me and maybe I could figure something out...
  10. Agreed the sound stage could use a little work. Lately thinking too much like a musician and not enough like an engineer. 😉
  11. Another fellow 'old timer' here... Definitely check out the new 'arranger' feature. I'm sure there's other stuff out there but that one is my favorite. 😉
  12. Understood. I wonder if this feature is still working. Can anyone confirm that the property page still displays when the ACT property button is clicked? For me nothing happens... But maybe its just my installation of Cbb. Thanks....
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