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  1. Unfortunately SPP isn't helping with that. But THANKS for the call out..... CW now just ranks at 9.6 instead of 10.0 with that minor little niggle. Of course if they could get that working it would easily be an 11.9 out of 10! 😉
  2. CW syncs incorrectly to external device. Go to Edit / Preferences / MIDI Set MIDI Sync to the device you want to send midi sync to... Start CW. Result: CW starts device and device and CW sync OK. Now... Go to Edit / Preferences / Metronome Set the Record Count-in: to 2. Enable a track to record then start CW. Result: CW delays start then sync the external device incorrectly.
  3. Just installed. Having lots of problems with the UI for most of the plugins. But let me know your results...
  4. Anyone ever use an instrument definition to select patches in a VST synth? Is that even possible? Just curious....
  5. Finally got this sorted out. The JD-08 has 3 different settings for midi channels. System, Part A and Part B. If these are set to the same channel the unit will not respond properly to patch change messages. The manual is a bit unclear on this point. Here's instrument definition file I built. Hope this helps someone out... Roland JD-08.ins
  6. When's the theatrical release? 🙂 Beautiful evocative piece. Well done!
  7. This one might work for you. Not too sure about all the factory patch names. But if you have a better list let me know. I tend not to use any of the factory patches with my Helix... Line6 Helix.ins
  8. Anybody have any luck creating an instrument definition for the new Roland JD-08?
  9. Ha, You're probably right. I guess I was just hoping for a different answer....
  10. Just wanted to get you guys thoughts, opinions or advice on this little bug I found in Cakewalk when using the Relab LX480 plugin. I really like the sound of this plugin but I hate the instability. So who's a fault here is it Cakewalk, Relab or me. I know probably me again!... Right? 🙂
  11. Tried setting to 5 measures pretty much the same result. Still starts the TR8S before the count-in is complete. Also found found a midi scope here... https://hautetechnique.com/midi/midiview/ But I can't seem to get it working . The app starts fine but it isn't capturing any data. The quest continues.... 😉 Update: Found a strange work-around... If I change the count it from measures to beats and the set it to 2 beats it counts in 2 beats and then works perfectly. Go figure... Also I've got the Roland D-05 which has a internal sequencer. With the count-it set to 1 measure it also starts early just like the TR8s. So at least that's consistently broken...
  12. No 'noise' at all. Thanks for the thoughtful post. I'll definitely try changing the count-in to 5 and see what we get there. I wonder why Cakewalk would send a "Start" message before the count-in? Shouldn't it just send nothing? The receiving device wouldn't care about the 'count in'. Right? It would just need to know when to start the sync. So CW should just do its count in and then send a 'Start' command. I guess... Of course I guess all of this is just guess work without some sort of scope of the midi messages being sent. Maybe there is some software out there that does that?.. Hmmm... I'll look for that also... Thanks a lot. You've got me thinking about this differently. 🙂
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