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  1. Would a pair of cheap 5" Kenwood home stereo speakers be good as a second pair of reference monitors next to my KRK 8s?
  2. Dear Bandlab, Could you please add a Guitar and Bass guitar Tablature feature to Cakewalk so we can see and print it out for MIDI guitar and bass guitar tracks?
  3. Ron Muse

    New Arrangement Feature

    So, I am able to add sections to the arranger panel and then commit them, which then creates a new arrangement. But there is only 1 arrangement per project. There is NO list of alternate arrangements! When I create a new arrangement, it simply replaces the old one! What's the point in this function? I thought the idea was to have multiple arrangements to choose from and compare!
  4. I keep seeing that there is an update for BandLab Assistant, but when I click on it, it says "Update Failed: Something went wrong. Please try again."
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