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  1. Aha! I had totally missed that drop down on the track strip. I've got it working now, thank you! I actually prefer simply changing the channel on my keyboard so that I don't have to go reaching for my mouse or scrolling through the track pane to find the right track. Cheers!
  2. I'm trying to set up a single instance of Kontakt so that I have a MIDI track per Kontakt instrument/MIDI channel (and out of Kontakt into multiple audio tracks but I already figured this out). What works: I have multiple MIDI tracks, all set to listen on different MIDI channels, which feed into Kontakt. By changing MIDI channels on my keyboard controller I can switch between playing different instruments in Kontakt and recording on the relevant MIDI track. However, if I start by editing MIDI in the piano roll view on any track, the PRV defaults to MIDI channel 1, regardless of that track's channel. I can edit the notes to play on a different channel. I can also "select controllers along with notes"; this is fine if there's already data, but still an extra step and doesn't help for a blank track. Is there a way to make PRV notes default to the MIDI channel of the track they are being added to? Or is there a better way to do what I'm trying to do: multiple MIDI tracks into one instance of Kontakt, out to multiple audio tracks? Let me know if further clarification is needed.
  3. There may be a smarter way to do this, but...select all the tracks (ctrl+a) and drag from the left edge of the rightmost clip to the start. All tracks should now be padded with nothing up until they contain sound.
  4. I don't believe it can be automated, but you can toggle the Offset Mode in the Mix Module and adjust levels without disrupting automation.
  5. Alt+mouse wheel is one default shortcut for zooming in/out horizontally. There's also a magnifying glass +/- at the right of the horizontal scrollbar.
  6. wunderbier


    Ah, okay. You don't have to worry about any input devices in that case. Your settings look good, but I have better luck with WASAPI Shared driver mode. If you right click in the track pane, select "Insert Instrument...", choose "SI-Electric Piano", press "Create" and hit Alt+0 to bring up the keyboard, can you make sound? But also, if Studio One works for you with less hassle and does everything you want, that's probably the right choice for now.
  7. wunderbier


    It's entirely possible to use Cakewalk for editing and mixing without any external devices. What instruments do you want to record and what equipment do you have in that regard? There might be a snag depending on that answer. You won't need a midi keyboard/controller for live instruments though.
  8. Once a project gets sufficiently long in terms of buses, auxes and sidechain-able FX the Sends menu becomes scrollable. Unfortunately it does not respond to the mouse scroll wheel and instead requires clicking the mouse on the scroll button at the bottom or using the arrow keys to navigate. See screenshot (20). Is there a way to make the context menu either respond to the mouse wheel or expand into multiple columns as shown in screenshot (21)? The second screenshot is the preset menu activated from the synth rack. Cheers.
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