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  1. I create a new project with just one MIDI track. Nothing else. When I click on the Browser/Template menu the program locks up and closes. Does not matter which item I pick from the pull-down menu, the program simply crashes. EDIT: In fact, if I click on ANYTHING in the Browser drop-down, CW simply locks up and crashes. I can open up other projects, no problem. But new ones, without any data, crash.
  2. I usually fat-finger my bass lines, forcing me to use the Legato.cal script. Why are .CAL scripts excluded from the Edit/Repeat Last Action command? Who would I notify to request such a change?
  3. No, it's not a scroll wheel problem. I'll check the Event Viewer for any anomalies, I laid in a pan envelope with a few nodes. All of a sudden, all pans flipped hard right. The audio will not follow the envelopes when this happens. I can draw a hard left pan envelope, and it will remain hard right. If I close the project and re-open it, everything is normal. PITA! EDIT: I failed to mention that this happens to ALL tracks--MIDI, Audio, and Instrument. The Master Buss pans, also. EDIT: I think I may have found the culprit. When I turned off the MIDI controller (Roland A500 Pro), I was able to double-click the pans to center. Before, they stubbornly stayed frozen to the hard left or hard right. It was probably a new kitten we brought home, who likes to walk up and down the MIDI keyboard, stepping on various buttons and such.
  4. For some reason, I'm getting no email notifications... Anyways, the hard pans are inconsistent. Sometimes they'll all pan at measure 13; other times, measure 41. It's never the same. The other weird thing is, when I look at the screen, all of the pan knobs are vibrating at the hard left/right position. Double-clicking does nothing. Clicking holding doesn't work. They all stay panned. Next time I open up a session, the song is fine. All the tracks are hard-panned right. Double-click all of the pans to center and the thing works. Eventually though, the pan issue snaps back. @kevro2000: All of the tracks are MIDI tracks, so I'm in trouble.
  5. Since the last BandLab update, I've got a problem that's driving me crazy. For no reason at all, I'll be listening to a mix, when suddenly, all 12 tracks pan hard right. Even the Master Mix controller. Usually, double-clicking the pan knobs bring them all back to center, but this is most annoying. And, it will do again, and again, and again. What in the world could be causing this? It happens to every mix I have, and each mix was created from its own template. Doesn't matter if its an audio, MIDI, or instrument track, they all pan hard left.
  6. I'm re-creating a Talk Box effect using The Mouth. How, exactly, do I get the plugin to work? I've tried inserting the MIDI track, and a few other things, without success. I'm using BandLab, obviously.
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