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  1. On exporting I have a couple of seemingly random issues: 1. Sometimes, even though I select Entire Mix, only 1 or 2 tracks are exported. 2. Sometimes when I export my song I get a burst or pop of sound, or a reverb trail at the beginning of the song when I play it. I suppose it's an artefact from one or more of the tracks, but don't know how it is being exported.
  2. Got it!!! Sorted. Thanks very much Nigel & Reginald for your help. Much appreciated.
  3. Ah, I have just noticed a camouflaged sliding panel to the right of the tracks in the console panel. If I right click there I get options for Stereo or Surround Bus. Which one? And can I have it in the left bar rather than the lower console?
  4. Okay. A metronome is not needed & I'm not familiar with the Preview function. The issue with the templates not appearing, as well as my recent projects, on the start-up panel is because I had to temporarily move some CW folders between drives. I have now restored them to their original place, & upon re-opening CW my recent projects reappeared on the start-up panel.
  5. Thanks. Which right hand pane? The next free pane directly to the right in the console doesn't offer to create a bus on th right click menu. The pane above the master volume in the left hand panel does not respond to right clicking. I don't know how to do the routing... All this is usually set up when I open a new project, so it's completely new to me.
  6. Buses is already enabled.
  7. Thanks Nigel, but there is no option for Master in the above location.
  8. There seems to be only one section. There are no others indicated when I move the cursor over the pane edges. Here's a screenshot:
  9. I am fairly new to CW. I recently updated the version, but immediately rolled back because it froze (Win7, not supported). For the first time since re-installation I just opened a new project, but there were no templates icons in the start-up panel as there usually are & I use, so I found & opened the 'Basic' option, inserted new Audio tracks & imported files into them. I had finished mixing the tracks & dragged the left bar across to access the Master bus I have become used to seeing there, but it is a stripped down version. It has just twin volume controls, with areas above it blank. I usually drag a compression directly onto the bus for the whole song, but it won't accept this action. How can I restore the functionality that I require? Do I need to unlock controls for the current bus or create a new one? If so how? Thank you.
  10. Thank you Canopus. Got it.
  11. Hi Colin, I don't understand your statement, *popcorn*.
  12. Thanks for your input scook. But the link you've provided is to the current version. I want a link to the previous version. I am having problems with the current version.
  13. Hi, I'm with Win 7. I just downloaded the latest version of CW & have interface graphics issues & it has crashed for the first time ever. So I'd like to roll back to the previous version, but I cant find a link. I understand that CW will no longer support Win 7, even though everywhere on the site it still states that the software is compatible with it. Thanks.
  14. Hi Jim, thanks for your response. I have only just seen this message. I have been using the fb Zoom page, very helpful people. The drum pads I have found totally useless for my requirments. It's not possible to record with them whilst playing back other tracks or recording other tracks simultaneously, so you'd have to imagine the music in your mind whilst recording the a drum track to your music. I have no idea why that facility has been specificly designed that way. Building a drum track to a song blindly, in a series of small loops, & patching them together is too much of a mammoth task for me. I'd rather play perc manually or use my laptop keyboard with the perc in the daw.
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