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  1. it crash almost all the time, so it's not usable in a production (with or without samples loaded). I have the 1.5.1 version (latest) x64 I tried to go through the standalone mode but it completely takes away the interest of this VST, if this program is too buggy I will desinstall it.It's a pity because some functions such as being able to use the midi in order to make a small and really interesting sampler. thank's.
  2. hi guys, I'm using CBL 2020.01 and have a systematic crash when I load the VST "Sample Manager" from ADSR. I put the minidump as an attachment. I thought it came from VST3 and reinstalled this VST in VST2 mode (x64) but it produces the same issue. Once the crash, I can reopen the file (when CLB saves it and everything is fine), but when I create a new midi track with this plug-in it always crash CBL. I have no problem with the other plug-ins I use... so have you encountered this issue ? for the Cakewalk development team I have put the minidump in attached. thanks for your help. Untitled_04282020_085909.dmp
  3. hi, having the same prob with default theme.
  4. hello guys, have some strange issues with the graphic interface of CWB .. sometimes (not all), I have some freezes when opening projects. I never had this problem before, since I updated CWB with the last october release (no windows 10 update has been set on my PC). here's the issues I have (sometimes it works and sometimes it freezes completely when opening projects) 1) the control bar isn't automaticaly actived, so I have to click anywhere on windows to activate it. 2) I have some artefacts on windows (see below) blank window corners ?? (it looks like open windows, but badly refreshed) 3) when I click on play button. I can hear that audio engine is working properly, but the screen stay freezed ! (of course the PC is running ok , I have a surface book 2 with 16go of RAM), and never had problems with it. 4) more strange : when I open another project over the first, everything is working well, and when i close it, and then click on play button, sometimes it work's well and sometime it stay freezed. reopening CW and rebooting the PC doesn't change anything. Any idea ? because when it's happen, it's completely unusable. thank's.
  5. hello, sometimes I don't understand the logic of midi input in CBL. in this exemple, I set my midi input on my midi controller, after recording my midi track, I set the midi input to none, in order to stop the midi signal input, but the drop box is always staying to omni ! despite I can set 'midi none' on the window track input, but nothing change in the drop box ! I don't understand..., is this a bug ? TIA.
  6. have tested on my Surface book pro 2 .. my first impressions are : globally, it consumes a lot of CPU (about 16%) on its own, the 32bit mode does not seem to be appropriate for this VST, and cause issues on x64 CBL Daw. The sound is impressive ... I encountered difficulties to install (invalid license etc ...), moving the DLL in another directory, because by default it install everything in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg... I managed to solve everything on my own I have Jbridged it in 64b, nevertheless I still have glitches with this VST and sometimes drop out audio in CWB !! I had to increase the latency on my ASIO driver, (scarlet focuscrite). it's the first VST that forces me to do this. most probably due to the fact that it goes through a 32 / 64 bits bridge ... and clearly the code must not be optimized correctly. C++ ? in summary, it is urgent that the editor wears it in 64bits native. nevertheless for 1 euro it's just impressive. the harmonize function is bluffing !! so it's a VST to have in your collection. and especially to follow in its evolution.
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