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  1. Hi everyone. As a longtime user of Cakewalk, since I started making music using Home Studio 2004, I also was really concerened about the future of Sonar because I spent most time with Producer 8.5 & then X2a! I hadn't been using SPlat for long when development stopped so it was worrying times however, I'm really pleased to see the outcome, that is Bandlab taking over the core & continuing development so Happy Birthday guys & long live Cakewalk! Meantime, while I voted for Audio enhancements, I wanted to add that as I use Cakewalk as a sequncer too, I believe that the continued development of the MIDI aspect is also very important because as we can see, hardware is far from dead & is probably more popular now than it has been in a very longtime so the integration of hardware through MIDI sequencing within the DAW is more important than ever. In fact, I'm probably a bit old school in that I firstly sequence most things then I record it to audio; I find that approach more flexible. Lastly, I used Cakewalk's in-bulit effects quite a lot because from Producer 8.5, there were some great additions to the bundled software but for me, the introduction of ProChannel was really the game changer so continued development here I feel is equally important. I know I'm close to asking for the moon on a stick, but there you go, I voted & I fed some comments back so I've done my bit, as I always did using another alias in the old forum; over & out! Many thanks, Richard. 🙂
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