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    Cakewalk Crashes

    I tried listing updating cakewalk, I reinstalled it 3 times (once was a full reinstall that involved removing any data from my computer). I tried removing the plugins from the respective tracks. I tried remapping the plugins. I tried copying the midi data and track templates over to a blank project. Nothing worked. I have a fully updated Windows 10 OS Is CbB the current version of the Cakewalk DAW? In that case I have version (that's what my control panel says) I think my Vdist runtimes are up to date but I'll have to double check. All the plugins should be up to date, especially the problematic ones, which came with the standard download of Cakewalk I'll look through and see if my drivers need updating.
  2. Ian Miller

    Cakewalk Crashes

    Hi guys, I've tried everything at this point but my cakewalk song keeps crashing everytime I hit play. At first the problem occured out of nowhere. Upon rebooting it said that I had missing plugins, which were included among the pre-loaded FX chain audio effects. Only some of these effects were on my tracks, so I removed them from my tracks: still results in a crash. After rebooting and redownloading 3 times, I stopped receiving missing plugin errors; however, cakewalk still crashes everytime I hit the play button. It should also be noted that a lot of the FX chain effects are now missing entirely, even with a fresh download of Cakewalk. Other files seem to work when I load them, so I'm not sure how to fix this track. I tried copying the midi data and making a track template too. This also resulted in an unprompted crash. I have a mid-range PC that I built 3 years ago and can run all of the Adobe Suite no problem, so I doubt its a hardware error. I sent out an email to the support staff and haven't heard anything back. I'm really bummed because this track was turning out really well and I want desperately to return to it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
  3. I reinstalled Cakewalk and now I get the same error message about missing plugins; however, only "BT Equalizer GEQ12-3 (Clip: 'Clean Slap') BT Equalizer GEQ12-3 (Clip: 'Clean Slap')" are showing up as missing. I'm not sure what to do next.
  4. I was working on a new song today and when I copied a section of it and clicked play, CakeWalk crashed. Upon rebooting, I am given an error saying that I have missing plugins, which is odd because they were working up until the crash. These plugins also came with CakeWalk as well, I believe. I tried remapping the plugins like it asks, but nothing worked. I deleted the plugins from each track on the timeline and it still crashes. Here are the plugins with trouble, according to the error: BT Equalizer GEQ12-3 (Clip: 'Clean Slap') Cakewalk Classic Phaser (Clip: 'Cryin Wha') Cakewalk Tempo Delay (Clip: 'Clean Mid Delays') BT Equalizer GEQ12-3 (Clip: 'Clean Slap') Cakewalk Classic Phaser (Clip: 'Cryin Wha') Any help or guidance would be appreciated!
  5. Hello hello, I just watched some tutorials on the Arrangement Tab and whenever I try to make a new section with my 4 tracks (all are midi tracks) it deletes some of my notes from the track. Whenever I try to copy the section and make a new one, it'll delete some of my notes and leave the new, copied section blank. Any idea what I'm doing wrong/what I can do to fix it? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the info! I tried pulling up the Piano Roll panel from the View tab but its greyed out. Is there anything I need to download?
  7. Hey everybody, I'm completely new when it comes to working a DAW and making digital music. I have no idea what are the necessesary components to make this all work or not. I know how to use a lot of the Adobe Suite of softwares (like premiere, photoshop, illustrator, etc. but DAWs are a completely different animal. I decided to use Cakewalk because it seemed somewhat easy for a newcomer; however, I am having several problems and questions as I start trying to use Cakewalk: 1. Do I need an input device? I am only planning on making instrumental beats using midi or sampled sounds. I see on every online tutorial to link an input device, which seems unnecessary to me as I am willing to just use the digital akeyboard displayed inside Cakewalk. Any guidance on this subject would be appreciated. 2. Do I need an audio interface? All tutorials seem to talk about an audio interface and I am unaware of its importance to what I specifically want to do with Cakewalk. I would prefer to not have to buy a 100 dollar interface, especially since I am just starting out. 3. What driver mode should I be in? I keep hearing that ASIO is the way to go, so should I download ASIO4All and switch over from MME (32 bit)? 4. I receive an error saying 'Silent Buses Detected' followed by 'master'. What do I do? Again, I have no familiarity with the common lingo of DAWs, so I have no idea what this error message wants me to do, nor do I understand what's wrong. Any help or insight would be appreciated. This whole setup has been incredibly confusing and I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do. Thank you!
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