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  1. Christopher Poore

    One Year of Cakewalk by BandLab Celebration

    Ive been using Sonar/Bandlab since about 2009 , still love it have tried others but just get on with them like i can this daw. A bit more stability would be good though some great changes have been made. keep up the great work bandlab!
  2. Christopher Poore

    Cakewalk Takes ages to open!!!

    Not sure if anyone else experiences this, I had the same issue with Sonar x1,2 and 3 after a while the initial loading of the program takes longer ad longer sometimes over 3 minutes! Have disabled Anti virus etc, turned off VST scanning on load, tried disabling background services etc but it still loads at a glacial pace. Ive seen online lots of other folk have the same issue, is this something they can look into? ta