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  1. On 6/25/2020 at 2:07 AM, mettelus said:

    I need to delve into MSoundFactory again... I didn't realize you could set up your own instuments similar to Kontakt until I saw a comment on that fly by. After seeing the thread where the guy made a choir of his family, I want to see how "choir capable" MSoundFactory is in this regard.

    I am definitely late to the party on this one. @Chandler made a video all the way back in October 2019! The Sampler module also lets you load up sfz files, so from about the 6 minute mark to the end covers sfz and then vocal sampling / choir effect (7 minute mark onward). The GUI on MSoundFactory is another deep one, and uses some module formats from MXXX. Now that I have gotten to fiddle with it a bit, it definitely has capability for self-made choir usage.

    The Sampler seemed to be the only way to import the MDrummer sounds, but I am not sure if there are other means to do so.

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  2. 7 hours ago, antler said:

    If it's anything like their last free offerings, it'll be around six sounds or something


    Maybe the sounds of the indicator lights blinking :)

    That said, free is free, so I'm not complaining

    The whole shebang goes "beyond V8" ... You can have the Shelby GLH-S and AMC Gremlin too! It took them a long time to find a Gremlin that would run long enough above 3000RPM to sample; that is where the real cost came from.

  3. 2 hours ago, Wibbles said:

    end up using a beta version of Paint Shop Pro 5 from 1998

    +1, 2020 was the first I have used since PSP5 (which was still JASC at the time, and the manager lived next door to me in MN). PSP5 has "saved the day" so many times for touching up ppt files (often moments before going live). That version is only 17.4MB, lives on every thumb drive I own, and has most of the "go to" features Windows never offered that folks need in a pinch. The clone feature has even been handy... our CFO was looking at a presentation sweating the wrong check boxes being marked, so I grabbed his laptop, jacked in my thumb drive and switched things around. The "How are you doing that??" gave me a smirk, but PSP5 continues to be my go to for what features it has (which is a lot more than people would assume, given its "age"). Layers, histogram, deformations, filters... pretty much unchanged in 22 years over what existed then (that it has embedded).

    That particular software makes me very critical at times of things that proclaim "game changer," even with DSP. DSP matured rapidly a long time ago, but integration and AI are still seeing movement.

  4. The MDrummer Electronic Genres was new (to me) and I just happened to check on More Details->Installation Notes and was surprised that it says it also plays on the SoundFactory Player (or MDrummer). I just drilled into ALL of the MDrummer packs and they ALL say they play in the SoundFactory Player, so there is roughly 22GB of nice drum samples available now to anyone. I would test that before jumping into the Studio Pack downloads (20GB) with the smallest one first (i.e., the MDrummer Electronic Genres (500MB) to see if that is accurate. The Studio Pack for 2018 was incredibly impressive (and big, 14GB IIRC), but seems is available to anyone now. If so, great "deal." If someone tries it, please let others know if it works or not.

    I need to delve into MSoundFactory again... I didn't realize you could set up your own instuments similar to Kontakt until I saw a comment on that fly by. After seeing the thread where the guy made a choir of his family, I want to see how "choir capable" MSoundFactory is in this regard.

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  5. 7 hours ago, cclarry said:

    I think Izotope got wind my rant.  I went to check my account and I know have


    Loyalty Offers...and I own just about everything!

    LOL, I was wondering what the gripe was with them. That happened to me a while back so I sent them an email asking if there was middle ground between 5 dupes and nothing. Response was fix browser settings. Didn't work, but get a customer support survey I blew off.

    I got a laugh from a survey last month asking me why I haven't checked Dialog Match when I own RX7 Advanced. That got blown off too, and expired before I thought to respond "Because you self-terminated." Missed the boat on that dig.

    I do not chase people down to give them money EVER. 

    Last upgrade train I had been on committed seppuku. Problem solved.

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  6. 9 hours ago, James Foxall said:

    Corel installs a desktop notification system to show you ads, and you can't turn it off.

    I just got PSP 2020 a few months ago and they actually did embed the ability to block the messages now inside the program itself. Help->Message Preferences->Uncheck the things there. That saves on all of the other roundabout ways of achieving the same results now. They also included a Help->Messages to allow you to manually check out ads if you so desire. This may be new to 2020, since I have not had a version since PSP 5 (c. 1998), and may be the result of negative user feedback. I got it to see if it is a viable alternative to my aging Photoshop 5.1, and so far have not had any issues with what I have been doing.

    VideoStudio 2020 and PhotoMirage also have the same menu features.

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  7. 2 hours ago, Brian Walton said:

    Has its uses as a standalone but think the real play here is to get you hooked enough to fork out the cash.  🤣

    That was my assumption as soon as I saw the UI. There are a lot of "free" things out and about today just to get people on spam lists, it seems. 🙁

  8. 39 minutes ago, LAGinz said:

    I don’t get why the Studio 4-5 update is so much more expensive than the updates for the lesser models. Assuming the new features have X value, aren’t they just adding those same features having X value to each of their models? .....or am I missing something?

    That is a good question. The highest version with "New" on their feature list is in Assistant (2 of them), the rest are in all four versions.

  9. On 5/15/2020 at 8:47 AM, msmcleod said:

    With mixing, any edits are destructive. If I'm getting rid of bleed or rumbles in silence, I'll permanently remove it. Same with any pitch or timing correction. My reasoning being that if it sounded bad enough to need to be edited, then there's no way I'd want to keep the original... though if it's someone else's performance, I'll just keep a backup of the original files. In saying that, I'm much more likely to re-record a bad take than resort to editing.

    +1, and the other reason for this is to save the CPU. Repeatedly processing things that should be baked in (i.e., you are never going to want them back) creates an unnecessary burden.

  10. +1 on the considerations above with 4K. Unless you are close or the monitor is huge, you can be buying yourself into eye strain. After reading a lot of advice here, I specifically backed off 4K and went with an ultrawide monitor. More ergonomic for viewing with only the eyes and can edit documents side-by-side (if you need such a thing). The one feature it does have that didn't stand out till I used it is that it has "true black" capability. The contrast from that is significant in reducing eye strain - something to also consider regardless of what you decide upon.

  11. Thanks guys, so these have been out a while. Based on the feature set and drivers alone these are well positioned to take over the lower end market. I just wanted to check if they were intended to be a limited run, then gone. I am still up in the air about pre-ordering one, since they are coming mid-May.

    Side note - I have never run the Saffire off the wall wart and forgot it even came with one, but on initial troubleshooting is seems it actually damaged the PCIe lane it was in on the motherboard. I moved the PCIe card up next to the GRFX card (bad location for it), had interference, then dug up the wall wart and those went away.  Just something to note if anyone is still running FireWire - don't bus-power the unit.

  12. My Saffire is starting to give me grief, and Focusrite recommends not upgrading Win10 past 1809 (already done). The sample rate comes up all over the map and trying to do anything with Windows Sound Control Panel sends MixControl into a tantrum. Workaround if anyone is in the same boat - start Saffire, launch MixControl, set sample rate to something you do not want to use, then set it back. So far that works 100% for me, but is annoying, and not sure when a Win10 update will do it in for good.

    Anyway... I start looking through new USB interfaces, and a MOTU M2 and MOTU M4 popped up. 32-bit/192KHz with digital loopback (a feature I want). The pricing is incredibly competitive ($169.95/$219.95). B&H has reviews on them, but then says "New item released in limited quantity." Anyone know if they were released (in limited quantity) or if this is intended to be a limited run item? It only comes in 2 in/2 out (M2), and 4 in/4 out (M4), but I do not need more. Drivers is my bigger concern. MOTU has a good reputation in this department, so I was wondering if anyone is familiar with these.

  13. On 4/29/2020 at 10:02 AM, ZincT said:

    While downloading a few tabs I also noticed that a new version of GuitarPro is available -  version (it will prompt you and ask whether you want to download)....

    I am glad you posted this... I opened up GP a couple times after I got their email and the song list was very scant (only about 10% were viewable). Funny thing was I saw "Father and Son" on that shortened list and chuckled "Oooh, I always wanted to learn that solo!" I only knew it from "Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2" but it is a nice tune, so seeing that listed did inspire me to walk off with my acoustic and play for a couple hours. I came back in and GP was still open, so I scratched my head wondering what was the point of the score to a 5-chord song?

    This update was required for me to see the full listing. I just installed that but the list is still a little odd to me. I "assumed" this was geared to be a learning tool (?), so the song choices didn't make sense for some artists.  Whomever did these must be an AC/DC fan... that listing did show even before updating the software and is one of the bigger ones present, but looks like Bach is #1. Def Leppard... just "Hysteria." 

    Def Leppard stood out because of a news article about someone composing a hate-filled blog post till a friend sent him a video of Phil Collen teaching "Pour Some Sugar on Me" to kids. After he got the email, he deleted his blog work and smiled. YouTube took over the market for tutorials, I think, and the video is rather cute. (I miss Steve Clark!).


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  14. 19 hours ago, ZincT said:

    Tempted by MXXX (already have MXXCore).

    As impressive as MXXX is, I find that I do not use it as often as I thought I would due to its complexity. It would be really hard to trial that before the sale date vanishes in 3 days, but with the 3 month trial you could definitely get a better feel for the effects it has over what you currently have in MXXX Core. I am also not sure if you would be charged again for which core effects you already have filled from other purchases. MXXX unto itself is half the cost of the entire MCompleteBundle, so that is something else to consider. For me, MXXX is something that is configured case-by-case, so not something that can be easily thrown onto a track and tweaked until you are familiar with its guts. I often find it is significantly easier to trigger, and later understand, focused FX that are daisy chained in the FX rack... complex routings internal to MXXX can leave me scratching my head later on about what I actually set up in the first place, especially if you throw in complex FX like MPowerSynth.

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  15. On 4/18/2020 at 10:02 AM, bitflipper said:

    Maybe I'm just getting cynical in my old age, but it occurred to me that those face shields will probably fetch a much higher (like 10x) price than drum heads.

    Medical equipment is very profitable. I once met a multi-millionaire who lived in unbelievable luxury (e.g. he had a lake built next to his house for his float plane). The source of his great wealth? He invented a slide tray. A piece of molded plastic to hold slides and sold to hospitals.

    It says right on the page in the "100,000 face shields per week" that this is transforming the company from music accessories to medical necessities! Better get your music stuff now... the day may come that they stop dealing in that musical "rubbish," but might custom order sterile (and disposable) guitar pics at $35 a piece for you!

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  16. 2 hours ago, Lee D said:

    By the way, just to make sure I'm not doing it the unnecessarily hard way, can someone verify that this is the way it should be done?

    That seems to be how it works... There have been so many products thrown out over the last few years that I logged in and found I had 7 things registered in my account, qualified for the crossgrade and had $44 Jam points. I do not recall ever buying anything, but was like, "Fine, I'll bite."

    I should have read further than page 2 of this thread first, this downloading is a nightmare...

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