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  1. My bluetooth device is not listed in the output section. How do I get it on there?
  2. Hi, I recently got Cakewalk and have been recording with it. For past softwares, I have used my bluetooth speaker, a Klipsch KMC 3, as a monitor for playback. But recently, when I connect to the device, it does not play through the bluetooth. I know that is isn't my PC because other sounds come from it, just nothing from Cakewalk. The song still plays, but there is no sound. I'm fairly new to all of this DAW stuff, so if I left any key info out, please tell me and I can tell you what's up. If it's something with the drivers, I'm not very good with that stuff either but with a little assistance, I can learn what's the issue and fix it. Thank you. Note: When I first downloaded Cakewalk about a month ago, I did use the same bluetooth device for monitoring (I know it's not proper but it works for now). Except then, it actually worked. It has stopped working recently and I'm not sure why.
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