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  1. Since the first CbB version, I've found that the "save as" box doesn't work like it did with every version of Sonar. If I create a new song and later decide I want to change the paths, I hit "save as" and check - "copy audio with project" and set the new Project path + Audio path. It won't change from the default paths. You can quickly tell by looking at Project/Audio files. Check the names of Project file name and Project audio folder. You'll see that they haven't changed, they are still the defaults. I do have a custom location for folder location for project files. Under Preferences my folder location for project files is E:\CakeProAudDir\sonar So would someone please test this to verify this bug? Create a song named TEST and then choose Save As, For this test change your project file location to E:\CakeProAudDir\sonar and your Audio file path to D:\TEST For decades when I've created a new song, I've always changed the defaults to my custom project file folder for all song files on my E drive and all audio WAVs are on my D drive. This way I have 1 folder for all songs and can easily open different songs Please verify this bug
  2. gmp

    2019.07 Feedback

    I have a MOTU AVB Ultralite sound card with the latest drivers and firmware. I can't remember having this long delay with 2019.05 or 2019.03 or maybe even since CbB. And in the past when something like this happened it was an anomaly and never required a reboot. I"ll see if this happens again. I hope it's a one off, but will keep you informed. One clue is whenever I take a break for maybe 5 min or longer and come back to the computer, I always see the audio dropout message at the right bottom of the screen. When this happens the focus is no longer on CbB and I have to click the topmost part of CbB to bring the focus back. I can also be playing my soft synth midi piano and every few minutes I lose the piano and many times see the audio dropout screen. Again I have to bring the focus back to CbB. I wonder if this audio dropout problem could have contributed to this "not responding" problem I noted in my post, making me more susceptible to this than other users.
  3. gmp

    2019.07 Feedback

    Today I was working on a song and it was fine. I then left for 5 min and came back and hit the spacebar, I saw the "not responding" message at the top. Then playback started after about 5 sec. I hit stop and it stopped right away. Hit spacebar and same 5 sec pause. I closed CbB and double clicked the CWP and the same thing happened with the pausing and "not responding". I rebooted the computer and it was ok after that. Anyone else see this?
  4. gmp

    2019.07 Feedback

    Now I see. I saw this post originally last Friday, but only got into page 1 or the 4 pages. I need to be visiting the forum more often. Now that you have this new system of having a post like this, I will and also be sure to read the whole 4 page post. I see you posted last Wednesday of the hot-fix and now I understand why Bandlab assistant didn't install the hot-fix, because it wasn't released publicly yet. I installed Saturday night and it was build 70, but I didn't try it out until Monday. I always use "open only 1 project at a time" so I see I was one of the affected ones with this bug. Thanks for all your great work, Noel - you're the best!
  5. gmp

    2019.07 Feedback

    I updated a few days ago, and it says build 70. I see now there is a new update and I just installed it. It's s build 79. Do you think that fixed the problem?
  6. gmp

    2019.07 Feedback

    I tried out 2019.07 today and the 2nd song I tried to open, which I did by double clicking on the CWP file, I got a freeze - with "not responding" at the top of CbB. I closed it and was able to open it the 2nd time. Then later I attempted to create a new song and after putting in the info in the window it again crashed while trying to open the new file. Same thing "not responding" this time I had to leave and come back 5 min later - still frozen. I closed it and this time I tried to open CbB 2019.05 and it wouldn't open, I had to reboot the computer. I won't be trying 2019.07 until this is fixed or if someone wants me to test something. I've saved many versions of CbB, so I can easily try different versions. 2019.05 has been rock solid for me. I've used CbB since the 1st version and have never gotten this behavior with these crashes upon opening a file. I noticed the there were 2 references in the bug fixes for this sort of crash at startup, possibly that fix broke something for me.
  7. gmp

    Good news for V-Vocal users

    Today is 7/23/19. I've found that 2019.05 is just as reliable as 2019.03 and have been using it for weeks and last night I installed all the latest Win Updates and used V-vocal for hours today with no crashes. So my method in the post above is working well
  8. Thank you so much Jesse for taking an interest in this. I know everyone will really appreciate the notifications working again. It'll make the forum much more responsive,
  9. I posted last Saturday on a thread this was before Jesse started fixing the problem. I never got any notifications from that thread and now it's closed. But last night I posted in a different thread and got a notification today. So this notification problem appears to be fixed for me. If anyone else is not getting notifications, post here.
  10. Very good advise and when he can afford them, get good studio monitors, headphones can be deceiving.
  11. Yes I received Test 7. I received notifications for all the posts since you've fixed this thread
  12. It seems this thread is working fine. I think others should chime if they're not getting notifications on other threads, so Jesse can check them out too
  13. and I just got 2 more from you, Jesse - 5 total in last few minutes
  14. The 3rd one said Bapu said: Yup, I got the email.
  15. Just found 3 email notifications around 9:43