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  1. My interface has it's own power cord. So occasionally something can go haywire with the interface and I have to shut down the computer and reboot the interface then start the computer. If you have a powered interface that may have also fixed it. Yet unplugging and replugging your USB cable is another way of reinitializing it. I'm pretty sure when you plug it back in it makes Win 10 find the driver again or reinstall it. I have MOTU AVB interface and tech support told me that sometimes there may be a fluctuation in electricity, so it's good to even reboot the interface maybe once a month. I'm glad you mentioned this, because this is also a possible cause of my pops and glitches. I'll reboot my MOTU.
  2. I'm using 2021.06 latest version. Has anyone noticed getting some small pops or glitches that only show up in playback? In other words you record something and listening intently, but upon playback there maybe 1 pop or glitch that wasn't there during recording. This is just like a bug that we had back in the Sonar days and it was fixed. I'm concerned this type of bug may be back. So all I'm saying is please report anything like this to this thread, because if more are getting this then it likely is a bug. In my setup I have an analog mixing board and all my tracks audio outputs from CbB come into it and I set levels. The output of the board goes into a CbB input and ends up on an audio track in the Track pane that I record the stereo outs of the board. Yesterday I did a board mix and everything sounded fine, but upon playback there was a glitch that sounded like a flubbed double keyboard piano note from my Ivory piano. on 6/17 I did another mix using 2021.04 and got 1 little pop. So far this has only happened 2x in about a month, but the last time this happened was long ago with a bug in the Sonar days. If you record a vocal or guitar or anything and it sounds fine when recording but shows up on playback then you've found it.
  3. Yes this is exactly what I was talking about. This isn't the same one I used years ago. It appears that one closed down. This one is by Best Service and they seem to have all their products on there. I'm impressed that they even have some competitors products there, like Ivory pianos and Vienna Instruments. They plan on adding more. This is a new website service in it's public beta phase. This is very good I hope we see more of this in the future.
  4. You're on to something, but I think it was Try a Synth to the best of my recollection
  5. Yes those techniques have saved me most of the time. I tend to save as a different file name (1,2,3,etc) Yet today I played some tracks and after the drums I quantized it and accidentally had the piano part selected and quantized too. It messed up the piano parts in spots, so I had to replay it. No huge deal, but it did remind me about saving undo history and how I wanted that feature for a decade or so. The only reason I can think not to do it, is file size, yet who cares about that anymore with these 6T HD's so cheap
  6. Sometimes it can be a big problem when something happens and we save the file and later open it and wish we could hit undo. As cheap as HD space is I can't imagine anyone not wanting to save the undo history with the file, yet there can always be a box to add a check mark to save undo history or not to save it.
  7. To avoid Windows updating when you don't want it. I go to Control panel/Services / Windows update and choose disabled. When I update to a new CbB version, I then turn Win updates back on and update all. Then I save an image file of my C drive, which I keep lean. Then if something goes haywire like happened to you, I'll just go back to the earlier image of my C drive and everything back to normal. Macrium Free works well for creating C drive images. I remember last year, every time I updated to Win 2004, the computer wouldn't boot, until Windows aborted the update. I found from a forum that some computers weren't updating right and I needed to wait until MS fixed this. For a while my Win update didn't automatically include 2004 in the update options, which was good. Since this was a year ago I'm not sure what happened, if it was fixed I'm currently running Win 20H2. I don't know if that's a higher version of 2004 version., since I forgot about it until I saw your post. In my Update window it says that Win10 21H1 is available to update. I'm for sure going to hold off after reading your post.
  8. The name doesn't matter. I'm glad you told me it was closed. Too bad there's not another, it was very cool
  9. Years ago I used this website that would enable you to try out different soft synths. I tried Ivory, Symphobia and others. I don't remember the name of it and if it even exists anymore. It would enable your mid keyboard to play some presets. Of course the samples were all online and this only worked for maybe a few hours or a day at the most. Does anyone remember this and is there any website like this anymore?
  10. Tempo change still seems quirky in 2021.06 I rarely have tempo changes in the middle of a song, but I had one recently with 2 changes. To make it worse is the song was started pre-Covid and so I forgot about the tempo changes, until things went haywire. The writer wanted to add bars in several sections, and of course that threw off which measure each tempo change was at. I adjusted the new tempo changed in the Tempo box by choosing insert new tempo at a particular bar. I wish this was still the default, because I've never had a reason to choose "most recent tempo". When I had to copy a few sections things got very confusing because I should have used the Inspector Tempo View. When I looked at it there were a few errant tempo changes in there including 2 that were on the same measure. Once I opened the Inspector Tempo view I could see what was going on and fixed it. I hadn't had a chance to study what has changed and how best to handle tempo changes. I sure liked the old way far better before 2021.04 I thought it was fixed in 2021.06. if it has been fixed maybe there's more to fix. Yesterday I started a new song, imported the rough demo and tried to match the tempo to it. In the past I'd open the Tempo Box and tap in it to get the tempo. It didn't matter if I was at bar 1 or bar 100. The tempo would always change for the whole song starting at bar 1 and not have multiple tempo changes I did this a few times until I got the best matching tempo. When things went haywire I again opened the Tempo View and could see that it inserted tempos at whatever bar I was in the song, instead of the global tempo At this point I don't know if this is still a bug or a new way of doing things, so before I delve back into this I thought I'd ask if anyone has this one figured out. -=-=-=-=-= I tested the tempo change box today and I was wrong. the default in that box is "change to most recent tempo". This is also the default of every version except 2021.04, so it looks like this was fixed in 2021.06. I'm not sure why I had trouble with this lately. Unless someone else is aware of any quirks or changes that we need to be aware of, this post can be removed - sorry
  11. In the Track Pane: Volume, Pan, Gain, Aux1, etc are all the same blue color. We used to be able to change the colors of these parameters years ago in Sonar 8.5. They were all different colors and it was so easy finding them. Last I checked many years ago in 2017 when I was editing Themes, different colors were not available in the Theme to change. Does anyone know if these now can be different colors?
  12. In the Track Pane: Volume, Pan, Gain, Aux1, etc are all the same blue color. We used to be able to change the colors of these parameters years ago in Sonar 8.5. They were all different colors and it was so easy finding them. Last I checked many years ago in 2017 when I was editing Themes, different colors were not available in the Theme to change. Does anyone know if these now can be different colors?
  13. gmp

    2021.04 theme problems

    I have the Theme in my public folder of OneDrive. I added a Logic Theme folder. So I'll leave it there indefinitely in it's own folder, since it won't cause confusion with many files to sift through like I mentioned before https://onedrive.live.com/?id=C256E2DAE26B22A5!473&cid=C256E2DAE26B22A5 What I like about the theme is it's very functional, practical and easier to read and find things. I want trying to be cool - ha ha. Actually I missed a lot of the functionality of Sonar 8.5, which was lost when they decided to be cool. This is in some ways similar. Let me know how you like it
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