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  1. Super news! So glad you found the bug. I've been using this method for well over 10 years with never a hitch, Thanks for your sleuth work
  2. Export window bug Export window still has a bug that sometimes happens when I'm choosing my External Encoder preset custom Format I've named Mp3 VBR4 + Wav. It's supposed to create a wav file and an mp3 as the end product IN the External encoder configuration box I have mp3 as the file extension and a check by "Keep source file". I have 4 lame DLL files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Cakewalk\Shared Utilities. . The command line is lame -V4 --vbr-new -m j %I %O In the Export window under "Format" under "File type" is Mp3 VBR4 + Wav, which is my custom External Encoder preset. I also have MP3 VBR, which is the same except it doesn't keep the source file (wav file) When I choose this "MP3 VBR" in the Format box of the Export window, about 50% of the time it creates both wav and mp3, even though it's supposed to create only the mp3. The Export window has worked this way since this new one came out a few months ago. There was discussion about this and I thought it would be fixed. I realize this may be a low priority bug, so maybe I should find an alternate way of doing this using the Task feature in the Export window.
  3. Thanks, Noel, I appreciate your advice and explaining why it was happening.
  4. That's a time saver for a bunch of synths - thanks
  5. Can I Disconnect the Synth Rack all at once or do I have to individually disconnect each synth?
  6. I have an AUX track in my template, but in this particular song since I didn't need it I deleted this track along with many other tracks. Sometimes I change the output of the vocal track to S/PDIF, so that's why I didn't delete it. I always use only 1 template and just delete tracks I don't need depending on the song.
  7. I tried it with the update, and it still stops at 4:17
  8. Here's the test file https://onedrive.live.com/?id=C256E2DAE26B22A5!483&cid=C256E2DAE26B22A5
  9. Let me know if you still need a test project
  10. Audio engine dropout (12)
  11. I'm using 2022.02 build 29, I'm getting an audio dropout every time at 4:17. It doesn't matte if I'm playing back or recording. I'm not sure how long this bug has been present since it's rare that I play a song for over 4 min without stopping. This only happens when you hit play at 0 sec and go to 4:17. I remember this was a bug many years ago, in fact I have my own documentation describing this bug on 9/28/19. The culprit is the same as it was back then. It's the Aux track. I have an Aux track set up as part of my normal template. IN this particular song, I deleted my Aux tracks in the Track pane, but I left the Bus output to the Aux Track in the Bus Pane. I also left 2 audio tracks in my project that had outputs going to this Bus. In the past when this happened the workaround was to archive these 2 vocal tracks. I just tried that and it worked - no dropout. I read my notes and the other fix is to turn the input echo "on" for the Aux Track in the track pane. In the past fixing this bug also fixed a strange but insignificant problem of seeing this Audio dropout message popup after leaving a song in playback and leaving the room and coming back to see this error message. Hopefully Noel will remember this bug because he did fix it and it had something to do with a buffer becoming full. Let me know if anyone needs more info
  12. Fantastic - far better than the Ntonyx 32 bit I was using - thanks
  13. I installed it and l added the DLL and it works very good in real time with the volume pedal. All the changes you're working on sound very good and useful. Thanks for all your help
  14. It sounds like your midi plugin will do what I want. Would you please verify this? This is what I need it to do Set up my analog external synth controlled by my midi volume pedal and have the volume pedal also control my soft synth and I can adjust the CC7 curve for the soft synth to match the volume pedal behavior of the analog synth. Can I make adjustments to the CC7 curve and hear the results in real time? This is how the 32 bit Ntonyx plugin worked.
  15. It doesn't appear to work in real time for setting the curve, but once it's set. I think it will work. I hope I can find one that you can set in real time, so I can hear the results as I adjust. WEBSITE SAYS THIS: The MFX works on real-time input from a keyboard, also. An important thing to remember when using the plugin during playback is that changes to the settings will not be heard immediately. This is because the MIDI data is streamed to the component about two measures ahead of the time it’s actually played.
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