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  1. Control bar was gone completely. I disabled many of the shortcuts like C, since I never want to hide it. In about a week when I'm back in town, I'll for sure report if I get that happening again
  2. In the Workspace window I chose "save workspace" Maybe that will fix it. Nothing happened when I hit C, maybe I have that shortcut disabled. What does it do? I also went back to my template and unchecked Views / Control bar and then rechecked it and reselected my custom Workspace and resaved my Template. Lets see if those things make it work
  3. This bug has been around a while, but since I just resumed using Workspaces, I hope it can be fixed. Sometimes when I open a CWP file, the Control bar is gone. The workaround is for me to click on the little arrow on the right side of Workspaces and select my custom workspace. The Control bar then shows back up. I have a custom Workspace in my Template, so every song I do has this. In the workspace window I have checked "Apply workspace on project load". Under "Views" I have Control bar checked in my template and when I open my template it's fine, the Control bar is there. But when I save a new song and later open it, sometimes the Control bar is not there. When I open CbB I have it always load my Template. I can't find a recipe to make this happen, it's erratic. Has anyone else noticed this?
  4. Thank you msmcleod for the detailed explanation. I've been using Cakewalk since 1992, so no doubt I'll be happy to buy the paid version of Sonar and by what you said I feel confident I won't run into any problems.
  5. So once they go to the paid version of CbB, and once we pay them, will we be able to activate old versions again?
  6. Whenever I install a new CbB I always save the installation file and as soon as I install it, I also then do all the Win 10 updates, then I save an Acronis image file. This way I can revert my C HD to that version. I wonder how long an activation lasts and why Banklab is doing this. It's fairly rare but sometimes there's a show stopper bug that forces me to use an older version. I also use Launchpad, but I did forget to use it to save all the info for 2022.11 before installing. After I installed 2023.09 I realized I forgot this and went ahead and copied Cakewalk Core for 2022.11 on my backup HD back to the Cakewalk folder, renaming it to "Cakewalk Core 2022 11" I also have the CW130Auto.dll file from the 2022.11. So I can manually do what launch pad does and open 2022.11 from the Cakewalk.exe in the "Cakewalk Core 2022 11" folder My big question is what does the future hold. Is Bandlab going to let us use an old version of CbB? I heard someone mention that CbB will soon be a paid version. maybe once I've paid, I can revert to an old version. If anyone knows the answers to any of these questions, please chime in
  7. I see in 2023.09 there's no rollback installer available for the 2023.09 release. Occasionally I find a bug in a new release that makes it necessary for me to use the previous version. In this case 2022.11. I see there's some activation issue that may prevent this. What options are there for this?
  8. You nailed it. When Workspaces first were introduced, I set up some of my own, but ended up just using the same one in my template and then really forgot about them until you reminded me. I'm pretty sure they didn't have as many features years ago. This looks like it'll solve my problem. Thanks for your great help and advise.
  9. I never have liked using Screensets and have tried all sorts of ways to disable them. I have my Keyboard shortcuts set up where if I hit any Screenset shortcut key like 1-9, it opens Smart Tool, which I have permanently open any way, so it does nothing. This works right after I import my custom keyboard Shortcuts, but once I close the CWP and reopen it, Screensets are back. It seems they are hotwired as a keyboard shortcut. Any clues how to fix this or is it a bug?
  10. Here's an easier way that never crashes. Disconnect all soft synths, save and close CbB and reopen. Use V-vocal. Or if you need to hear the soft synths you can either export an audio mix of the music track and import it back in or bounce all the soft synths
  11. I checked it and it is 4 Gigs of RAM. I wasn't planning on running CbB, just a standalone Keyscape for an electric piano sound. I wouldn't record it in the laptop, only playback in the studio, like a live gig. If needed, I could do a fresh install of WIN 11 to get rid of any extra background programs and things in the Startup in Task Manager
  12. I have a fairly old laptop. It's not too old because MS upgraded WIN 10 to WIN 11. It's probably 4 GIGS of RAM. I'm wondering if it's good enough to trigger a soft synth, one at a time, for a live session. Probably KeyScape. I do have an very good MOTU AVB Ultralite USB audio/midi interface that I can use. I can use the soft synths as standalones. I never done this before, so any advise is appreciated.
  13. I installed it. Is the comments section the best place to add the ISRC code? What do you do?
  14. Did you specifically ask for this feature? If so, thanks. Sound Forge is the only program I've found to embed an ISRC code into a wav or mp3, although I imagine there are others. I have CD Architect which can embed into songs for the CD and that's helpful.
  15. Since the days of Sonar I've always used Sound Forge to embed an ISRC code into a wav or mp3. Can I do this in CbB?
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