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  1. Yes Keni, that's exactly what we'd both like
  2. yes, I'm aware of that - thanks for all your help and advice
  3. I checked it out. Pretty amazing stuff. If I were to try this I'd need to open the browser, select notes and add into the notes - artist and name (songname). I already have the artist name and songname in my CWP. So in my case it's easier to not have to type that again and just open export and paste my cwp name in there. All I have to do it delete the number at the end of the cwp and then type in a few letters or numbers. For them to change it so where my CWP name is in the box instead of {projectname) may foul up the current tasks, not sure. The simpler solution is when I open the Export window that the focus is on my filename, so I can easily edit it, instead of having to click in that box and then hit Paste. Ideally I'd prefer when I open the Export that my CWP name is already in there, not {projectname) , so I don't even have to hit Paste.
  4. I tried adding MAST at the end of the y {projectname} and it works fine for wav files, yet I got an error for the mp3. It didn't create the mp3. It's because I’m using the External Encoder. It works fine for the regular CbB mp3
  5. I name my projects like this: client name song name 1 So instead of {projectname} in that box where you can't make any changes to the name. It would be better to have it place my project name in the box where I could make little changes to it. For instance I always delete the number after the project name, which could be 1 or higher numbers. Since I always add a higher number when I make changes to a project, so I can revert back to an earlier version easily. In addition to deleting the number after the project name I usually add some of my own personal code to tell me what kind of mix it is. So it seems it would be an easy fix to put the real project name without the cwp in that box instead of the {projectname} which can't be edited. Also I do many times make a wav and mp3 at the same time using the External Encoder for a custom mp3 with variable bit rate.
  6. I'm not sure if anyone has addressed this yet, but every time before I hit the Export window, I choose "Save as" and copy the song name. I then open Export and immediately hit Control-V to paste the song name and of course nothing happens. But in the old Export window when you open the window, the focus is on the file name, so when you hit "Paste" the name goes in the box. It sure would be nice if when you open the Export window that the focus is on the file name, so we can quickly paste the name in the box
  7. That's a good solution for me
  8. That sounds like a good solution. I thought at first it would be best to have the check box under notifications in Preferences, but your idea is better. Most of the time I don't want it to open, but on occasion I would. I think adding that box near the Export button would be convenient,
  9. It was released on 10/5. Personally I'm going to wait until the smoke clears, and I hear what others think about it.
  10. You can do this if you configure it in the External Encoder. Once you do that your 320 mp3 shows up in the Export list. I have mine setup to default to VBR4, which is a variable bit rate. It processes at 320, yet in areas that 320 is of no benefit, it reduces the bit rate lower. This way your ending file is smaller.
  11. I did some more testing and found that if you choose the regular mp3 as the export and you have the same name it does ask you if you'd lek to overwrite it. But if I choose to export only my custom External Encoder mp3 and not the mp3+wav files, it doesn't ask me if I'd like to overwrite the file, it just overwrites it. So this seems to only affect mp3's and not wavs when using the External Encoder
  12. The External Encoder is now fixed, but when I run my custom External Encoder Preset called "Mp3+wav", it does created both files. Yet if the file name is exactly the same as one previously used, I do get a message about whether to replace the wav file with the same name with the new wav file. Yet that doesn't happen with the Mp3, it simply replaces the older mp3 with the new one. With the old export window it asked if I wanted to replace for both wav and MP3. I'm using build 145
  13. In the export window it would be nice to have a check box for "save wav file" for anyone saving to mp3 or other format, since the wav file in most cases is created first and then deleted after creating the mp3
  14. Before you choose to Export, select all the tracks and make sure the selection starts at 15 sec or so, instead of at 0 sec
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