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  1. Thanks for the useful info. I'll be leaving Windows Insider Program for stability purposes like you suggested
  2. I asked the question in tenforms.com and now know why MS is doing this. - for the kick back from OEM's. And because of this, I'd be surprised if they let me upgrade to Win 11. Actually, I have no compelling reason to upgrade, I just figured in time I'd need to. I use my main computer to record audio for my recording studio, so it's vitally important to have a problem free computer. I'm a strong believer in Murphy's Law, so I often make image files of my boot drive any time I update CbB and do the Win updates. I never let Win 10 update without me initiating it. Sometimes because of some weird MS bug, I have to revert back to an earlier image. Or even if I installed Win 11, I could easily revert back to win 10. For now I'll stay with Win 10 and keep life simple
  3. I went to Updates and security on my DAW and MS asked me to let them see optional info for my computer. "To manage the Windows insider program settings for your service and all it to stay in the Windows insider program you'll need to turn on optional diagnostic data." I did this and got a message saying my computer did not meet the minimum requirements for Win 11. This is the way it was when WIN 11 first came out and I was told that eventually MS will fix Win 11 so older computers can upgrade. Any other thoughts on this will be appreciated
  4. I know a few months back, people were advising to avoid WIN 11 with CbB. I know my DAW was not compatible, being 6 years old. Has MS fixed those issues yet?
  5. That's what I do also, except to a drum loop which is easy to feel the groove. But this was a project where the pianist didn't want to do that and then later wanted sheet music for her piano part. Once I figured out Finale was really quirky about doing this kind of process from a midi file. I tried Fit Improvisation and after a while worked out a good method.
  6. I got it done. The trick is to play the hat on quarter notes for the whole song and then bounce to clip so it's 1 big clip, make sure it starts at 0 sec. Then select only that clip and choose Fit Improvisation. You'll find there are tons of slight tempo changes in the Tempo view. Then I exported as a midi file, imported it into Finale and it was great. All the bars lined up. No need for me to split clips and manually line up anything or even quantize except the first downbeat at bar 1
  7. I have a midi piano part that was played without a click, but the timing is pretty steady, so if I match it with a tempo I can quantize it. I'd like to align it to the beats and bars and quantize it. As of now it's off with the internal metronome. So if I speed up the metronome to match the piano tempo, then it speeds up the piano too. If I could speed up the metronome without affecting the piano, then I can do what I need. Or I can play and record high hat click quarter notes. Can I tell CbB to use that as quarter notes when quantizing Is any of this possible? Any suggestions are welcome
  8. Super news! So glad you found the bug. I've been using this method for well over 10 years with never a hitch, Thanks for your sleuth work
  9. Export window bug Export window still has a bug that sometimes happens when I'm choosing my External Encoder preset custom Format I've named Mp3 VBR4 + Wav. It's supposed to create a wav file and an mp3 as the end product IN the External encoder configuration box I have mp3 as the file extension and a check by "Keep source file". I have 4 lame DLL files in C:\Program Files (x86)\Cakewalk\Shared Utilities. . The command line is lame -V4 --vbr-new -m j %I %O In the Export window under "Format" under "File type" is Mp3 VBR4 + Wav, which is my custom External Encoder preset. I also have MP3 VBR, which is the same except it doesn't keep the source file (wav file) When I choose this "MP3 VBR" in the Format box of the Export window, about 50% of the time it creates both wav and mp3, even though it's supposed to create only the mp3. The Export window has worked this way since this new one came out a few months ago. There was discussion about this and I thought it would be fixed. I realize this may be a low priority bug, so maybe I should find an alternate way of doing this using the Task feature in the Export window.
  10. Thanks, Noel, I appreciate your advice and explaining why it was happening.
  11. That's a time saver for a bunch of synths - thanks
  12. Can I Disconnect the Synth Rack all at once or do I have to individually disconnect each synth?
  13. I have an AUX track in my template, but in this particular song since I didn't need it I deleted this track along with many other tracks. Sometimes I change the output of the vocal track to S/PDIF, so that's why I didn't delete it. I always use only 1 template and just delete tracks I don't need depending on the song.
  14. I tried it with the update, and it still stops at 4:17
  15. Here's the test file https://onedrive.live.com/?id=C256E2DAE26B22A5!483&cid=C256E2DAE26B22A5
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