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  1. T his all makes sense now, except I'm still curious how older Platinum versions can work without Launchpad. Do they use W130auto.dll? I also have Sonar 8.5, is hta tok too?
  2. I understand why I should use Launchpad with 2019.09 and any later versions, because of CW130auto.dll. And I see only 2 CW130auto.dll in the "sub" folder. So how is Launchpad handling 2019.07 and all earlier versions of CbB? It seems like it would need all those versions of CW130auto.dll in the sub folder also.
  3. So just for clarity. From now on I can use the desktop icons and not Launchpad for opening all old Platinum and all CbB from 2019.07 and earlier. For all CbB from 2019.09 I should use Launchpad to open them. And before installing each new CbB version I should use "quick copy" to save the current version and then install the newest version. Is this all correct?
  4. I copied it and now CbB 2019-09 works in Launchpad - thanks for the great tip. So currently that's the only file change? Yet there may be other different file changes in the future?
  5. I found cw130Auto.dll dated 10/11/19 on my backup HD. It resides in C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared Utilities. Is that the only file that causes the problem? If so I'd assume I can temporarily move the current cw130Auto.dll to a temp folder and then move the 10/11/19 cw130Auto.dll in it's place in that folder and then 2019.09 would run just fine. Right?
  6. Very impressive work on Launchpad, Steve. I'm sure in your situation in this Forum you find the multiple features very helpful. IN my situation I would assume I can just use the very basic features. I quite often need to open 32 bit Platinum 2016.08 to revisit old projects that use 32 bit plugins that won't load in 64 bit CbB. As far me opening older versions of CbB, I only do that if I have a problem with the current version and suspect a bug, like I did in the post your responded to. So in moving forward I'm wondering what my best approach is. Should I always open 32 bit Platinum from within Launchpad? AS you suggested I checked "Restore CW130auto.dll on exit". If I didn't open it within Launchpad, what kind of problems would I run into? Maybe not being able to load a plugin because of changes in the Shared Plugins folder? When I installed 2019.11 Friday night, I wasn't aware of Launchpad or any of this, but I do still have the Shared Plugins folder intact from before Friday's install. Should I save that permanently? I tried opening 2019.09 from Launchpad and got the error message "no usable CW130auto.dll for this version. Or since this is so new should I not worry about 2019.09 and just open it using my desktop icon? Next time I update to a new CbB, I'll use "quick copy" to make a copy of the Cakewalk Core folder and then proceed with the new update. And when I want to open a CbB that is later 2019.11, I assume I need to do it from Launchpad. Whereas any version from 2019.07 and earlier I can just click on my desktop shortcut and not worry with Launchpad. Is that right? For Launchpad to work in my situation with future CbB updates, is this all I need to do?
  7. scook, you said "If you start using Launchpad to save versions, it should always be used to run CbB. This way the version is set up properly." Once I set it up can I double click a CWP file to open CbB like I currently do? Or can I double click a desktop icon and open CbB to my template?
  8. Thanks for the info. I installed Cakewalk Launchpad and will start using it for saving old versions - thanks
  9. I save a copy of the cakewalk folder and name it - cakewalk 2019 09. And then make a shortcut to cakewalk.exe and put it on my desktop. The folder is only about 147 megs. I have most of the versions of CbB saved in this way just in case I run into a bug or problem. scook taught me this trick. Maybe the strange behavior I encountered is a one off. If it happens again, we can dig into it further. Or if someone else reports it, then we know it's a bug.
  10. I just installed 2019.11 and the first song I loaded had some problems. First I copied the lead and harmony vocal tracks to 2 new tracks, which were setup for an Aux Track mix. I then copied 1 word from a previous vocal and pasted it to the final vocal and that one word was there but yet it was muted. I thought the clip was muted and muted it and unmuted it to no avail. Then I redid the paste and this time it worked. I chalked this up to a weird anomaly. A few minutes later, my harmony vocal track, which was working before I think, was muted. I again tried muting and unmuting the clip to no avail. I then thought this must be a new bug, so I saved the song and opened it in 2019.09 and the harmony track was not muted. I finished my work and then reopened 2019.11 and the same song and the track was not muted This time when I opened 2019.11 I got this "Welcome to Bandlab" window which I definitely did not see the first time I opened CbB. I went though and checked all the settings and they were fine. I'm done with this song so I won't be working on it anymore, unless Bandlab wants a bun or for me to try something. Has anyone else had any strange muting like this? I've never seen this with any version of CbB or Platinum.
  11. Open a song that has this bug happening and on the midi track in the track pane, check the input, output, and channel and see if those are correct. I have something similar possibly even the same thing happen pretty often, but the fix is easy it's always one of those things I listed above. I always attributed the cause to me going to midi devices and making changes. IN my case I use Studiomix to control automation with flying faders and sometimes I use the faders to control the drawbars on my B3 organ soft synth. So I change my midi devices to use LoopMidi as a midi device. The other thing I do is fairly often I open CbB using remote desktop when I'm downstairs with the family and I may open a song and export a mix for someone. Using remote desktop if you go to Preferences Midi Devices you'll notice none are there. Midi doesn't work with remote desktop. So this messes up those I listed above, if you save the song. Does any of this relate to your problem?
  12. Thanks scook, I followed your instructions and it worked perfectly. I now have the 64 bit Lexicon Pantheon reverb and when I open an old 32 bit project in CbB the reverb does load just like Noel said. Does anyone know about this old plugin - Cakewalk FX Chorus? I used that as part of my template and have it in a lot of old projects and it won't load with CbB. Is there a 64 bit version of it?
  13. I have tons of old projects that used the 32 bit Lexicon Pantheon reverb. When I open them in CbB it can't find the Lexicon Pantheon reverb, because it's 32 bit and CbB is 64 bit. If I install the 64 bit Lexicon Pantheon reverb, will it work with CbB? And when I open an old project is there a way for it to use the 64 bit Lexicon Pantheon reverb? Or would I have to manually replace the 32 bit with the 64 bit Lexicon Pantheon reverb in the FX rack? Currently what I do with those old projects is to open Platinum 32 bit and then everything works.
  14. That's pretty interesting. So since I'm using 2017.07 that deleting and undoing the deletion of the Aux track, does that in effect bring the Aux Track up to date. In other words was the problem with the Aux Track because I originally created it using an older version of CbB and now the newest version 2017.07 doesn't have this problem when creating a new Aux Track? The reason I ask is someone tried to test this by creating a new Aux Track in one of his projects instead of downloading my BUN and he wasn't able to replicate the bug. Still this delete and undo is a pretty nice workaround. Do you think this will work on my template that has an Aux Track? And then new songs I create using the template will no longer have this bug? Thanks again for your super attentive laser focus on making CbB the best. I knew when Bandlab got you they'd have a gem with your long years of experience with Cakewalk ..
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