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  1. This is great info I just did an experiment, I'm using 2020.11 and I chose to download the update, after it downloaded I opened the folder and saw that this is a different path from the way Bandlab did it. I chose not to run the file and closed Cakewalk. The file was deleted. In the future should i immediately save that file to a different folder, because Cakewalk will delete the file after install? Or is that file saved?
  2. You said installers downloaded using CbB are stored on disk - can you tell me where? I used to open the downloads folder and if I was fast I could select it and copy it to a different folder before it was deleted, in case I need it later. But I stopped doing that and don't see the download >>Without the 2021.01 installer, one way to re-install the current version is rollback to the previous version. Then BA and CbB will both make the update available.<< thank you this is a great idea and would have prevented my debacle. At that time I was not aware of the rollback feature - live and learn - ha ha. >>Links to the rollback installers are provided in the release announcement.<< cool, I saw it and now know how to do all this better next time
  3. I agree totally in order to keep multiple versions of Cakewalk installed and switch between them, that the safest way is always run Cakewalk from Launchpad. The thing is for me I only ever run old versions when I run into a bug in the current version. When I ran into this bug (that I've reported already to Cakewalk email support) I did some testing and used launchpad to test other versions. When I ran into this problem I posted the bug under 2011.01 Feedback. You saw this post and Noel said my mini-dumps were caused by the wrong CW130Auto.dll. For some reason the check mark on restoring the current version of CW130Auto.dll didn't work in my case and caused the crashes. He suggested I reinstall 2021.01 Since the install files are not saved, the only way I saw of doing this was first uninstalling CbB and then reinstalling 2021.01 Well that turned out to be a big mishap, because then my export presets were gone. I didn't hear of any way to restore them, so I used the rollback installer and after that CbB would not open at all saying there was an error in with ttslame.dll not found. This is when I decided to just revert my C drive to the image file I made right after installing 2020.11 So in retrospect I think I should have instead put the 2020.11 CW130Auto.dll into Shared Utilities and only run it and not run 2021.01 anymore.
  4. Need some clarification on Launchpad I've had a problem with 2021.01 so I wanted to only use 2020.11. I can use launchpad to run 2020.11 and if I understand correctly the only thing Launchpad does it to place the correct CW130Auto.dll into this folder. C:\Program Files\Cakewalk\Shared Utilities\CW130Auto.dll Is that correct? if so then once I'm 100% sure which CW130Auto.dll is correct for 2020.11, I can even manually place that file in that folder and as long as I only run 2020.11 from it's shortcut, I'll be fine. Yet if I try to run a different version from it's shortcut without running launchpad then I'll be using the wrong CW130Auto.dll Is that correct? If all of this is correct then I could also run 2020.11 using launchpad and then the correct CW130Auto.dll would be in place and I could then run 2020.11 from it's shortcut and it would be fine as long as I didn't run any other version from it's shortcut only.
  5. I was having problems with 2021.01, so I decided to use the Cakewalk rollback. it didn't work. I got this error message while trying to open CbB, which never opened cakewalk.exe system error code execution can't be found ttslame.dll not found reinstalling program may fix I assume it means to reinstall Lame and not reinstall 2020.11, which I was trying to rollback to. The setup files for 2020.11 are never saved, so I can't reinstall that version. if it's referring to Lame. I don't use the old Cakewalk MP3 converter from about a decade ago, I use a custom version of Lame that's integrated into CbB when I export files.
  6. Noel suggested to always use the official rollback installer if I need to go to a prior build. I've looked all over and can't find it. Any suggestions?
  7. While trying to test a bug in 2021.01, It was suggested that I reinstall CbB since I may have a faulty install. I didn't see an obvious way of doing this without first uninstllling 2021.01 and then reinstalling it. When I did this, somehow it deleted all my Export Audio presets and Bounce to clips presets. Where are these files stored? I can revert to a previous image file of my C drive to find them or I can look in my Deleted files folder that saves all files that were deleted. I also have quite a few older versions of CbB that I can run using Launchpad, but those older versions don't have these lost presets either. I wondering what else I may have lost by uninstalling. Any help will be appreciated
  8. One of the templates the one that's not marked as "Fixed" was saved in 2021.01 and the midi input was correct, set for MOTU. After saving and reopening the template it showed the wrong midi input (MidiSport). It seems your 2021.01 is seeing the correct midi input on the bad template. If yo don't mind try this: Open the template that is not marked as Fixed, change the midi input on 1 track to a different one, save that, close the file and reopen it and see if it does save it correctly. If it does, then try changing the midi input back to your other midi interface, save that and see if it is correct upon reopening the file Thanks so much for trying this,
  9. You're right, Noel, Launchpad was still running when I opened 2021.01, so that's why the cw130auto was the wrong version. The only time I ever use Launchpad is to run an old version to check a possible bug. It's been months since I've run it . Actually the crashes have nothing to do with the original bug that I was trying to report. And rebooting the computer certainly cleared out that file from memory. As soon as I uninstalled 2021.01, I reinstalled it and immediately tested the 2 template files and it still did not save the correct midi interface input. If you don't mind checking my 2 templates in my OneDrive. The one that says "fixed" has the correct midi input the other one has the wrong midi input. If someone has a computer with 2 midi interfaces they can check this. Sorry to send you down the rabbit hole with the crashes. I now know why they happened and have nothing to do with the midi input bug that only happens with 2021.01. And it's not intermittent it happens every single time.
  10. It seems to me there is no risk running the most current version of CbB from the desktop shortcut, since that DLL is not even on my C drive its on my E drive. I assume when I got the crash I had Launchpad open and that DLL was still in memory from the older version. Do you agree? So in the future when I do this should I always end the testing by opening the current version in Launchpad to make sure it's using the correct DLL?
  11. I installed it from my E drive in a Cakewalk folder. I see the sub folder with all the files now and also moved the CbB Tools folder to that Cakewalk folder. I also got rid of the old launchpad shortcut so I don't run the old version
  12. I've been using version 1.8. I'll download the new one. My problem wasn't caused by 2.0. I rarely use Launchpad, only when a version seems to have a bug. So in the future when I do this should I always end the testing by opening the current version in Launchpad to make sure it's using the correct DLL? I did a search of my C drive for cw130 and only found 1 file. I thought there would be several files named cw130auto.dll each one for each different version of CbB I have saved. I have almost every version of CbB saved just for testing if a bug problem comes up.
  13. I only run Launchpad when I'm having trouble with a current version, like I had with my post. I do have "Restore cw130Auto.dll on exit" selected in Launchpad. But I never run the current version of CbB from launchpad, I prefer to just click on the Cakewalk desktop icon or just double click a CWP file. I've never uninstalled and reinstalled CbB, so do you think the Installer was seeing all these older version of CbB that I have installed and was wanting to delete those files? If so, I'm glad I told it not to delete. I assume it's fine to run CbB from the desktop icon. Let me know if you have any comments. or suggestions.
  14. I don't know what you mean by " restoring files manually". When I open CbB and see the notice of a new version, I've been clicking on that prompt. Sometimes this requires an install of the latest Bandlab. But I always use one of these install techniques. While testing this problem, I would use Launchpad to open previous versions until I determined that 2021.01 was the problem. The crashes only happened with 2021.01 during this testing and a reboot fixed these crashes. I opened Bandlab assistant and uninstalled CbB and then reinstalled it. I opened my template that was fixed by 2020.05 and the midi input was correct. I then opened my old template that had the wrong midi input and changed it to the correct one and saved it. I then opened a file that had the wrong midi input and reopened the newly saved template and found that it did not have the correct midi input, even though I just saved it with the correct input. During the reinstall I didn't choose to delete the files that the installer said were not needed anymore. Should I have deleted those files? I thought since I'm using launchpad to run old versions sometimes that maybe I shouldn't delete those files. So it appears to me this is a bug that of course only affects users that have more than 1 midi interface. I did include my templates in the OneDrive link. Let me know if I can test this anymore on my end
  15. I'm using 2021.01 the latest version and it's having trouble remembering the midi input. I have 2 midi interfaces and I have my template set to MOTU midi, but when I save it and then reopen it, it changes it to MIdiSport midi. None of this happens with versions 2020.11 and earlier. I opened 2020.05 and then fixed all the midi inputs to MOTU in my template, saved it and now it works in 2021.01 with the correct midi input. When I first saved the fixed template in 2020.05 and then tried to open it in 2021.01 it crashed and created a mini dump. I then tried opening other files that had the correct midi input and those all crashed with mini dumps. I then rebooted the computer and now 2021.01 works ok with my new fixed template. So clearly something is broken . Here's the link to the mini dumps and the template files, if that's helpful https://onedrive.live.com/?id=C256E2DAE26B22A5!105&cid=C256E2DAE26B22A5 It's been a long time since I filed a bug report. Is this the appropriate place to post a bug in the current version?
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