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  1. jack c.

    Good Or Bad

    thanks to you guys and insights have helped immensely in me endeavors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! don't know about compression.jack c.
  2. thanks mate for your thoughts.jack c thank you.jack c.
  3. i installed Perfect Space convolution reverb but i can find them.so where are these impulse responses located or do i have to downlaod them?thanks in advance.jack c.
  4. jack c.

    Good Or Bad

    thanks for listen/comments.jack c.
  5. jack c.

    Gathered Memories

    yes thanks for listen/comments.each song i do is totally different.jack c.
  6. jack c.

    Good Or Bad

    thanks mate!jack c.
  7. jack c.

    Good Or Bad

    thanks for comments but expand on the above statement.jack c.
  8. jack c.

    Good Or Bad

    on further thought those things in that song are to close to me heart and i can't stand when people hurt others.jack c.
  9. jack c.

    Good Or Bad

    for me songs i'm inspired by what i hear in me head,what i hear,what i see,what i think.this song comes about with how can one human do to another and endless questions of why?jack c.
  10. jack c.

    Gets Me Mind Right

    thank you.jack c.
  11. jack c.

    Gets Me Mind Right

    thanks mate:jack c.
  12. thanks lynn,haven't heard from ya in a long time.jack c.
  13. thanks mate as your words are helpful!!!jack c.
  14. thanks for insights.jack c.
  15. would someone explain for dummies 101 how to set up fake drum room with no mics?thanks in advance.jack c.
  16. thanks for listen/comments.jack c.
  17. freddy---andy thanks so for listen/comments!!!!jack c.
  18. jack c.

    All Are Accountable

    thanks mates for listen/comments.jack c.
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