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  1. The new Melodyne product line is active at The FX Chain with the 15% auto discount at checkout. https://thefxchain.com/collections/celemony
  2. A whole lot of JST is on sale now. https://thefxchain.com/collections/jst-sale-1
  3. JST Bus Glue Joel Wanasek Bundle on sale at $99 through April 30th https://thefxchain.com/products/jst-bus-glue-joel-wanesek
  4. 30% Off Studio One & Notion https://thefxchain.com/collections/presonus-studio-one-notion-sale
  5. https://thefxchain.com/products/dj-swivel-the-sauce $99 plus 10% discount at checkout.
  6. For all of the musicians whose gigs have been canceled, here is something from Moog and Korg to check out. https://www.engadget.com/2020/03/14/moog-and-korg-free-synth-apps/
  7. The FX Chain

    Akai Pro Sale

    We're running the Akai Pro MPC and VIP sale. New Products from Akai: Decap Drums That Knock & F9 Instruments. https://thefxchain.com/collections/vendors?q=Akai Professional There is also a 10% off cart total over $50 on select brands. The Akai stuff doesn't qualify for that discount unfortunately.
  8. I like this take. It makes a lot sense. They a have a large user base with those products and if they market it correctly and delivery a quality product I can see it being very successful.
  9. Hey good to see a fellow Husker in here. Are you still in the area? It was there for the taking! 😋
  10. That was our mistake. Some how that one made it through the cracks. We're working with the vendor to get the pricing situation figured out and will have their full line up of plugins available shortly.
  11. Sorry about that. Wasn’t really sure where the proper place is to do introductions and I don’t want you to think we’re trying to spam it up in here. Just stumbled on this thread and thought you guys might find it useful. I’d like to help out and be part of the discussion when possible. We’re a small production company out of Omaha, NE that has become a dealer for a growing number of software brands. The FX Chain was started to help promote our products better and connect with like minded people in this industry. I look forward to being part of the discussion and pointing out relevant deals when they come up.
  12. The current Melodyne Promos are: -Editor to Editor 4 Upgrade $49 -Studio 3 to Studio 4 Upgrade $49 You can find those deals at The FX Chain https://thefxchain.com/products/u-mel-studio4-studio-3 https://thefxchain.com/products/u-mel-editor4-editor
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