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  1. Got it, sounds mighty good.
  2. I had to locate then repair. All good now.
  3. How do they sound, compared to SD3, SSD5, AD2, etc?
  4. I'm on 16. 99 would be compelling, but no more...
  5. Sadly, I've moved on from wup, better plugs out there w/o wup...
  6. I'll miss him. Saw him at fillmore east years ago with rod stewart as his front man. Still remember "ain't superstitious". Legendary.
  7. This one crashes CbB. On some projects. I can choose a preset, but the minute I touch a control, boom, back to the desktop.
  8. I use kontakt and halion 6 instruments. Right now, I use one instance per instrument. I watched a video by kelooh where he sets up track templates with kontakt instruments in groups, strings, cellos... each with one instrument and up to 16 slots of varieties or articulations. I know some of you use massive libraries. My projects are modest, but as they grow, I can see I need to have a handle on managing all this efficiently. Which of these approaches is most efficient, from a memory and processor standpoint? Thanks!
  9. Old school thinking here. Studio consoles have an input section and an output section. On the left you have, say, guitar tracks. Each has eq, fx, etc. Those guitars are routed to the Guitar master fader on the right side, which goes to your Master fader, which goes to your hardware out. Put the meter on your Master bus. You'll have a Master Bus for guitar, bass, drums, vox... Get everything sounding the way you want on the left side faders, then use the right side to get the balance you want.
  10. I have the M4, sounds good, drivers are good, works well with CbB and cubase...
  11. Anyone running this on windows 11?
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