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  1. His prices are so low it's insane!!!
  2. I had to turn on tpm on one computer, then I was compatible. New laptop was ready. Upped both. No issues. I reinstalled audio and video drivers. Most everything worked. CbB and cubase ran fine, but neither could find waves plugs until I reinstalled them. Vegas, spitfire and a couple of others had to be refreshed, too. No big deal, system feels a tad quicker on 11.
  3. It doesn't work. Problem with their server... Second issue this week.
  4. I run multiple instances of Halion 6. You do need to use the Steinberg download manager.
  5. Uninstalled and reinstalled. No luck. Same crash.
  6. I uploaded the file when I created the ticket. They responded by telling me to uninstall and reinstall cbb. Haven't had a chance to do that yet.
  7. Sorry, haven't been down this road before. I'll file a ticket and upload properly tomorrow.
  8. found two dumps. i tried to attach, tells me i can only upload 4.88MB, one is 5 the other is 15
  9. Title says it all. Save a project. Select all tracks, export audio, click ok, the progress bar comes up, and before any sound, crash to desktop. Seems to be random, happened on two projects that are not similar in terms of plugins, instruments. I updated my motu m4 driver and firmware, didn't help. Any ideas? Thanks.
  10. I like it too, very readable.
  11. That will add reverb to the prochannel on that track. To create a reverb send, you need to create a new bus for the reverb to live in. Name it "reverb". Route it to master. Add a reverb to the fx slot of the bus. In your original track, add a send to your "reverb" bus. Now you can control the level of the verb with the knob.
  12. I programmed the number 1 on the top row to be "return to project start"...
  13. I have the same thing on one or two oldish projects. Solution for me is to reselect my workspace, then track, concole... are back. Have no idea why those projects are different.
  14. In device manager, disable any sound or audio devices that are not your focusrite. Reboot. Reinstall your 6i6 driver, make sure you have the latest. Reboot.
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