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  1. Is anyone else having random crashes since installing the 2020.05 release?
  2. @Helos Bonos not wanting to speak for the BandLab folks here but a little history might help understand the naming - Originally, Cakewalk was its own company and they had several variants of their DAW. Their Sonar product (of which I was a user since v1) was an outstanding DAW and the fact that it was only available on Windows AND that it was very affordable was attractive to us with small budgets. That being said, the naming issue came about because Gibson purchased Cakewalk and was simply planning on dumping the entire DAW business (see http://www.cakewalk.com/Gibson-Announcement) This announcement sent many of us into a complete rage (and of course forced us to really question Cakewalk's commitment to their customers by leaving all of us in this incredible lurch) BandLab came to our rescue and (at the time) offered many of us a lifetime single payment (I think mine was $39.99 USD) for support as "Early Adopters" and funders of the purchase of the software rights from Gibson. We still lost some benefits of course, like some of the plugins that we had purchased on their subscription program. Regardless, if it wasn't for BandLab, we would have been just left dangling (which is why I will NEVER purchase a Gibson product, EVER) My guess is that they wanted to preserve the naming but couldn't keep the name by itself due to trademark issues hence Cakewalk by BandLab was born. Sorry you're having such problems with it but there are some great resources on YouTube that provide excellent education in addition to the manuals. See Mike Enjo https://www.creativesauce.net Rob McClellan https://www.homestudiosimplified.com/ These guys create a lot of great FREE educational content about CbB and hopefully, this will help you see the beauty and simplicity of the platform (Ps. neither of these guys get ANY support from BandLab for what they do) I hope this helps and keeps you on this wonderful platform (even with the kludgy-ness of some of the features)
  3. I noticed that with the .05 release, I can no longer select all tracks and make CTRL-Click changes to settings in the ProChannel. Open and Close of PC still works but when I go to the Console Emulation and try to even do something as simple as turn it on, all the on buttons show selected but only the channel where I actually click turns on. Same thing if I select a console type ... the main reason I know this worked previously was I recently did this in a project prior to the .05 release and it worked beautifully (ps - this is a real pain on projects with a massive amount of tracks) One note on this - apparently, the Power On worked with CTRL-Click but selecting the type of Console Emulation does not. Thanks.
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