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  1. I would love to see some Matrix View updates... How the matrix view behaves is wonderful.. it’s the closest I’ve come to mimicking a hardware looper with a daw however there are a few things that could make it perfect.. 1 . most obviously the ability to record in clips... especially if they could record with “retrigger mode off”... . that’s how I use matrix exclusively.. acting more like muting and unmuting. Maybe even the ability to preset recording length ahead of time and store multiple takes similar to the comping method used on the arranger... we could select the best one in comping mode or in a sound on sound mode overdub but still have access to the takes... this would be groundbreaking ( sonar / cakewalk have always been ahead of the curve but no one notices ) as no other clip launchers do this and hardware looping migraters are left in a world of frustration. 2. the ability to unsync the matrix view from timeline with a toggle switch. In a performance setting it is often good to have more feel type breaks in your song opposed to perfect on the beat breaks ( say a guitar player playing to loops has a part where the guitar rings out naturally with the loops shut off ) having the option to have the timeline unsynced ( with retrigger mode off it’s not possible currently ) the arranger would Record more like a tape machine... ideal for recording in a live setting for people looking for a more “human feel “ performance. Currently this can be done with all other clip launching daws I’ve tried ( Ableton/bitwig )
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