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  1. Thank you Lars. I'll give that a go.
  2. Thank you, Scook. I'll check that and see if it works.
  3. I've run into an issue where a VST loses volume and becomes muffled, almost like hearing it through a wall or from a long way away. The only fix I have found is by deleting then reloading the instrument but that is only temporary as, after one or two more plays, it becomes muffled again. Any clues?
  4. Still yet to delve into automation but it may be a good solution instead of exporting to 3rd party software. Haven't figured out how to do mutes in Cakewalk so I will need to look into that as well.
  5. Ah, so import the file and manually align it.
  6. I do have Melodyne but I am just learning how to use it properly.
  7. Thank you, Jack. Do you have any trouble aligning the edited track with the existing tracks or is there some sort of trick to that?
  8. Thank you all. Thank you Scook for the link.
  9. Hello Alan. Thanks for the response. I want to edit the audio files to take out breaths, gulps, silences etc.
  10. To edit audio on a track, do I need to install third party software (such as Sound Forge) or is there something built into Cakewalk?
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