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  1. I'm very pleased to report that downloading and installing the ASIO4ALL drivers worked! I can now load and playback any project now. Thank You very much Kev! - Malcolm
  2. I don't have the X3e file and I'm suffering the same issue as bgewin. Do you have a copy of this file that you could attach to one of your post?
  3. First a little history: I have Cakewalk by Bandlab installed and activated in Windows 10 on a Laptop. I need this newer version of Cakewalk to rescue Cakewalk music files from a very old version of Cakewalk Sonar that was initially released in 2001, as they are stuck in a file format only cakewalk can recognize. I want to stress that importing files is not my issue, yet. If i discover this as an issue, i will create another help post. The issue: Whenever i start a new project or open a sample project, Cakewalk perpetually act's like it's trying to 'save' the project by showing a never-ending cylce between a blue spinning circle and the cursor. It constantly does this and never stops. It makes the software virtually unusable. I can't even play the sample audio files that the newer version of Cakewalk comes with. Please help me. UPDATE: I discovered that messing with the driver settings, i get different results when opening up a project, but absolutely none of them work. ASIO (the default driver) keeps trying to restart itself which is why is shows the blue circle repeatedly, WASAPI Exclusive, WASAPI Shared and MME (32-bit) flat out do not work and WDM/KS is the only driver that allows me to actually 'play' tracks from a sample project, but it does not playback any sound at all. Further I discovered another recent thread where users have suffered similar or identical issues to my own this thread: Apparently there was a recent update that has caused all of these issues. As to why they have not reversed the update until Bandlab can fix this issue is beyond me. However, this does not help me at all. I don't know where to go from here to solve my issue so that this newer version of cakewalk actually works. Atleast the old 2001 version of cakewalk, in spite of how old it is, consistently works after a fresh install without huge issues such as this. Why not this new version nearly two decades on? UPDATE 2: Changing the Sampling Rate for ASIO to the fastest possible setting had no effect on solving the issue. It still tries to restart itself.
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