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  1. I just saw this issue happen twice yesterday, but in the latest official release (rather than the Access/Beta). So it seems like the issue may have been there already, though it’s an interesting coincidence that it just happened to me. I was zoomed in quite a lot in the track view, and with the gain envelope showing. After pressing play, my requests to stop were ignored for about 15 seconds. The screen was not responsive though it did continue scrolling in the timeline as well as playing back perfectly fine.
  2. Cubase performs this function and, indeed, any tempo related function exceptionally well. I prefer to use Cakewalk but I mention this in the hopes that they can acquire some of these capabilities. Note that I’ve been able to achieve it all within cakewalk, but in this regards the workflow and speed is nowhere near as fast (for me at least)
  3. The way tempo is handled in Cubase (as seen in that video) is pretty remarkable. I’ve akways wanted tempo and meter tracks, and I think it’s really cool that you can toggle the tempo mapping on and off too. Lots to like there and I’d love to see some of this added into Cakewalk
  4. +1 i like my own idea enough for a bump 😎
  5. +1 it’s a small thing but I encounter it enough times in my workflow that I would find this very useful
  6. I’d like to see a new kind of track, one that can have its own markers. That way I can have one track of markers for the song structure and another, say, for hit points or where the bassist needs to do overdubs, etc. i think I asked for this over a dozen years ago and since then Cubase has added this capability. It’s really useful and would allow the main timeline marker view to remain uncluttered.
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