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  1. Hi everyone, I checked a lot before asking here. My problem is that I am unable to load Sonitus audio effects, and even for example "one knob effects" in the Pro Channel strip. The error message does not help to find the issue. I tried to copy other .dll effects on the appropriate folder (the same of other effects that don't load) and they works.. I already did a reset and folder reload on the VST section. Someone could please help me to fix this thing? Tranlation to englis about the attaced message: Impossible to connect Sonitus Delay. Error: Win32 [0x8007007E] Impossible to find specifed module. Maybe the effect is not compatible with Cakewalk. Sonar BandLab latest version and W10 here. Thankyou
  2. Have you solved? I am trying to record in SONAR by the GT-1000 as well but I cannot select it as an input device since it's grayed out. It works only in MME drivers mode but why not in ASIO?
  3. Ops..sorry, found it: the default is "tungsten"
  4. Nice! I'd like to give it a try, but once changed, how to restore the default theme? Thankyou.
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