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  1. On 4/20/2021 at 6:16 AM, Kevin Perry said:

    And does anyone know if there's a way to break up the download of the core content (it'll take about a day to do it in one go here!)?

    I assume you are upgrading? 'Cause if you are just migrating there's no need to redownload the data.

  2. 23 hours ago, Paul Young said:

     Another why did I buy this,  I'm more into the electronic scene.  I'm not a fan of big bloated drum packages and I have not downloaded all of my MDrummer library.  I guess it was a $50 no brainer that no brains were used in this decision. 

    I'm a drummer with an acoustic kit so... all I use nowadays is the 8 Bit Kit which has some lovely 808 and 909 samples (Linn too).  

  3. On 4/19/2021 at 2:20 PM, simon said:

    The latest BFD3 update (update?!?) installs in parallel to the original FXpansion installation - because they don't want to use the FXpansion folder - so you'll end up with 2 installs.  Sprayed all across your disks.  Two authorisation managers as well.   I'm not brave enough to try to uninstall the older fxpansion one...who know what hell will be unleashed then as some of the paths they use are shared.

    Just deleted the old .dll and all is well here.

  4. 18 hours ago, Gswitz said:

    The PC has the overage light which checks between every effect to see if the signal is at a clipping stage. This doesn't guarantee clipping is occurring but it's a nice warning indicator. You don't get the same in the FX Bin.


  5. 15 hours ago, Hatstand said:

    Nice! Thank you. One thing I noticed is that the high pass and low pass values on the pro channel eq are hard to read. I have no idea if these are changeable.

    I think they follow Global/Menus/View Menu text so unfortunately there are other dependencies that would get worsened.

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  6. 17 hours ago, Starship Krupa said:

    Fine-looking light theme. Easy on the eyes, quite legible.

    I have but one suggestion: delete the theme images for Browser/Media Tab (collapsed), Browser/Plugins Tab (collapsed), Browser/Notes Tab (collapsed), Browser/Help Tab (collapsed), as well as the corresponding collapsed tabs for the Inspector (Arranger, Clip, Prochannel, etc.).

    This will make those icons more closely match the rest of the theme.

    Done.  Thanks!

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  7. Please go easy on me, this is my very first attempt at a comprehensive theme overhaul.  Named after the 91st element, this metallic theme is light in tone and broadly based on "that other DAW"'s color (Classic) scheme.   Thanks to Matthew for the help and also the M-Spec theme that I started from.  Also props to Colin Nicholls for some elements of FLAT WHITE and Canopus for the knobs from his Gran Vista themes.  

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/p7i0v7wphdwzql3/PROtactinium 1.2.sth?dl=0

    If you find something amiss please let me know.  I had to make some compromises due to the forced connections between sometimes unrelated elements. Always learning!



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  8. I was updating a family member's machine this week (W10 Home) and the latest feature update got locked into spinning ball mode after the "restart your computer now" juncture.  I physically powered it off and back on.  The update assistant advised that the install failed so I did it a second time... installed correctly, no problem.

    It seems crude but the off switch worked this time.

  9. On 12/19/2020 at 10:38 AM, PopStarWannabe said:

    And I don't want to invest time in, say, learning the waveshapers in Z3TA 2 and one day wake up and find out that it stopped working due to a change in Windows 10, or who knows, because it's not supported anymore.


    In pre-digital days it was like milking an old piece of gear you knew was going to fall over eventually... parts were oft times unobtanium lol.

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  10. I downloaded the demo version of CA-2A using the command center.  Being as I did not buy Sonar versions when it was offered, is there a way to authorize it so it is not in demo mode?

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