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  1. John Nelson

    Microsoft Edge

    I tried Edge and now I quite like it. You might too... go ahead.
  2. Ah, thanks! I thought I had borked something up. 🙂
  3. PS- I realized it is Re-Worked M-Spec 4 theme, not M-Curves... but still wondering why I am seeing this.
  4. Is there a reason I'm getting a spectrum of colors in the start screen, instead of the black background?
  5. Channel Tools maybe? Cakewalk - Cakewalk Documentation - Channel Tools plug-in
  6. I was updating a family member's machine this week (W10 Home) and the latest feature update got locked into spinning ball mode after the "restart your computer now" juncture. I physically powered it off and back on. The update assistant advised that the install failed so I did it a second time... installed correctly, no problem. It seems crude but the off switch worked this time.
  7. While this feature would enhance your particular workflow, it would be a nuisance for anyone who works at the same SR most of the time. I suspect that is the majority of users.
  8. In pre-digital days it was like milking an old piece of gear you knew was going to fall over eventually... parts were oft times unobtanium lol.
  9. John Nelson


    Thanks for the response, msmcleod. I'll go on using the IK one in its stead, which I have.
  10. John Nelson


    So is there no way to utilize the demo then? I did not claim it previously. Just now downloaded the demo from CCC.
  11. John Nelson


    I downloaded the demo version of CA-2A using the command center. Being as I did not buy Sonar versions when it was offered, is there a way to authorize it so it is not in demo mode?
  12. Edited: Thanks Colin. I used that .zip and no funny business. Thanks again!
  13. Okay I want to try out the Theme Editor. During the setup it is asking me to assign an image editor. I tried browsing to Paint 3D but cannot find it. There's a suggestion to download some Pain.NET but it's some dodgy crap thing that tried to install a bogus browser on my machine and I had to end task via the Task Manager quickly. WTH? What are you other folks doing to get past this step in the install process without compromising your security to sketchy third party stuff like this? I am frankly surprised CWB would suggest something that tries to back door a browser install.
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