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  1. ^^^Seeing this here, too. I am able to use the Open menu to open the project but it's not in the quick start list.
  2. I have two FreeG's, one is stereo and one is mono, both 64 bit VST2. Maybe try the mono one?
  3. Another option, insert FreeG as needed in the signal chain. You can always leave fader at unity so as to use only the metering. Or add gain where needed. FreeG - Sienda (sonalksis.com)
  4. Erik, this is really fun theme. I like your approach to theming, go bold as it were. The more variety in our theme collections, all the better! Thanks for your hard work.
  5. The whole idea behind Fraunhofer coded MP3 is to trade-off some audio loss to achieve a much smaller file size.
  6. Well done, Matthew!
  7. What VI/sampler are you using to generate the sound? Might be a mapping issue... depending on the VI it might have preset key maps with one for your Crimson. Also, check and see if there is a local mode like with the Roland e-drums. That needs to be disabled.
  8. This was observed using the File>Close function in upper left corner. I just tried and confirmed your suggested "x" closes properly. Then tried the File>Close and it did also. Weird. Much like the problems observed using the File>Export function vs. the Export module. So it's said, don't use the File command flyouts use the other instead. If the File commands are wonky they should be either fixed or removed. Every command should work or it is a bug IMHO.
  9. Build 175. When selecting File>Close, CBB exits completely to the Windows desktop. It used to/should bring me back to the start screen in CBB. Any idea what is going on? Also, when I close out my Mackie MCU does not reinitialize the faders anymore.
  10. I can confirm this same thing happened to me yesterday. I had an audio clip (vocal) that ran the full length of the project. Split it into three sections so as to clean up several sections of silence via slip editing. I then split one of those clips, about a full measure long, and dragged it down to a another clear audio track. My intention was to apply processing to that clip only. It was completely silent, no signal, nothing. tried copy and paste. No dice. I ended up leaving the clip in the original track and using clip FX to add the plugin and this works. No idea what is going on but since I had success with clip FX I am on my way so no harm no foul.
  11. My refrigerator is connected to the internet. Just sayin'..... It's the age we are living in.
  12. For all of the hard work Noel and the crew put in on this program , all at no charge to me, well... I thank them every day and twice on Sunday.
  13. Save them to the themes folder in Cakewalk Content. Edit>Preferences>Themes
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