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  1. Where is the link to download the latest version? I see nothing.... just a forum announcement. Confusing.
  2. I had one of these little guys back in the day, traded it in for a JCM 800. If you like the MB sound, just bandpass the heck out of your signal, master volume your way to the moon and you're basically there.
  3. To be totally cool, you need the SONAR overlay too.
  4. FWIW, I am using iConnectivity mio 1x1 USB-MIDI, DIN-MIDI Interface with my old grey version of the Mackie Master Control. Works fine. I was running it through the DIN conns on my Babyface Pro but wanted to reclaim those ports for other things. So I tried this and it worked just the same.
  5. I remember those wedge monitors, wouldn't do a gig without 'em!
  6. Hang in there Mr. T. With enough time, practice and perserverance I'm sure you can improve 20 to 40%.
  7. Sorry, was referring more or less to the OP's post. You have a Steinberg interface? It should be more than up to the task, I would think. Why would anybody struggle with an on-board Realtek sound card using janky drivers? Just get a decent interface with solid drivers and be done with it, is my point.
  8. I need to saw this piece of wood and, all I've got is a hammer. So... if I smash the wood enough times and bust it in half is that good enough? Same as using a saw, right? I just don't want to actually go out and find a saw. Just because, I don't.
  9. I've dug out a few old projects from time to time, which contained old plugins that I never carried over when I upgraded to a newer PC. Replaced the plugins "not found" with current plugins that do the same thing. In every case, the results are vastly superior. Remember digitalfishphone....? 😀
  10. I would also say, why not? But I'd think some larger sizes would bring you more satisfaction. 10" or 12"...think JBL L100.
  11. IK Sample Tank 4 Custom Shop (the free version of ST)... has a passable Hammond.
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