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  1. Folks were having difficulties running Sonar and the Blackbird 11 years ago. http://forum.cakewalk.com/m/tm.aspx?m=2171451&p=1 I mean....think it's time to upgrade.
  2. V-Vocal was prone to crashing at least once or twice on the best of days.
  3. Camel Crusher is 32 bit only afaik so...are you running a 32 bit Windows or using a bit bridge or...?
  4. Dodgy power at a garden party led to running 100 feet of garden cords in series....the voltage sag at the end of the line, my Fender tube amp, was hilarious. Lay into a chord and it just lost all oomph. You could literally watch the speaker cone flapping.
  5. https://www.cakewalk.com/Documentation?product=Cakewalk&language=4&help=FileManagement.8.html
  6. The Blackbird came with a mixer utility. Have you checked and made sure it's not introducing a delay? The BB was a firewire 🔥 interface and that protocol is mighty long in the tooth. Might want to find a new USB interface and utilize your Onxy channels via ADAT.
  7. Just to clarify, the meters work fine when the plugin is instantiated either in FX bin or in PC. What buggers up the meter is opening a preset. That toggles the plugin "off" and freezes the meter. Only way to unfreeze the meter is to delete and re-instantiate. I checked in Reaper and it does not exhibit this behavior with the meter nor plugin on/off when a preset is selected. Reaper has no equivalent for the Pro Channel, of course. So... I think it's somewhat Cake specific but as you say presumably it's Softube's bug to fix.
  8. Highly recommend Vic Firth isolation headphones for vocals tracking. No click bleed, whatsover.
  9. When I insert the FET in the Pro Channel, it works fine except the meter doesn't move. Also, when selecting a new preset it toggles the PC slot "off" is that a bug or. ..?
  10. https://www.dropbox.com/s/c6ci8s55ekpeusd/Apple Scruffs 1.01.sth?dl=0
  11. If the Sampson speakers connect via USB, the conversion is being done in them. Not an ideal scenario.
  12. I'm guessing Rene Ceballos had a hand in it. Cyclone was first included with Sonar 1. And don't forget RXP Rex Player and Drop Zone...
  13. This is why more fully featured preamps have a -20 dB pad option...
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