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  1. Un-installing plugins? Heresy! Keep 'em coming.
  2. Transpose the desired tuning down a step then capo as required ....
  3. Are you sure it's Sonar Platinum you're using, and not Cakewalk by Bandlab? If it's SPLAT, then that hasn't been supported for a long while.
  4. Adam Audio is offering this synth for free to registered folks. Is it worth d/l'ing? It looks like it's been around a long time.
  5. ps, I found that the ones I wanted were in the deal after all. carry on.....
  6. Ah well, was interested in the Brainworx SSLs....
  7. It says any 2 plugins but none of the good ones are eligible?
  8. Cakewalk should invest in a billboard on that stretch. They'd reach a lot of users. Right by the big guy statue that used to hold a golf club. Now the Porsche track....
  9. I had a Fed Ex delivery from Sweetwater, some high hat cymbals. The box was mighty light in weight and sure enough, when I opened it up, therecwere no cymbals, just packing stuff and oh yeah, the candy. The box had been sliced open and crudely re-taped shut. Sweetwater sent another set, which made it here. They requested an investigation....
  10. The Bricasti IRs are floating around out there. Last I saw they were at Samplecity. I have to shout out to Jim Roseberry for his Reverb Tools IRs that he compiled. Lots of nice stereo Tc, Lexi etc.
  11. My specs are in my signature. My workflow is generally to export my mix as a wave file and drop that into a fresh project with Lurssen (and any other mastering plugs) on the master bus. Trying to combine mixing and mastering in one project is not best practice. That said, I am able to use Lurssen in a combined project without crackles. At 258 to 512 samples, depending on conplexity of the mix.
  12. It works flawlessly on a 24/48 project here, with 512 samples. Babyface Pro .
  13. The forced assignment of ins and outs as stereo pairs, with "friendly names" workaround is clunky. The explanation given IIRC was that the code "evolved" a certain way and that was that. There are other things I could probably come up with but again, the code hasn't been written from scratch in eons.
  14. All well and good, but will it be 15-20% better than Pro Tools?
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