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  1. Hi I'm not a big gamer... occasionally I went to https://pc-builds.com/calculator "bottleneck calculator" and it reported: "Your graphic card is too weak for this processor. We recommend you to replace NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 5GB with NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti" Could my GTX 1050 GPU cause any performance issues in Cakewalk because it is under-powered? Thank you for any ideas. My System: CPU: i7 8700k, 32 GB ram, GPU: GTX 1050 ti (4gb ram) driving 43" Samsung Smart TV and 22" ASUS Monitor, SSD system drive
  2. Thanks for the info on Chrome 444. I decided to return the ones I have and get TCL model 43S425 with chroma 444. There are many reviews about how good its works as PC monitor. Update I got Samsung 43" Tu7000. It has a lot of interesting settings for adjusting the display quality. It support s4:4:4 chroma subsampling at 60Hz refresh at UHD. I also got a Gigabyte GTX 1050 ti graphics card which is very quiet in spite of having a fan. After trying various settings, it looks amazing and Sonar is big and clear. The event list was unreadable with my old setup and in the PRV, it was difficult to see the measure numbers. Now both are very clear a pleasure to work with. Mission accomplished. Thank you all for your comments.
  3. Thank you you all for your comments. Now I am totally confused. LOL !! The Samsung has unacceptable font rendering, I'm hoping that it's because the GPU is all wrong. It doesn't support 4k, so replacing it is the first item on my agenda. Maybe I'll be happy once I get a 4k Graphics card. There are plenty of articles that advice against using a Smart TV for monitor. I can't make a decision about the Samsung until I try a 4k card.
  4. Hi Noel The problem is solved by using the settings I described above, but without these settings, Cakewalk consistently shuts down. The Flash Screen opens, then the application window appears for about 2 seconds. Then Cakewalk shuts down. There is no crash dialog. I am using English language.. Attached is a cakewalk .dmp file generated today, when I changed the DPI settings. Regards Angelo Update I have a different monitor that I am testing as a possible keeper. It's Samsung 43" 7 Series 4k Smart TV. The problem exists with the new monitor. As long as I tick "Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by" = Application, no problems. 05122020_091125.dmp
  5. Hi I have two monitors I am testing that are still within the return window time frame. I will keep just a single monitor for now, The monitors are: Dell S3219D 32 " WQHD monitor Samsung 7 series TU7000 43" Smart TV UHD 4k 3,840 by 2,160 I read that the Samsung works very well as a computer monitor and I like the large display. I got a great deal at Best buy on an open box so I am hoping the Samsung works out. Unfortunately, my graphics card does not support 4k, so if I decide to keep the Samsung. I will need to upgrade my graphics card. If anyone cares to comment on these monitors please do. Also, I am interested in advice on a suitable 4k Graphics card, that is reasonably quiet and that also handle moderate gaming. I'm not a gamer but I may want to check out gaming at some point in the near future. Also my budget is limited. Thank You
  6. Ben I have no scaling problems with regular or custom scaling. I want to point out that the problem of Cakewalk shutting down occurred immediately after I connected my new Dell monitor (s3219D) 32". Never had the problem before I used the new monitor. Thanks again
  7. Hi Ben Thank you for responding. The problem that I described before the Update section of my post has been completely solved by setting the High DPI properties I mentioned in the Update section of my post. So, in a nutshell, the problem has been completely solved by the ticking "Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by" and selecting "Application" in the combo box. Cakewalk now launches consistently and I can set any resolution with or without a regular or custom scaling in Windows display settings. If I untick "Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by" or it it is ticked and I select anything other than "Application" in the combo box, Cakewalk shuts down when I attempt to launch it. In this case, the first workaround I mentioned before the Update section of my post still works, which is to set a custom scaling value. The custom scaling value can be any value from 100 to 500. This behavior is absolutely consistent. Regards Angelo
  8. Hi I was having a problem of Cakewalk shutting down when I launch it. I launched Cakewalk, the Cakewalk flash screen opened. Then the application window opened then the Cakewalk immediately shut down. The problem occurred with Cakewalk and Sonar X3. The problem didnot occur with any other audio or windows applications. This problem started right after i installed a new Dell Monitor S Series 32" (S3219D). But I swapped the new Dell monitor with my old monitor and Cakewalk won't startup with the old monitor either. I figured out a workaround which is to set a Windows Display Settings > Custom Scaling value. If I don't set a Custom Scaling value, Cakewalk shuts down after I attempt to start it. So If I want to set the resolution to 2560 x 1440, I must also set a Custom Scaling value of (100). Kinda strange. Does anyone know why this might be happening? Update Solved. Set Calkwalk.exe compatibility. Tick "Override high DPI scaling behavior. Scaling performed by" = Application
  9. Hi I am interested in feedback on ways to backup preferences in case that Cakewalk needs to be reinstalled after a clean install of Windows. It seems like the preferences are stored in multiple places: Some preferences are stored in the project and template files Some preferences are stored in .ini files (AUD.INI , TTSSEQ.INI) Colors are stored in .clr files Key bindings are stored in .kbn files Many preferences are stored in the Registry Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cakewalk Music Software Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cakewalk Music Software So to backup preferences, should I backup all of the above or is there an easier way? Thank You
  10. Hi Windows 10, 64bit 32 gig ram Cakewalk latest version I never had this problem before. Cakewalk always started with no problem. Today when I launch Cakewalk, the Cakewalk flash screen opens. Then the application window opens and in the Control bar, text says "Reset Button". then the Cakewalk immediately shuts down. The problem occurs with Cakewalk and Sonar X3. The problem does not occur with any other audio or windows applications. I am in the process of searching the Cakewalk website and the web for a solutions. This problem started right after i installed a new Dell Monitor S Series 32" (S3219D). But I swapped the new Dell monitor with my old monitor and Cakewalk won't startup with the old monitor either. This is what I tried so far to solve the problem: None of these solutions worked so far. • I checked the Windows > Sound Control Panel and it was reset to the Dell Monitor audio engine so I reset it to my audio interface (RME Fireface 800). No Luck ! • Uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version of my Audio Interface driver. Then restarted the computer. No Luck ! • I tried running Cakewalk from the Start Menu. No Luck ! • I tried running Cakewalk as administrator and not as administator. No Luck ! • Ran windows compatability trouble shooter. No Luck ! • Powercycled (completely shutdown) computer and Audio Interface. No Luck ! • Disabled my virus protection. No Luck ! Then • 1. I uninstalled Cakewalk, 2. then deleted the following Registry keys HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Cakewalk Music Software HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Cakewalk Music Software. 3. Deleted the files AUD.INI and TTSSEQ.INI from the Cakewalk program folder. 4. Then shutdown windows. Powercycled (completely shutdown) computer and Audio Interface. 5. Restarted windows. Reinstalled Cakewalk. No Luck ! Attached is a cakewalk .dmp file generated by the crash I assume, which may have some clues if anyone knows how you to read it. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You Update SOLVED. Problem solved by setting a Windows Display Scaling value. For unknown reasons, I must set a Windows Display Scaling value even if it is 100 (no change) or Cakewalk will not start. 05072020_214122.dmp
  11. Hi How do you assign Controller Names to Soft Synths. I use Preferences > Midi > Instruments to assign controller names to midi channels for external synths, but soft synth's midi ports don't appear in the Midi > Instrument preferences. So is it possible to assign controller names to a soft synth? Thank You
  12. Thank you. I figured it out. The current Snapshot was locked. I unlocked it. Problem solved. regards
  13. Hi In Cakewalk, latest version When I set PRV > View > Grid Resolution to a value othere than 1/4, and then save the project, it always reverts to 1/4, when I reopen the project. I have the PRV snap settings (right side of PRV menu ) disabled. I do not have Smart Grid enabled. My understanding is that the PRV Grid resolution is supposed to be stored with the project, but it's not being stored, Update I checked this behavior in Sonar X3 and in Sonar X3, the Grid resolution gets stored and recalled properly. The problem is still happening in Cakewalk, latest version. Thank You
  14. Hi I want each Imported midi clip's, clip name to be the filename. Right now, the clip name is the track name. Can this be done? Thank You
  15. Hi I want the browser to be closed when I open a project. I tried several fixes but it still opens every time I start a new or existing project. I tried all of the following:  I saved the basic template with the browser closed. The browser still opens.  I have no lenses activated. The browser still opens.  I unlocked screenset 1. Closed the browser. Locked the screen set. Saved the template. The browser still opens. Update [SOLVED] The opened/closed state of the browser is stored in project files or template files if the following conditions are net: The Lens is set to none. The current screen set is unlocked when the browser state is changed. The Synth Rack is not in the browser.
  16. Thank you. You are correct. I missed that. Perfect. It toggles that option. Regards
  17. Thank you. The list will come in handy. Nothing turned up for a shortcut to change that specific command. Maybe someone knows an arcane trick.
  18. Hi Can one change "Show velocity on selected notes only" with a keyboard shortcut. I want it enabled when working with drum kits. Disabled otherwise. So I have to change this option often,
  19. Thank you both. I was able to change the color to black. Problem solved/
  20. Hi I would like to make the area I outlined in red, as close to black as possibly so that the vertical bar and beat lines stand out more. Right now the color of this area is a dark gray, Black would be ideal. I can't find the name for this area. First I tried to change it in Preferences > Colors, but I don't think this part of the interface can be colored in Preferences > Colors. So I am attempting to find this part of the interface in the Theme Browser > Edit. I know it's part of the Clips pane in Track View. Does anyone know the exact name of this part of the interface as it is listed in the Theme Browser > Edit pages and also helpful would be the full path in Theme Browser > Edit where it is located. I am hoping that if I locate it in the Theme Editor, I can make it completely black. Thank You
  21. Yeah Bob. My engine setting in Kontakt is set to the max,12, which sounds right. I have a CoffeeLake six cores and 12 threads. I didn't touch this setting. It selected 12 by default.
  22. Thank you. Saving an output setup as a default setup works perfectly. The next time I open that output setup, all the output names are correct. I looked into how to use Kontakt efficiently as far as resources (CPU and Ram usage) and many people recommend limiting the number of instruments (and thus outputs) per instance to between 4 and 8 and adding additional instances as needed. Considering how kontakt handles output names, the practice of saving a default output setups and Kontakt's resource issues and also Bob Bone's point that "every instance is almost certainly going to have different loaded instruments" which I feel the same way about, and that is that every project requires a different number of outputs. So I decided to use the following strategy in managing outputs. This is a middle ground strategy that is simple but has flexibility built into it . I created an "8 output Cakewalk track Templates" in Cakewalk. I saved it as the default setup. I loaded it after saving it as the default output setup and the output name are consistently correct. This seems like a good comprise as far as Kontakt resource use. I can load the 8 output track template and then if I need more outputs I can simply load another 8 output track template. If I need less outputs I can always load single instances of kontakt or my "4 output track track template". The "4 output track template" presents no output name problems because the output name problems only occur with 6 or more outputs. I simply need to follow the rule to never make these last two options, the single instances and the "4 output track template" the default output setup in Kontakt's output section. So from now on, after I install Kontakt, I will load my "8 output Cakewalk track Templates" and save it as the default and I'm all set.
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